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It was in 1972 that Motocross started as a new sporting activity in the United States of America, this was a markedly different experience quite unknown this side of the Atlantic ocean. Motorcycles and revamped dirt bikes were used to race across a enclosed strip of racing track which included steep gradients, sharp turns and sudden corners, many bumps and jumps with the track made of natural terrain.

Motocross and the required Motorcross Insurance for visitors arrived to United States more recently. Edison Dye is known as the "Father of American Motocross" and it in the 1960’s that Motorcross arrived from Europe as a popular sport. This was an entirely new experience for American audiences who were earlier accustomed to witnessing flat track racing and they found it very appealing. American spectators got to see talented European racers for the first time in the US. The word Motocross itself derives from the French word for motor cycle - motorcyclette - and cross country - Motocross.

Motocross racing is a today a very popular sporting activity which is however considered as a hazardous adventure sporting activity. At Americam Visitor Insurance we come across travellers from Australia, Canada and other European countries like the UK are the ones who are most interested in this sporting activity.

While this sports activity is adventurous, there are specially designed adventure or hazardous sport insurance which is also considered risky in case of an accident. Insurance coverage for unexpected injury is the major requirement for this sports activity.

Not all the insurance companies cover this sports even while they cover a lot of other adventurous sports which are less risky when compared to Motocross. Finding an insurance plan that covers this activity is challenging. There are many US insurance companies available online which has a carefully designed product at their sports plan for this sport. However it is important to understand the fine print for motocross sports activity. Finding the name of the sports activity in the plan information is not all. It is important to look at the terms and conditions to see under what circumstances specific to the situation, the plan covers any accident that can be caused by the incident. Unfortunately at the present moment, there are no plans which cover motocross sports. We will update this page if any plan is available for motocross.

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