US visa and immigration information

US visa and immigration information

Immigrant health insurance mandatory for US visa

The Trump administration in Oct 2019 has proposed a new rule where prospective new immigrants to the US should provide proof of having adequate health insurance while in the US. This new rule is expected to go into effect from November 3rd 2019.

This new rule is likely to impact family members of existing US citizens who are applying to come to the US as prospective immigrants. Inability to show proper immigrant health insurance in the US are grounds to reject the visa according to the white house announcement.

The US president Mr Barrack Obama has recently proposed a comprehensive reform for US immigration as one of the top priority tasks for his second term. The reforms in the US immigration laws can strengthen the economy of the country as well provide further security for immigrant community. The president has called that the reform has to be achieved collectively which requires responsibility from everyone. Along with immigration reforms, assessment on issuing visas for people coming to the USA is also kept in mind to attract more travelers and highly valued talent in the coming years.

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Chinese, Indian and other Asian visitors would find visa procedures lot easier when compared to earlier before as the US consulates are working to attract more visitors from Asia. According to recent estimates, the number of Indian visitors in the USA can reach up to 1 million by the year 2015. It is reported that the US consulates are working overtime to simplify the visa procedures for Indian travelers and plan to make visa process fast and easy.

Indian applicants now have options of online application including paying and making visa appointments online. There is also an interview waiver program for select visa applicants, offsite biometric collection and a dedicated website for checking the status of visa application. If you are an Indian planning to visit America, contact the nearest embassy office or log on to US embassy official website and get information on types of visas, how to apply and documentation required.

Once your visa application is processed and the visa is issued it is time to look for another important travel document that is insurance coverage. Visa related insurance plans in the USA is helpful for travelers holding different visas to get coverage in case of an unexpected medical emergency. Buy a plan before leaving India and travel in peace while spending time in the US for vacation or business purpose.

The visitors or new and potential immigrant communities in the USA make a valuable contribution to the US population of. These immigrants in the USA have to be insured to safeguard them from adverse scenarios like financial loss during a medical emergency. However, domestic insurance programs are not immediately applicable for immigrants in the USA. There is a waiting period of 5 years for immigrants to be eligible for domestic health insurance coverage in the USA.

What are the options for insurance coverage available for immigrants?
The new immigrants or visitors can buy visitor travel insurance plans whereas potential immigrants and green card holders from Asia who have arrived in America can buy US immigrant insurance plans. There is online compare facility for new immigrants to evaluate the differences between the coverage offered by different insurance providers in the USA and choose a plan as per the individual requirements. Immigrant insurance plans can be also bought by Green Card holders in America. Other category of insurance seekers like senior citizens can also enjoy immigrant insurance coverage till they are eligible for US Medicare Insurance.

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