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pre-existing us travel insurance Dear Travelers:
We have some exciting news to relate to you regarding a new plan with the most extensive coverage for travel insurance for those with medical conditions coverage we know of (and maybe on the market)! The company is INF and their plan is called Elite Network. It is only for travel to the USA and must be purchased for three months or more, but it promises “full” best travel insurance for usa with pre existing medical conditions coverage and it is available for clients from ages 0 to 99! How can they promise that? What does it mean? Read on and I will explain.

The “look-back” period for a policy is the amount of time they go back (from the start of the policy) to call something “pre-existing” or not. For example, I broke my ankle back in 2003 which is now well over 15 years ago. Most look-back periods are on the order of 3 to 5 years. My ankle, in the unlikely event something should come up due to the break in 2003 would be considered a “new” illness and no longer “pre-existing” to most policies.

For example, let’s say you had a bad sprain to your knee a year ago and it since has cleared up. Should you have a flare up in that knee, would your health insurance cover it? The answer is “No” for most policies for a couple reasons. First, the “original” complaint of the knee is a year ago and most look-back periods are at least 3 years, so they would consider that “pre-existing”. Secondly, most policies that may cover pre-existing conditions only cover “acute onset” of a pre-existing conditions, meaning the situation must be a critical life or death or at least life-style threatening issue. The issue should threaten your life or mobility or vision, etc. and must be taken care of immediately, so it cannot wait until you return home from your trip. Some relatively minor knee pain would not qualify under that definition.

However, if you had the Elite Premier plan by INF, you could visit a doctor or specialist to take care of your knee now should you feel it necessary, rather than wait and possibly allow the problem to get worse. This is because their “look-back” period is only 90 days. So this knee pain would be considered a “new” illness and under no restriction as a “pre-existing” condition. For a pre-existing condition, the coverage is more generous than the “acute onset” coverage of most plans. The plan still will NOT cover routine, necessary, known treatments for a pre-existing condition nor usual, regular medications for that condition. The policies will also not cover treatments or complications of treatments that you are specifically traveling to receive. However, should there be a change with an on-going stable condition that may require a doctor visit, this would be covered (as well as emergency care should there be something unexpected and serious happen).

The Elite Network plan is unique in having this broad coverage for pre-existing conditions in the US. It is a comprehensive plan and offers fairly high maximums even for older travelers. The plan has a maximum of $150,000 and deductible of $500 for persons under 70 years of age. The deductible for pre-existing condition coverage is $1,500 and the maximum for pre-existing coverage is $25,000. For persons ages 70 to 99, the maximum of the policy is $75,000 with a $500 deductible. The coverage for pre-existing conditions is $20,000 and the deductible for pre-existing condition coverage is $1,500. It offers medical evacuation in the amount of $25,000 and repatriation of remains at $20,000. There is also an AD&D benefit of $25,000 on the policy for all ages. The plan pays 80% of costs after the deductible is met and can be used anywhere although the company has connections to the First Health Network. The company is underwritten by ACE American Insurance Company which INF says will give you legal standing to allow action to get claims paid if they are unfairly not paid or covered.

INF also offers a fixed plan which has this same “full coverage” or allsafe travel insurance of pre-existing conditions, called Premier. This plan also must be purchased for at least three months and is only available for travel to the US. A fixed plan differs from a comprehensive plan in that there are set limits that the company pays for each medical expense. Typically these limits are higher with a higher maximum. For example, the INF Premier plan covers $100 for a non-surgical doctor visit with a $100,000 maximum, but $125 for the $150,000 maximum plan. Coverage for pre-existing medical conditions have a maximum available for ages 0 to 69 of $100,000 and a matching pre-existing maximum of $20,000 or $40,000 or $150,000 and a matching pre-existing maximum of $30k or $60k. Overall deductible available on the policy is $75 or $250 with the pre-ex deductible of $1000 or $5000. For clients ages 70 to 99, the maximum available is $100,000 and the matching pre-existing maximum can be either $15,000 or $25,000. The policy maximum is $250 or $500 and the pre-existing maximum is again, either $1000 or $5000. Note that the higher deductible option allows the higher maximum. Coverage for medical evacuation is $25,000 and the AD&D benefit is $25,000 for the policy. Repatriation of remains is $15,000 for the $100k max plan and $20,000 for the $150k max plan option.

The above plans can only be cancelled before the start date of the policy and incur a $25 processing fee. To cancel a policy, clients must fill out the cancellation form and fax the form to the company (see our website for forms and information). Cancellations will not be allowed after the start date of the plan, so please purchase the plan carefully and after your dates are set and for as long as you know you will need it. Plans can be extended for up to 12 months of coverage.

Coverage for “acute onset” of pre-existing conditions is available in a couple other INF plans and policies from other companies. Here is a short summary of pre-existing coverage for other plans we have available:

Atlas America & Atlas Premium plans offer coverage of “acute onset” of pre-existing medical conditions up to the maximum of the plan or up to $100,000 (or maximum of the plan if lower) for persons ages 70 to 79. However, they exclude chronic and congenital conditions.

Patriot America Plus covers “acute onset” for persons under 70 years of age up to the maximum of the plan purchased. The plan also covers $25,000 for emergency medical evacuation due to the acute onset of a pre-existing condition. There is no pre-existing coverage for persons over 70.

Safe Travels USA Comprehensive is available for clients up to age 89. Coverage of pre-existing medical conditions is covered up to the medical maximum for persons up to age 69 (except cardiac-related illness is only covered up to $25,000). From age 70-79, pre-existing maximum is limited to $35,000 (with cardiac-related illness limited to $15,000). And for persons 80-89, the acute onset limit is $15,000. All ages have a $25,000 maximum for emergency medical evacuation for pre-existing conditions in addition to the medical coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.

Safe Travels Elite Basic (ages 0 to 69) and Safe Travels Elite Diamond (ages 70 to 89) is a fixed plan which covers "acute onset” of pre-existing conditions like other illnesses with the same limits as given for the Safe Travels USA Comprehensive plan above.

Travel Medical USA insurance and Travel Medical USA Visitor Choice Insurance plans are fixed plans which cover “acute onset” of pre-existing conditions for persons under 70 like any other illness to the maximum of the plan with an additional coverage of $25,000 for emergency medical evacuation due to acute onset of a pre-existing condition. There is no coverage for pre-existing conditions for persons 70 and over and the coverage excludes chronic and congenital disorders.

Visitor’s Care is a fixed plan which now covers “acute onset” of any pre-existing condition up to the maximum of the plan for all ages and is available with maximums of $25,000, $50,000 or $100,000. Plan maximum is limited to $10,000 at age 80+.

Visitor Secure is a fixed plan which covers “acute onset” of pre-existing conditions up to the maximum of the plan for persons under age 70 with additional $25,000 for emergency medical evacuation.

Safe Travels USA and Safe Travels Cost Saver are comprehensive plans which offer up to $1000 for “acute onset” of pre-existing conditions for all ages. The plan is available for persons 0 to age 89.

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