2018 Liaison travel insurance offered by Seven Corners

International travel has become very common with people traveling around the world for different reasons, be it a family reunion, a vacation, business, higher education...whatever maybe the reason for travel; there are some things that need to be taken care of during international travel. Travel health Insurance is one of these important things that really matters when you are outside your home country. You will need a travel health insurance plan that provides sufficient coverage in a foreign country.

Many people travel to the US for vacations, to meet family, higher education, work and several other reasons. Healthcare is very expensive in the US and this is a known fact to most travelers. US Domestic healthcare is only available for US citizens and permanent residents of the country. However travel insurance offered by private US insurance companies provide excellent coverage for people visiting the United States as well as those traveling outside their home country anywhere in the world.

Amongst the many travel insurance plans in the market let us shed some light on the Liaison Travel plans which has been updated in 2018 with new features by the Seven Corners insurance company.

Liaison Travel plans are classified as Liaison Economy, Liaison Choice and Liaison Elite. You can compare the coverage and Benefits of Liaison travel insurance

All these plans are available for Non US citizens coming to the US and US citizens traveling outside of the US. US citizens living abroad and visiting US for a short visit and who need coverage in the US will however not be eligible for these plans. Each plan has some differences in the benefit availability. The price of the plan also varies with the benefits.

If you are concerned about coverage for pre-existing conditions, all three plans provide the coverage for this. However, it is important to know the age limit of the person as the coverage reduces for people of ages 70 and above. There is a waiver of pre-existing conditions for US Citizens going outside of the US. The Liaison Elite plan among the three has the highest coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions for Non US citizens. The Elite plan provides a medical maximum of up to $1,000,000. Dental accident is covered up to the medical maximum and there is coverage available for sudden dental pain in all the three plans. Plans are renewable and provide coverage for most of the basic things like emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, incidental trips to home country, coma benefit, trip delay and interruption...

All the plans cover worldwide including or excluding US as long as the person is traveling outside the home country.

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