Importance of Travel Medical Insurance for US citizens traveling outside USA

Insurance for US citizens traveling outside USA
US citizens and US residents traveling overseas need to complement their US domestic health insurance as it usually does not cover them overseas or will have a very minimal coverage rendering it of little value. The US Medicare coverage also has minimal cover outside of the US.

Recent terrorist attacks in different parts of Europe, Nice, Brussels, Paris … has resulted in travellers showing a great deal of concern in getting best travel insurance before making any trip to a foreign country. These events have forced travellers to consider the risk involved while outside USA. International travel insurance sales have shown a significant increase after these terror related attacks.

Travel Insurance policies provide terrorism coverage and trip cancellation with some applicable rules especially when the trip is already in progress. The rules would include a restriction in the arrival time or similar kind of deadline in order to pay the claim. It is always a good idea to call the insurance company and confirm their take on a claim request as they could be flexible with their coverage instead of making negative assumptions about the coverage availability for a specific claim.

You can find the suitable plans and their benefit and coverage details here. You can call the agent in case you need more information. These plans include Repatriation and Return of Remains, coverage for lost baggage, trip interruption, concierge services … which assures you safety and security of coverage with any international health situation and will cover you till you are back home.

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