Annual multi-trip travel insurance

Travel insurance for multi trip travelers
Proper travel Insurance is an extremely important and high priority item when you travel outside of your home country. Given the high cost of healthcare, the probability of needing medical assistance outside your home country or if you consider the risks of terrorist attacks and many other factors that might unexpectedly cross our paths, it is prudent to have adequate international travel insurance.

If you are someone who frequently travel outside the country to another country for work related reasons, or for vacationing with family twice or thrice a year outside the country, it is sensible for you to consider the annual multi trip travel insurance. This plans works out to be more economical when compared to buying a new regular overseas travel insurance plan each time you travel.
  • These plans provide coverage for entire 12 month period for unlimited number of international trips.
  • The maximum trip duration ranges from 30 days to 70 days for each trip. This changes with each plan.
  • These plans provide coverage for acute onset of pre-existing condition and medical evacuation.
  • These plans are best suited for people traveling outside on business trips and people vacationing outside more than twice a year.
Atlas multi trip travel insurance from Tokiomarine HCC provide annual multi trip coverage for executives and other individuals

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who travel outside the country frequently. If the person is under age 66 and has a primary health insurance covering them in their home country, they are eligible to purchase the Atlas multi trip insurance plan. Emergency medical evacuation is available for $1,000,000 lifetime maximum. The trip duration is 30 days for each time.

Patriot multi trip travel insurance from the company International Medical Group (IMG) is another plan that covers annual multi trips. This plan covers US and Non US citizens traveling outside their home country. People under age 76 traveling outside their home country with a current domestic health insurance are eligible to buy this plan. They need to have this domestic health insurance with them all the time with this plan. This plan is renewable for 36 months and the maximum lifetime of the plan is 12 months.

You can easily compare annual multi trip travel insurance plan to find the most suitable plan for your needs.

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