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American travel medical insurance plans that we offer are designed to provide coverage for travel health coverage outside your home country, while Trip Insurance plans are for short term travel, vacations and tours and focus on insuring the cost of the vacation. This coverage is focused more on the health care expenses of the traveler, while trip insurance focus on the trip costs, airline expenses, hotel bookings, baggage loss, cruise bookings.

Some travel insurance plans includes medical benefits include coverage for medical expenses (pre-existing conditions may be covered), dental expenses, prescription drugs expenses, emergency medical evacuation. Cruise Vacation plans can also cover your losses (non refundable ticket costs) due to a trip cancellation, trip interruption, lost baggage etc.

Trip Insurance Coverage

  • Travelers who are going abroad to stay for short period can purchase trip insurance to get coverage.
  • Trip insurance covers the traveler for medical expenses, dental expenses, prescription drug costs, emergency medical evacuation, baggage loss, trip interruption, trip cancellation.

Trip Insurance Online

  • Trip insurance plans can be purchased online using a credit card.
  • At American Visitor Insurance customers are provided quality purchase facility that is quick and convenient.
  • Customers need not have to do any paper work or wait in the queue to buy trip insurance plan.

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