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International travel health insurance

International travel Insurance

In today global village, it is very common for vacationers to travel outside their home country. However, please remember one important point - If you cannot afford good visitor travel insurance then you simply cannot afford to travel. Travelers from different parts of the world who are traveling to popular destinations in United States should be aware of this fact given the costly health care system in the US.

The cost of routine physician visit is very expensive in the US. The common ailments like Diabetes Mellitus with Hyperglycemia admitted to an emergency room would cost around $25,000. Stroke resulting in ICU for about 10 days would cost $120,000, Heart attack treatment with medical bills for ambulance, hospital emergency room, ICU, EKG and MRI heart scans and continuing care from cardiologists would cost about $20,000, The average treatment cost of acute kidney failure in the USA was over $22,000 in 2018. There are some visitor insurance plans from INF that offer coverage for pre-existing medical ailments.

A medical emergency can spoil ones vacation plan if not covered with a proper health insurance plan.More significantly during the coronavirus pandemic, the new Omicron and Delta Variant that is highly contagious and easily contactable even for the fully vaccinated individuals. An unanticipated medical emergency while overseas can cause serious financial hardship if the visitor is hospitalized. Visitors will be covered for coronavirus whether the illness due to Omicron or Delta variant. Despite the introduction of Affordable care act (ACA), popularly known as Obamacare for US visitors , the domestic health insurance plans available within the US are not applicable for international travellers.

It can be challenging to find the best visitor travel insurance policy , since the coverage available can vary from plan to plan and insurer to insurer. However this is where our website can come into plan. We have created tools where customers can understand the important factors to be considered while buying insurance.There are several travel insurance plans that offer Covid-19 coverage just like the other illness along with quarantine benefits.

All the relevant information regarding International travel insurance for visitors to the US such as the customer support facilities should you have an emergency, reviews of products, ability to compare different plans of competing vendors are all available in the Visitor insurance features section. Some of the general risks that are covered under visitors health insurance are medical costs, medical evacuation in case emergency, repatriation of mortal remains, accidental death and dismemberment...

Customers can contact the customer support team of American Visitor Insurance at 877-340-7910 or email us for clarity on any specific doubts regarding the travel medical insurance plans.

Here are the plans which provide worldwide coverage including or excluding the US. Atlas Travel plan and Atlas premium plan from WorldTrips provide worldwide coverage for people traveling outside their home country.

INF travel insurance

INF offers excellent visitors medical insurance in the United States which includes adequate coverage for dental, loss of checked luggage, medical emergencies and accidents incurred while traveling. Following are the best US travel insurance.

List of plans : Premier Plan Elite Plus Plan Elite Plan Elite 90 Plan
Compare INF plans:
Compare INF plans Compare INF Full Pre-existing insurance

Travel to the US

After a long period of closing border to internatiol travelers, the United States is again opening its borders after the Covid19 pandemic. The US authorities have stated that from November 2021 international travelers will be allowed to the country but they will have to be fully vaccinated for Covid19 as well as show proof of a negative test for Covid19 test taken 3 days prior to boarding the US flight.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the US authorities will accept vaccines approved for emergency Covid use by the World Health Organisation.

What does visitor travel insurance cover?

Health care expenses

Covers hospital expenses for sickness or accidents.

Doctor visit

Insures Doctor visits for sudden injury or sickness.

Pharmacy drugs

Doctor prescribed eligible pharmacy drugs expenses.

Pre-existing conditions

Some plans insure acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage.

Medical evacuation

Medical evacuation expenses to nearest facility included.

Repat of remains

Repatriation of remains to home country included.

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Thank you for such helpful information. You've impressed me as I have contacted other companies and haven't gotten half of the information from them that you have sent me. I will take what you've said into consideration and hope to be in touch soon.
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I recently visited your website for the first time to buy insurance for travel to US. I found the information very good. Your customer support was fantastic and awesome. You were so dedicated to take care of my inquiries. I would rate your service 100/100.
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I am pleased to say that your company is very professional in the field of Insurance. The customer is happy to get easily connected and then you very patiently explain the difference between various plans to suit each customer's need.
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Resourceful tourist insurance USA information

Find the best travel insurance

Find out the best insurance for your budget and needs
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How does travel insurance work?

Claims process for expenses due to injury or sickness
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How to buy travel insurance?

Guide to buying the best international travel health insurance
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Travel insurance glossary

Commonly used international travel medical insurance terms
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Travel insurance for specific groups

Tourists, Cruises, Students, J1 visa, OPT status, Immigrants...
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International Travel Insurance - FAQ's

01. How to buy travel insurance? How to find the best international travel health insurance?

There are many international travel health insurance plans for coverage both in the USA as well as around the world offered by US insurance providers. Given the several travel insurance international options, it can be confusing to find the best health insurance for international travel for your needs. What is very useful in making this decision is to compare travel insurance USA of different companies.

The travel insurance comparison allows travelers compare prices as well as coverage benefits in an objective manner. The traveler can change relevant factors like the medical maximum coverage required, the international traveler insurance deductible, any international travel health insurance plans with coverage for pre-existing ailments, travel insurance international coverage for Covid19 ...

The global travel insurance comparison also allows travelers to buy the best travel insurance based on ones needs by completing an online application and paying using a credt card. One completing the purchase the travel insurance plan is emailed to the customer.

02.When should I take out travel insurance?

It’s best to purchase a travel insurance before the start of travel.

03.Is travel insurance worth getting?

Yes, all international travelers should consider buying travel insurance cover for safe and protected travel. Travelling long hours in a new country increases the risk for unforeseen medical and travel emergencies .During such times a travel insurance cover will provide coverage and save the insured from a huge financial loss.

04.Is travel medical insurance necessary?

Travel medical insurance has evolved as one of the most important travel documents and can be considered as a necessity.It provides coverage for sudden illness or injury that may occur while the traveler is away from home. In case of hospitalization it covers the medical bills and treatments availed.

It also provides coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption and various other benefits that a traveler can choose according to the requirements.

Resourceful travel medical insurance information

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Claims Procedure

Travel insurance Claims Procedure

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US visitors insurance providers

You can find reliable US insurance providers like International Medical Group(IMG), Seven Corners, WorldTrips, Global Underwriters, Travel Insure, GeoBlue, HTH Worldwide and INF insurance.

US visitors insurance providers

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