Visa information for travelers coming to USA for business and pleasure

Visa information for travelers coming to USA
Travelers visiting the USA need a visa to enter the country from outside the country. The American embassy or the consulate office located in your home country can process your visa application and issue a visa based on the nature of your travel. There are different reasons why your visa application can take time to be processed. The B1 and B2 visitor visas are given for foreign citizens coming to the USA for temporary stay.

Following are some of the activities for which visitor visa are issued:

B-1 for Business Purpose

  • Those who are coming to the USA for consulting business associates
  • People traveling to settle an estate in America
  • Travelers who have any contracts to be negotiated
  • Other reasons could be like scientific, educational, professional or business convention or conferences to attend.

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Visitor and Tourist B-2

  • Tourism/Sight seeing
  • Vacation or Holiday in the USA
  • Visiting friends or relatives in the USA
  • Coming to America for a medical treatment
  • If you are taking part in the social events hosted by social or service organizations
  • Musicians or sportsmen taking part in events or contests in the US
  • Enrolled in a short recreational course of study during your holiday which will not award a degree.
Those who are entering the USA with a visitor visa should be aware that there are some activities which are not permitted under this visa. Activities like studying in the US, employment, paid performance before paying audience, coming to the US as a crew member on a ship or aircraft, working as foreign press, radio, film or media, permanent residents. There are specific visas available for these activities which the embassy offices will issue for the applicants.

Documentation for visitor visa:
  • A valid passport to travel to America (it should be at least 6 months valid beyond your period of stay in the US)
  • Non immigrant Visa Application
  • Form DS-160 confirmation page
  • Receipt of application fee payment
  • Photo - you will upload during completing Form DS-160 and if that fails you should get printed photo

Interview for visitor visa

Though there is no need for an interview, this can be overruled for certain ages of the applicant the consulate office can ask to appear for interview. Those who are 13 and younger and 80 years and above do not require visa interview. Travelers between 14-79 years require a visa interview. Travelers should schedule a visa interview appointment with the US embassy/consulate office in the country you live. You can apply for visa outside of your home country but it would be difficult to get a visa outside the country you live.

Medical insurance coverage for visitor visa

International travelers coming to the USA holding visitor visa either for business or pleasure do need proper travel medical insurance. Health care in the USA can leave an uninsured with a huge financial loss if they are treated or hospitalized for an unexpected medical emergency. There is visitor visa insurance plans designed by US insurance companies which can protect the insured financially during any medical emergency. You need to review different types of coverage (fixed benefit vs comprehensive) and vital factors to consider under travel health insurance plans before comparing quotes and buying insurance online.


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