Compare Atlas America and Atlas premium travel insurance by TokioMarine HCC (formerly HCCMIS)

Travel health Insurance is essential for international travel and it is important to choose the most appropriate plan among the many different options available. Normally international travel insurance are classified as Comprehensive travel insurance or Fixed benefits (Limited) visitor insurance plans. Comprehensive plans as the name suggests provide extensive benefits with greater coverage when compared to fixed benefit plans, they are however more expensive than the latter. With the changing lifestyles and attitudes of people while traveling outside one’s home country, it is common to find many older travellers also who travel internationally. Choosing a travel health insurance plan can be a daunting task especially for older travellers, since the coverage available reduces for people above the age of 70 years. Keeping this age in mind, and considering some of the benefits like acute onset of pre-existing condition coverage and higher policy maximum options, there are a few comprehensive plans that work well for older travelers.

Atlas Travel insurance offered by Tokiomarine HCC has been quite popular among the visitors to the US. This plan is now available for Non US citizens and US citizens traveling outside their home country. This plan has extended the coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions above age 70 up to age 80. A higher policy maximum option has also been made available for people up to age 80.

Tokiomarine HCC have another version of this comprehensive plan called Atlas Premium travel insurance. This plan has all the new updated benefits of Atlas travel plan mentioned above along with the upgrade in benefits for political evacuation, trip interruption, trip delay, emergency reunion...which is better than the regular Atlas Travel insurance plan. This plan has increased the coverage for all of the benefits mentioned here along with extending the coverage for acute onset of pre-existing condition up to age 80. For people above 70 up to 79, the policy maximums available are $50,000, $100,000, $250,000.

You can Compare Atlas Travel insurance and the Atlas Premium travel insuranceplans to differentiate and choose the right plan for our needs! Atlas Premium is more expensive when compared to the Atlas Travel plan as the coverage is also higher.

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