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travelers and expatriates. These plans are ideal for expats and their families, regular global travelers and individuals who have dual citizenship and travel to different countries often. Expats and Diplomats are often surprised to learn that their US domestic health plan does not cover them in other countries where they travel or live. The good news is that IMG provides long term plans for people living or working outside their home country usually for a year or even more. These plans are comprehensive and provide flexible coverage and are designed for the needs of expatriates with different budgets and needs. There might be certain limitations or waiting periods on some of the benefits covered. It is always good to see each global plan in detail to understand the coverage better:
  • Global Medical Insurance from IMG: These plans are for long term (more than a year) worldwide medical coverage for individuals and families. They are annually renewable plans. These plans are available for all nationalities. An US citizen must plan to stay outside US on or before their effective dates and renewal dates for at least 6 months out of next 12 months to be eligible for this plan. The policy maximum limit for these plans range from $1,000,000 to $8,000,000. The deductible options ranges from $100 to $25,000. There is no co-insurance applicable on these plans for treatment outside the US, inside the US PPO network, inside the US using Medical Concierge Services. Inside the US and when outside the PPO network there is a 80% co-insurance applicable for the first $5000 of eligible expenses and 100% coverage after that. 50% of deductible is waived up to a maximum of $2500 in all of these plans for treatment outside the US and within the US using Medical Concierge. Global Medical Insurance in IMG is further classifies into Global Medical Bronze, Global Medical Gold, Global Medical Gold Plus, Global Medical Silver and Global Medical Platinum. Only the Global Medical Platinum plan has Maternity coverage after the plan is effective for 10 months of continuous coverage.
    The Bronze plan provides a policy maximum limit of $1,000,000. The Gold plan, Silver plan and the Gold Plus plan provide a policy maximum limit of $5,000,000. The platinum plan has the highest policy maximum limit of $8,000,000 among all of them.
  • Global Mission Medical Insurance: These plans are ideal for missionaries who want worldwide excellent long-term comprehensive cover outside their home country. They can be renewed annually. The policy maximum limit, the co-insurance and the deductibles are all same as the Global Medical Insurance plan.
  • Global Crew Medical Insurance: These are similar to the above Global insurance plans and provide the major medical worldwide comprehensive coverage to professional marine captains & crew members.
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