Impact of Obamacare on visitors to the US and US Expatriates

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Obamacare - Do visitors need to satisfy Affordable Care Act (ACA)?

ObamaCare also popularly known as Affordable Care Act (ACA) is health care reform law in US to increase the accessibility and affordability to health care for US citizens and US residents, this is however not applicable to tourists, visitors or students in the United States. The individual mandate of the Obamacare makes it mandatory for US residents to have PPACA compliant health insurance. This has however been repealed by the Trump administration. As of January 1st 2019, it is not mandatory anymore to have PPACA compliant insurance. Millions of people in the US are uninsured and run into huge debt while paying medical bills which tend to be very costly and almost impossible to pay back completely. PPACA is designed to decrease healthcare spending by making health care affordable and accessible to people of United States.

Are visitors to US eligible for this Obama Care? No. This facility is not available for visitors to the US no matter if their family members be it sons or daughters or parents are US citizens. As long as they are short term visitors to US they have to pay their medical bills on their own during their visit in the United States. For this reason we have a number of short term travel insurance/health insurance plans available for visitors to US.

These visitor medical insurance plans are very important for visitors to US since health care in the US is very expensive. Essentially, the changes made by Obama Care have no effect on visitors to US as they are not US citizens or US permanent residents.

Visitors to the US who are US citizens living abroad or expatriates who are considering international health insurance plans, might have some questions such as:
  • Does this plan meet the minimum essential coverage of ACA?
    The answer to the this question is "No. Most of these short term visitor health insurance plans do not meet ACA compliance benchmark."
  • Do I need a plan that is ACA compliant?
    The answer to the second question is little complicated. The US government understands that it is hard to manage all international plans. They are making accommodations for expatriates who are planning to move abroad or live outside the US for more than 330 days in a year.
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