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Travel insurance with trip protection coverage - Highlights

Trip cancellation

Reimbursement for loss of pre-paid, non-refundable payments.

Medical evacuation

Transportation to or between hospitals as needed.

Trip delay

Reimbursement of food and lodging expenses due to delay in travel.

Lost baggage

Pays sum for lost or delayed luggage by airline.

Medical expenses

Covers cost of treatment for sickness or injury during your vacation.

Age & Citizenship
Start date
End date

Travel medical insurance with no trip protection - Highlights

Health care expenses

Covers medical costs for sickness or accidents during travel.

Doctor visit

Covers cost of clinic or doctor visit.

Pharmacy drugs

Expenses from doctor prescribed eligible medications.

Medical evacuation

Transportation to or between hospitals as needed.

Repat of remains

Return of moral remains to home country or local burial.

What does visitor travel insurance cover?

Health care expenses
Covers hospital expenses for sickness or accidents.

Doctor visit
Insures Doctor visits for sudden injury or sickness.

Pharmacy drugs
Doctor prescribed eligible pharmacy drugs expenses.

Pre-existing conditions
Some plans insure acute onset of pre-existing conditions.

Medical evacuation

Medical evacuation expenses to nearest facility included.

Repat of remains
Repatriation of remains to home country included.

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US travelers insurance, Travel health insurance USA

An overview

Travel insurance for US citizens visiting USA

At American Visitor Insurance, we also offer trip plans for US citizens planning trips away from their homes either inside or outside the US. Many of us are faced more and more with inadequate medical coverage when we travel, particularly out of our home states.

High deductibles and coinsurance rates make travel extremely risky, particularly if we want to enjoy a ski vacation in Colorado, California, Utah, Idaho or Upstate New York, a golfing vacation in Hawaii, Arizona, Carolinas, Florida or Georgia, a cruise in Alaska, or a surfing vacation along the California coast or simply a long road trip across the United States.

These short-term trip plans can be purchased for trips as long as 30 days which will cover us while we are away from home on a designated trip.

Travel insurance coverage for US travelers traveling outside the USA

We can choose to cover the cost of our trip, such as the cost of a cruise, hotels, or other non-reimbursable costs of a trip, or we can keep this minimal ($50 to $100 per person) and mostly benefit from the medical benefits we can get while we go on the trip.

Travelling has changed with the Covid19 infection spreading across world. Traveling now requires a lot of planning along with safety and precautionary measures due to the surge of new Delta and Omicron variants of SAR’s. Travel insurance is perhaps the most important document that travelers need before they leave home.

Travelers including a travel insurance cover with Covid-19 cover need not worry about getting coverage of mutated variants. Irrespective of the variant covid-19 cover will provide visitors with the cover if contracted the illness.

There are plans that are well thought out for travelers with coverage for trip interruption and Covid-19 coverage, taking care of kids, pets, and travel companions while on our vacations. They can really give us peace of mind while we travel either across the country or to a different country! You can use our TRIP QUOTE COMPARE ENGINE to compare policies.

These plans insure you in three ways (1) cost of your trip, (2) unexpected medical expenses while on the trip, (3) loss or damage to your possess (4) Covid-19 along with quarantine cover and (5)Trip Cancellations

The Seven Corners Travel Protection Series is a three-tiered series of plans with good, better, best plan with Trip Protection Basic and Trip Protection Choice offers coverage for U.S residents and U.S citizens who wish to travel within the U.S or travel overseas /internationally. There is an additional cost for the number of days which exceed 30 days, but you can have a trip last until 180 days. Also, there is optional coverage for loss of ski days and equipment and lost golf rounds and rental. Note that insuring a trip for $0 to $500 gives the same, lowest rate available.

The Seven Corners Travel Protection Series is Trip Protection Elite and Trip Protection Economy offers coverage for residents of Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania and Washington travelling in the United States /internationally. There is an additional cost for the number of days which exceed 30 days, but you can have a trip last until 90 days. Also, there is optional coverage for loss of ski days and equipment and lost golf rounds and rental. Note that insuring a trip for $0 to $500 gives the same, lowest rate available.

The iTravel Series offered by IMG is also a three-tiered series of plans: Travel Lite, Travel SE, Travel LX, Travel Sport Insurance and Vacation Rental insurance. Note that insuring a trip for $0 to $499 gives the same, lowest rate available for the plans.

Safe Travels Trip protection insurance plans for trip cancellation expenses from Trawick International offer coverage for non refundable trip expenses incurred when a trip is cancelled. The Safe Travels Voyager Insurance and Safe Travels Explorer Insurance is quite popular as it offers Covid19 quarantine accommodation coverage.

Select the best

Travel insurance and Travel medical insurance plans...

  • Importance of travel insurance

    Travel insurance is very important and in fact the most important value addition that can be made to one's trip. The Covid19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine have made the value of travel insurance self-evident. Given the pandemic and war, traveling has become more challenging due to the many disruptions that are beyond ones control.

    A US citizen covid travel medical insurance policy can protect the traveler from financial difficulty in the event of a medical emergency or accident. Some travel medical insurance plans also provide coverage for quarantine expenses should one test positive for Covid19 while traveling. In fact Covid quarantine travel insurance is being mandated by some countries while issuing travel visas.

    Travel insurance with a focus on trip expenses provide financial security for trip related expenses like trip cancellation, trip delay, baggage loss and medical evacuation. Some travel insurance plans provide the option to 'Cancel for Any reason' (CFAR) by providing a refund of up to 75% of the trip cost if one cancels the trip for any reason. Should the traveler cancel the trip because of a medical emergency, without travel insurance, they will be left stranded and responsible for all the costs associated with the trip. Having reliable travel insurance will ensure that the travelers can recoup some of the trip expenses should they face adverse circumstances during travel.

    Travel insurance including trip cancellation coverage

    US citizens should consider buying travel insurance especially if traveling outside their home state. The travel insurance plans are designed for US vacationers with coverage for insuring the health of the traveler as well the trip expenses cost. Some examples of coverage benefits are trip cancellation, trip delay, Covid quarantine expenses, medical evacuation, injury of family member, travel companion or pet, theft of passport, traffic accident, inclement weather resulting in delay or cancellation of common carrier. Travelers can also include the Cancel for Any reason (CFAR) which gives travelers the option of cancelling their travel and recouping most of their non-refundable trip expenses. Travel insurance provides coverage in the following ways:
    1. Non refundable cost of the trip.
    2. Unexpected medical expenses of the traveler.
    3. Loss or damage to the insured’s possessions.
    Following are the trip insurance plans:

    The Travel insurance offered by IMG is a three-tiered series of plans: Travel Lite, Travel SE and Travel LX. These plans offer coverage for unexpected medical expenses dues to accident or sickness as well as insure your trip expense investment in case of a trip cancellation or delay. Travel LX insurance has Cancel for any reason’ benefit included and provides coverage up to $100,000 . The Travel SE and Travel LX plans offer Trip Delay benefit up a maximum of $2,000 per person and $2,500 per person respectively which satisfy many countries Covid travel insurance quarantine requirements.

    Trawick International

    Safe Travels Trip protection insurance plans for trip cancellation expenses from Trawick International offer coverage for non refundable trip expenses incurred when a trip is cancelled. The Safe Travels Voyager insurance and Safe travels Explorer Insurance is quite popular as it offers Covid19 quarantine accommodation coverage. The Safe Travels First Class Trip Protection, and Safe Travels Voyager insurance have an optional benefit that is the 'Cancel for any Reason' which is available as a rider at an additional cost.

    Compare Safe Travels Trip Protection insurance
    HTH Worldwide
    • Available for US citizens and US residents whose home country is US and must be travelling outside USA
    • Includes $2000 in travel delay benefits for Covid quarantine/lodging.
    • Trip cancellation up to $50,000/Trip interruption up to 200% of trip cost
    • Offers $500,000 medical for sickness and injury/$1,000,000 medical transportation
    Compare Trip Protector Preferred plans
    Seven Corners
    The Round Trip Series by Seven Corners is a three-tiered series of plans with good, better, best plan with Round Trip Basic and Round Trip Choice. There is an additional cost for the number of days which exceed 30 days, but you can have a trip last up to 90 days. There is also the optional coverage for loss of ski days and equipment and lost golf rounds and rental. Note that insuring a trip for $0 to $500 gives the same, lowest rate available.
    Compare Round Trip insurance plans

    Pandemic travel information for US travelers

    Travel regulations in the US have been in a state of flux since the Covid19 pandemic with international travel continuing despite the Delta and Omicron variants. Fully vaccinated international travelers are allowed to the US by air, however they should produce poof of vaccine as well as provide a negative Covid19 test result taken less than 72 hours before boarding the US flight.

    International travelers who are not vaccinated, including US citizens and US Green card holders need to take a Covid19 test 24 hours before flying to the US. Travelers should also complete contact details of their stay in the US. The one day testing requirement also applies for those travelers who cannot produce a proof of vaccination. According to the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), the US authorities will accept vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).

    Given these circumstances, it is important to buy good travel insurance with Covid coverage. This becomes vital should the traveler be forced to Quarantine as a result of a positive Covid test. There are different factors that travelers can use to find the cheapest Covid travel insurance which are provided in our website.

    Luckily, at American Visitor Insurance we have international travel insurance with Covid19 cover options for all travelers. There are several US companies that are covering COVID19 as any other illness on their pandemic travel insurance policies and, furthermore, will provide you with a letter specifying this travel medical insurance covid19 coverage (for visa purposes and to disembark in country).

    We also have travel insurance that covers covid quarantine as required by certain countries to allow tourists. These plan options are changing all the time, so please check our latest blog for most updated options.

    US Air travel resources
    Resources for US air travel
    Streamline entry for US citizens and residents travelling. US Mobile passport Control and TSA pre check for US passport holders
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Steps to buy
Travel insurance for trip cancellation online

 Step 1: Finding all available US travel insurance plans

Complete the USA travel insurance quote form by providing details - traveler’s age, residence, trip cost, destination and travel dates.

Compare prices and the benefits of the travel insurance options to find the best plan. Look also for cancel for any reason and rental coverage benefits.

Buy the plan that fits your needs and budget by using a credit card and completing the online application.

Review the trip cancellation insurance documents & download coverage or visa letter if required as required by the destination country.

Step by step travel insurance
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Factors that determine the cost of travel insurance for trip cancellation

The cost of trip cancellation insurance depends on the following factors :

Age of the traveler

The older the traveler, the higher the cost of travel insurance.

Cost of the Trip

The more expensive the trip cost, the higher the travel insurance cost.

Travel period

The longer the trip period, the more expensive the cost of travel insurance.

Travel destination

The cost of healthcare in a few travel destination determines the cost of travel insurance.

Duration of travel insurance

The cost of travel insurance depends on the type of coverage benefits included and the maximum coverage required. The higher the coverage, the higher the travel insurance cost.

Additional benefit coverage

Any additional benefits such as - Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) ,Adventure sports, Vacation rental - add to the cost of travel insurance.

The cost of travel insurance typically averages around 5% of the trip cost. Given the uncertainties with travel due to the Covid pandemic and the Ukraine war, the cost of travel insurance is definitely worth it.

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US visitors insurance providers

You can find reliable US insurance providers like International Medical Group(IMG), Seven Corners, WorldTrips, Global Underwriters, Travel Insure, GeoBlue, HTH Worldwide and INF insurance.

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