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Travel insurance with trip protection coverage - Highlights


Trip cancellation

Reimbursement for loss of pre-paid, non-refundable payments.

medical evacuation

Medical evacuation

Transportation to or between hospitals as needed.


Trip delay

Reimbursement of food and lodging expenses due to delay in travel.


Lost baggage

Pays sum for lost or delayed luggage by airline.

medical expenses

Medical expenses

Covers cost of treatment for sickness or injury during your vacation.

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Travel medical insurance with no trip protection - Highlights

medical expenses

Health care expenses

Covers medical costs for sickness or accidents during travel.

doctor visit

Doctor visit

Covers cost of clinic or doctor visit.

pharmacy drugs

Pharmacy drugs

Expenses from doctor prescribed eligible medications.

medical evacuation

Medical evacuation

Transportation to or between hospitals as needed.

repatriation of remains

Repat of remains

Return of moral remains to home country or local burial.

US travel health insurance for foreign tourists visiting USA
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Travel to the US

After a long period of closing border to internatiol travelers, the United States is again opening its borders after the Covid19 pandemic. The US authorities have stated that from November 2021 international travelers will be allowed to the country but they will have to be fully vaccinated for Covid19 as well as show proof of a negative test for Covid19 test taken 3 days prior to boarding the US flight. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the US authorities will accept vaccines approved for emergency Covid use by the World Health Organisation.

USA travel Insurance - An overview

Traveling to the US requires a detailed and well organized itinerary. This planning has been made even more important given the Covid19 pandemic and the Ukraine war, factors which can result in flight disrputions, vaccinations, Covid testing requirements and forced quarantines. Even in normal times, accidents and illness can occur to anyone irrespective of the age or country. While travelling is fun, it also requires travelers to be more responsible to be able to be safe and enjoy themselves during the trip and this is best handled with good USA travel insurance.

Often due to lack of knowledge on the importance of united states travel insurance cover while traveling in America, travelers tend to overlook this important safety service. However given the safety shield that insurance for travel to USA provides and the relative low cost of insurance when compared to other travel expenses, it is essential for visitors to have a good travel insurance coverage for USA.

Travel insurance to USA is a shield for all medical and travel emergencies that may occur to the traveler during the trip. Away from home and in a new place visiting a hospital or any other travel accidents often lead to a huge expense. Insurance for travel to USA covers the costs of emergency medical treatment as well as sudden and new out patient healthcare requirements, but it will not provide coverage of any existing medical treatment or for preventive healthcare.

travel insurance

Best travel insurance for USA

The United States of America is the melting pot of various cultures and attractions that attracts visitors from across the globe. Visitors from all over the world flock to the US for its quality of life and surplus opportunities to pursue a better future. It’s a dream destination for the majority of the visitors who come to the country. The country is undoubtedly magical; however visiting a hospital in the US is very expensive. Having a travel insurance cover has emerged as an important travel document.

Visitor health Insurance-Is an insurance that offers coverage for emergency medical and travel expenses of the traveler while visiting a new or different country, which is not a home country. Travelers can visit a country on business, tourism or temporarily for a short period of time. Travelers can purchase visitors' health insurance plans from various choices available in the market and pay it monthly or annually.

Travel medical insurance

Importance of holiday insurance USA

Healthcare in the US is expensive: The US has one among the world class medical facilities and is also expensive. The cost of an average hospital is over $2500 per day in the US. The cost is high and alarming throughout the U.S. It is very traumatic when a visitor travelling for a short period of time needs to pay a huge bill in case of an unforeseen injury or illness. Therefore it’s important to buy travel health insurance. In case of any sudden injury or illness visitors need a good visitor health insurance to be able to cover the expenses. Without which travelers may face a massive financial burden.

Protection for entire family-A travel medical insurance can be purchased individually, however if the family is traveling, travelers can purchase an insurance covering the family in one policy. Any illness or injury faced by the insured family members will be covered during the trip.

A support system for travelers in a new country – Travelling to an unknown country sometimes can be very stressful. If there is a need for medical assistance in the US, a new visitor may find it hard to approach a hospital and a doctor. An insurance cover will act as a support system as the insurance providers have tie-ups with various Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) who have networks with many hospitals and doctors in the US.

The hospitals in the PPO network will bill the insurance company directly. Travelers need not worry about paperwork and worry about paying the bill from their pocket .In case of any emergency visitors can refer to the list of hospitals with the ppo network and get help from the nearest medical care center. Travel insurance will help you make the most of the trip and explore new destinations without the worry of your health related expenses.

USA travel insurance coverage highlights:

What does Travel Medical Insurance cover? What is travel Insurance USA?

Some of the other important travel health insurance for USA benefits are listed below. Travelers can compare visitor travel insurance to review specific coverage details offered by the different companies and insurance plans.

Medical coverage for accidents and emergency medical ailments:
The high cost of healthcare in the US makes it imperative for travelers to have good travel health insurance while traveling outside ones home country. The best travel insurance medical maximum coverage varies based on the travel insurance plan chosen, however travelers have the option of getting coverage up to $1,000,000. The available medical maximum coverage however decreases for travelers over 70 years.

Doctors visit:
This allows travelers to visit Doctors for sudden unanticipated medical ailments (continuing treatment for pre-existing ailments and preventive care are not covered). The Co-pay and deductible will vary depending on the travel insurance plan chosen, travelers do have the option of No Co-pay and $0 deductible.

Pharmacy drugs:
Doctor prescribed eligible pharmacy drugus are covered up to $50,000, but this varies from plan to plan.

Emergency surgery treatment will be covered. The maximum available amount for surgery is typically $50,000, but this varies from plan to plan.

Medical Evacuation:
The best travel insurance provides coverage for medical evacuation up to $1,000,000 if the traveler has to be evacated to get access to proper medical treatment in the event of a medical emergency.

Repatriation of remains:
The repatriation of remains benefit pays for the repatriation expenses back to the home country in the event of death of the traveler for any reason. While this depends on the travel insurance plan chosen, one can get repatriation coverage up to $50,000.

Emergency dental coverage:
Emergency dental coverage up to $300 is available for acute onset of pain to natural teeth.

Given all these benefits, it is important that international travelers buy the best travel insurance given the relative low cost of travel insurance when compared to the cost of healthcare. This is particularly important for Seniors citizens, as older travelers are most vulnerable and likely to need the benefits offered by the best USA travel insurance plans.

Steps to buy US travel medical insurance online

Step 1: Find available US travel insurance plan options
Complete the travel insurance quote request form by providing details of the traveller and insurance requirements.
Step 2: Compare different travel insurance options
Compare the price and the benefits of the different travel insurance options to identify what fits your needs best.
Step 3: Buy the travel insurance USA that you like best
Purchase the plan that fits your requirements and budget best by using a credit card and completing the online application.
Step 4: Review the US visitors insurance plan documents received by email
Review the US travel insurance policy documents received by email closely for coverage details and relevant contact numbers.
Travel insurance for US residents travelling within USA
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US Territories

Travel insurance USA, Best USA travel insurance for tourists

International travelers to the US - An overview

Tourist visa health insurance for traveling to the US

usa flag
Travel health insurance in the US even for short stays is strongly recommended given the high cost of US health care. US tourist health insurance is available for travelers of different age groups. US tourists can compare travel insurance coverage for America offered by different insurance companies and make an informed decision. Vacationers can review the different US tourist medical insurance plans based on their price and benefits and select a plan that best satisfies their budget and requirements.

USA travel Insurance, Best USA tourist insurance - FAQ's

Does holiday travel insurance for USA cover Covid19 illness?

There are some insurance plans available for travel that cover Covid19 as a new illness. International travelers can compare best Covid travel insurance plans and buy it online. These US covid travel insurance plans are available for visitors to the US, US citizens and US residents traveling abroad as well as non US travelers traveling outside their home country.

What is the best travel insurance Companies in USA?

We work with the best USA travel insurance companies. Travelers to USA can compare the best travel insurance companies and buy the travel insurance that suits their needs best.

What is the best insurance for travel to USA?

There are many US Travel insurance plans available for visitors in the online health insurance marketplace. They are mainly classified broadly as Fixed plans and Comprehensive plans. The best US tourist health insurance varies based on the unique needs of diverse travelers with several plans working well in different situations. Amongst the popular travel insurance in USA for visitors are Patriot America by IMG, Atlas Travel from World Trips, Safe Travels USA Comprehensive from Trawick International, Liaison Travel Choice plan from Seven Corners, INF Premier travel insurance all of which have excellent coverage.
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Why is travel insurance to USA so expensive?

There is no denying that travel insurance to USA is sadly very expensive. The main reason for this is simply because the cost of healthcare in the USA is very expensive and the travel insurance USA costs are directly related to the healthcare costs.
One more factor for some USA travel insurance plans to be very expensive is that there are specially designed travel insurance USA plans available for older travelers, with higher medical coverage as well as some plans with coverage for pre-existing ailments.

Can a tourist get health insurance in USA? Where can I buy travel insurance in USA?

Yes, international tourists can and should buy travel insurance in USA. Given the extremely high cost of US healthcare, it is very risky to travel to the US without the best travel insurance for usa. International tourists can compare different tourist insurance plans online and then buy travel insurance for USA to get coverage as early as the following day.

Do I need travel insurance for USA?

Travel medical insurance to USA is a necessity! Health Care is very expensive in countries like the US, where not having travel health insurance for USA can be catastrophic.
Having USA health insurance for visitors can be a huge relief which comes in handy during any major unexpected sickness or injury while in a foreign country. International travelers are urged to buy holiday insurance to USA to have a safe sojourn outside their home country.

How much does US travel insurance cost?

The cost of travel insurance in USA depends mainly on the following factors; The traveler’s age, the required duration of US tourist visa medical insurance coverage, type of US travel insurance (fixed benefits vs comprehensive coverage), any add on coverage, or the need for US travel health insurance for pre-existing conditions. Benefits Comparison

  • Insurance covers the traveler for medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of mortal remains, accidental death and dismemberment while outside their home country.
  • By using the comparison tool, customers can compare different plans based on the premium rates, benefit details, renewability options, PPO networks ...
  • With all this information, customers can make an informed decision, something that will otherwise take a lot of time and effort.

Are there any travel insurance policies in the US that cover pre existing conditions?

Yes. There are quite a few policies that will cover what is called “acute onset” of pre-existing medical conditions. That means, should you have some emergency due to a pre-existing medical conditions you can be covered for it. This coverage is fairly easy to find for persons under 70 years of age. Over 70 years there are only a few policies with this coverage and generally the coverage is less than the maximum of the plan purchased. However, there are still some options for older people.
Note that the coverage for pre-existing conditions is also available for US citizens or green card holders when they leave the US and travel abroad. If pre-existing coverage is of particular interest you can ask our friendly staff for a recommendation. You can compare travel insurance for pre-existing conditions and buy the best coverage.

Is there a need to compare travel insurance USA online?

Not really, because we are here! American Visitor Insurance allows you to compare travel insurance for travel to Europe, Asia, the United States, just anywhere your heart desires to go! Can’t figure it out or have too many options? Just call us and chat with our friendly staff to help find the plan that fits your needs!

What are the factors to consider for US travel insurance?

The main factor to consider is what is most important for you to have coverage for and what type of coverage do you need. Do you want trip cancellation coverage which will return the money you would lose on a trip should you have to cancel your trip due to health concerns, your job or jury duty? Or do you want to be sure you have plenty of medical coverage while you are on your trip? Or do you want to be sure you can get a medical evacuation from a remote location where you are vacationing? Depending on your answers to those questions, you can choose a different “perfect” plan for each situation.

Why should we compare insurance for travel to USA?

US Visitors Insurance plans offered by popular US insurance providers might seem similar on first impressions, since many of the visitors medical insurance plans have similar coverages and costs. However, in order to find the best visitor health insurance plan based on the visitors specific needs and to get the best coverage available, it is important to compare different visitor medical insurance benefits.

The following are some of the important factors to consider while comparing visitors insurance:

Type of visitor insurance (Fixed or Comprehensive): Fixed benefit visitor insuranceare cheaper when compared to the Comprehensive insurance planshowever they offer limited coverage when compared to Comprehensive plans. Normally, it is recommended to buy comprehensive visitors insurance as it offers exhaustive coverage with greater flexibility, however some travelers are looking for the cheapest option.

Policy Maximum: This is the maximum coverage that any plan would offer which normally ranges from $50,000 up to $1,000,000. This is the maximum a policy can cover in case of an emergency according to the policy conditions detailed in the policy.

Deductible: This is an initial amount that the traveler needs to pay before the visitors insurance actually starts to pay. The deductible options can range anywhere from $50 up to $5000 based on the plan. A larger deductible means lower premium price and vice versa. Picking a large deductible thus lowers the premium and choosing a comprehensive plan is usually recommended.

Pre-existing condition coverage: This is very important benefit factor as many customers need this benefit. This benefit requirement mostly is required by people over the age of 60, however there may be exceptions where younger people may need this coverage too. Most comprehensive visitors insurance plans offer this coverage for people up to 70, some go up to 80 and a few provide for people above 80. Fixed benefit plans limit this coverage for travelers up to the age of 70 years. Very few plans do not have pre existing condition coverage at all.
Pre existing condition coverage is provided only for acute onset of a pre existing condition. There is only one company namely INF that offers plans providing full pre existing condition coverage.

Residential status: Many visitors insurance provide coverage only within the US. Some plans provide coverage worldwide. There are plans available only for Non US citizens visiting the US. There are plans where both Non US and US citizens living abroad are eligible to visit the US and claim coverage. There are plans where US citizens traveling outside the US are eligible. Comparing the plans to look for this factor is necessary before we purchase the plan and start the travel.

Sports and other unique activities: Some of the plans provide excellent sports medical coverage for hazardous sports and other adventure activities.

Based on these US visitors medical insurance factors, American Visitor Insurance provides a compare visitor insurance facility which is user friendly and helps visitors compare and buy the best US visitor insurance for their specific requirements.

What are the different types of visa insurance?


B1 visa insurance

USA B1 visa health Insurance, B1 visa travel insurance for USA.
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B2 visa insurance

B2 visa health insurance for tourists, B2 visa tourist insurance for USA.
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F2 visa insurance

F2 visa medical insurance for F1 visa dependents.F2 visa health insurance.
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F1 visa insurance

F1 visa student health insurance, international student insurance in USA.
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J1 visa insurance

J1 visa insurance for exchange scholars, J1 visa medical insurance.
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Green card insurance

Health insurance for green card holders, Green card health insurance.
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K1 visa insurance

Fiancée health insurance, K1 visa health insurance for fiancé on K1 visa.
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H1B visa insurance

H1B visa health insurance, health insurance H1B visa holders.
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US Immigrant green card

Travel health insurance USA

Travel insurance for tourists in USA, tourist insurance USA
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Travel insurance for foreigners in USA

In 2022 even as many countries opened their borders again for international tourists, the threat of the Covid19 with the sub variants like Omicron BA.1, BA.2, BA.3, BA.4 and BA.5 continued to spread across the globe. Even though the Omicron sub-variants are notorious for their immune evasion capacity, thanks to increased vaccination, they have been less hospitalization with these infections. In fact international travelers flying in to the USA, are now no longer required to have a negative COVID19.

Travel Insurance with covid coverage for visiting USA

However, given the pandemic international travelers are understandably more concerned about safety while traveling. Unlike before the pandemic, there is now an increased demand to buy the best travel insurance available. Most US travel insurance providers now include coverage for Covid19 just like any other illness.

To protect the trip it is advisable to get travel medical insurance with wide benefits like, trip cancellation, cancel for any reason, travel delay or interruption, baggage or personal belongings loss, medical expenses of COVID19, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation etc...

At American visitor insurance travelers can choose from a wide range of choices that cater to various travel and medical needs. Travelers can compare and include the benefits according to their specific requirement. Feel free to give us a call or email us and one of our customer support licensed agents will be able to help you.

Cheap Covid travel insurance for visiting USA

Trawick International insurance

Trawick International offers visitor medical insurance for coronavirus with their Safe Travels USA Insurance. The Safe Travels USA Comprehensive plan is ideal for travelers with pre-existing medical conditions even for travelers older than 70 years. Travelers can compare Safe Travels USA Covid19 travel insurance plans and buy it online to get coverage as early as the following day. Travelers can also download a visa letter which indicates that Safe travels USA visitors insurance covers covid19 illness.

International Medical Group (IMG) insurance for Covid19

International Medical Group (IMG) travel insurance offers coronavirus insurance for USA with the Patriot America Plus and Patriot Platinum insurance plans. The Patriot America Plus Insurance and Patriot America Platinum insurance include COVID coverage like any other illness up to the policy maximum.

INF travel insurance

INF travel insurance offers Covid coverage as any other new sickness. It is available for Non-US citizens or residents travelling to the US. INF Premier and INF Elite plans covers pre-existing complications from COVID19.

Global Underwriters US visitor insurance

Diplomat America travel insurance by Global Underwriters offers coverage for covid19 as a new sickness. It is available for Non-US citizens or residents traveling to the US. Diplomat Long term Covid19 medical insurance must be bought for a minimum of 3 months and has a plan maximum options of $500,000 and $1,000,000 for medical expenses. You can compare Diplomat insurance for visitors to USA.

Seven Corners visitors medical insurance

Travel Medical Plus Insurance offered by Seven Corners includes health insurance treatment benefit for COVID19 (the disease); SARS-Cov-2 (the virus); and any mutation or variation of SARS-CoV-2.

Please know we are here to help you make the best, informed decision to get coverage even for COVID19! Let us know how we can assist you. Feel free to contact us by email or phone at any time.

Travel insurance for Coronavirus Covid

Countries that need travel insurance

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Green card holders who are in the US but also have a residence outside the United States can buy the following Covid19 health insurance plans. These are the top health insurance companies offering Covid-19 coverage for green card holders.

IMG green card health Insurance for Coronavirus

The Patriot America Plus and Patriot Platinum America insurance offer COVID 19 health insurance for green card holders up to the policy maximum. The Greencard holder should be living outside the US and have an international address.

International Tourists medical insurance for USA trip

The United States attracts nearly 70 million international visitors annually, which is the second highest recipient of international visitors after France. The highest source of international visitors to the US are its immediate neighbors, Mexico and Canada. The US however attracts nearly 5 million tourists from the UK. Other countries who send tourists to the US in large numbers are China, Japan, Germany, South Korea, France, Brazil, Australia, Italy, India, Spain and Colombia. International tourists visit the US to see its culturally vibrant cities with museums, bars and other entertainment venues.

The country also has some incredible national parks that are home to amazing wildlife. The US being the world’s oldest democracy has many historic landmarks to attract visitors from around the globe. Other notable attractions for international tourists are its amusement parks, gambling casinos, golf courses, ski resorts, outdoor recreation opportunities and sporting facilities. Among its popular urban centers, New York City has the most international visitors, this is followed by Los Angeles, Orlando, Las Vegas, and Chicago.

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Corporate and Business related travelers

The US at over $19 trillion is easily the world’s largest economy. This large and sophisticated economy involves large number of business people from all over the world visiting the US on a regular basis. International business travelers typically visit the large US cities of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia and Detroit. Cross border work related travel is also common along the US-Canada border and the US-Mexico border.

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Parents and visitors of immigrant communities

The United States is the land of immigrants and has had different waves of immigrants settling in the country. The US has immigrants from all over the world, initially from Europe and within the America's, but more recently also from Asia. These large immigrant communities in particular from China, Philippines, Vietnam and India often have parents and family members visit the US during the summer months. It is not unusual to see family members stay in the US for as long as six months at a stretch.

Snowbird tourists to the USA

Snowbird tourists is a term used to describe older travelers and retirees who come to the warmer states in the US during the long cold winters. Snowbird tourists are most often from Canada and usually come to the southern US states of Florida, Texas, California and Arizona.

International students in the US

The US is home to the world’s largest international student population. The country has nearly a million international students who choose the United States to broaden their education and life experiences. Nearly 4% of all students in higher education in the United States are international students, with the Chinese and Indian students being the largest international groups. Other large student groups include students from Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Canada, Vietnam, Taiwan, Brazil, Japan and Mexico.

Need for holiday insurance USA

While visiting the United States is an amazing experience, being forced to visit an US hospital if you are uninsured can be traumatic. US healthcare costs are very expensive and it is very risky to travel to the US without travel insurance. International tourists are strongly advised to compare and buy US visitors insurance.

Travel Health Insurance for the US during the Flu Season

People travel to the US throughout the year from outside for various reasons. In the US, it is the season of Flu which starts at the beginning of the fall and will stay on throughout the winter. Doctors and providers encourage to get the Flu vaccine during this period for people living in the US. It can be a normal yearly routine for people living in the US.

As Flu can be highly contagious, vaccine is encouraged as a preventative measure. The flu vaccine also known as influenza vaccine protects people against the influenza virus. These vaccines are developed twice a year as the virus changes rapidly. These vaccines have antibodies to fight the virus which will usually show up within 2 weeks after receiving it. This vaccine is effective sometimes and sometimes it may not be effective for some strains of viruses. It is not mandatory but it is definitely recommended as a preventive measure.

Flu can be dangerous especially for people with heart problems, diabetes, lung for the older people and very young children where things can get complicated or result in death from the Flu. There are some cases during some years, where people who are healthy without any existing health conditions , after contracting the flu virus have died causing an alarm.

People who travel to the US can buy the travel insurance which provides them sufficient coverage for unexpected sickness and injury. Travel insurance does not cover the Flu vaccine as it is considered as preventive care service, but covers the treatment provided in case the insured contracts the virus. Healthcare in the US is quite expensive to pay for medical expenses for unexpected sickness out of pocket. Travel Medical Insurance can certainly provide a great sense of relief for the visitor visiting the US from a foreign country. It is highly recommended that the travel insurance be purchased before the insured departs from their home country, so that they are covered for the unexpected from day one while they are in the US.

American Visitor Insurance offers several high rated travel medical insurance plans suitable for people traveling to the US. Comprehensive plans are the best due to their flexible coverage.
Trip Cancellation Insurance vs Travel Medical Insurance
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travel insurance for visiting USA

USA - General information

USA Flag
map  Location

North America

house  Capital

Washington, D.C.

language  Language


currency  Currency

US Dollar

population  Population

Around 331 million

calendar  Best time to visit

Throughout the year. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, every season has its charms !

Best travel insurance for USA, USA travel health insurance for tourists

Famous destinations in USA

Factors that determine the cost of US travel insurance plans

Age of the traveler
The cost of travel insurance is directly dependant on the age of the traveler. The older the traveler and greater will be the cost of the travel health insurance.
Type of travel insurance
Comprehensive travel insurance which provide exhaustive coverage are more expensive than fixed benefit travel insurance.
Medical maximum coverage and deductible options
The price of visitors medical insurance is directly dependant on the maximum medical coverage and inversely proportional to the deductible of the plan chosen.
Region of coverage
Travel insurance depends on the coverage region. The cost for visitor health insurance for the United States is most expensive.
Duration of travel insurance
The longer the duration of visitor medical insurance required, the higher will be the cost.

Travel insurance USA, Best USA tourist insurance information

Visitor insurance resources

Travel insurance USA resources

International travel medical online insurance resources for USA visa holders.

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Factors for travel insurance

Factors for travel insurance USA online

Important factors while deciding on the best travel insurance to USA.

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Types of visitor insurance

Types of USA travel insurance online

Understanding different types of USA visa travel insurance options.

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Claims Procedure

USA travel insurance Claims Procedure

USA travel insurance claims process for getting medical care in a hospital.

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Types of US travel medical insurance

Fixed Benefit travel medical insurance
A fixed benefit travel medical insurance plan is the cheapest travel insurance plan option.
This travel health insurance is cheap because it has a fixed coverage limit for different medical benefits. Fixed benefit plans work well in case of small ailments but can be inadequate in the event of a serious medical ailment or hospitalisation.
Comprehensive travel medical insurance
Comprehensive travel insurance plans provide exhaustive coverage for health expenses up to the policy medical maximum amount. In contrast to fixed benefit plans there are so limits for each benefit. Comprehensive travel health insurance is more expensive when compared to fixed benefit plans but provides significantly better coverage in case of a medical emergency or hospitalisation.

Travel tips for international travelers
Travel tips for international travelers – safety, comfort and wellness.
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Trip insurance vs Travel health coverage vs Global medical insurance
Confused whether to buy trip, travel or global health insurance? Understand the differences!
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Find the best US visitor insurance coverage

visitors travel medical insurance in America
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Advantages of buying insurance online

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