Health Insurance for new baby born in US

People come to US on different visas for various purposes like research, higher education, business, vacation, job, visiting family... There are times when people come on visas like J1, F1…with their spouses on J2 and F2 accompanying them to the US. Normally the J1 and F1 holders who are the primary holders get health insurance coverage from the University or School that they are enrolled in. Sometimes they go in search of private health insurance plans which satisfy the requirements of the University/School and any insurance needs of the visa that they hold. They might need coverage for their spouse alone sometimes. Few private health insurance plans do cover the J2 and F2 Visa holders alone without the J1 and F1 being on the plan. Sometime we face situations where the spouse is pregnant and going to give birth in the US. Health Insurance plans for J1 visa and Student Health Insurance plans suitable for J1 and F1 provide coverage for maternity ONLY if the conception has occurred after the plan is effective. Few of the plans do not have maternity coverage. Going through the plan in detail is the key to know the availability of benefits.

There is another aspect that needs attention for the spouse who is pregnant and is going to give birth in the US. The baby born in US is going to be US citizen and it is important for the parents who are on J Visa, F Visa or any other status to know that private health insurance plans do not cover this new baby in US as the baby is now US citizen. Only domestic health insurance plans will cover the baby in the US.

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