Trip insurance for US citizens traveling within the United States

Travel insurance coverage for US travelers traveling outside the USA
At American Visitor Insurance, we also offer trip plans for US citizens planning trips away from their homes either inside or outside the US. Many of us are faced more and more with inadequate medical coverage when we travel, particularly out of our home states. High deductibles and coinsurance rates make travel extremely risky, particularly if we want to enjoy a ski vacation in Colorado, California, Utah, Idaho or Upstate New York, a golfing vacation in Hawaii, Arizona, Carolinas, Florida or Georgia, a cruise in Alaska, or a surfing vacation along the California coast or simply a long road trip across the United States. These short-term trip plans can be purchased for trips as long as 30 days which will cover us while we are away from home on a designated trip. We can choose to cover the cost of our trip, such as the cost of a cruise, hotels, or other non-reimbursable costs of a trip, or we can keep this minimal ($50 to $100 per person) and mostly benefit from the medical benefits we can get while we go on the trip.

These plans are well thought out for travelers with coverage for trip interruption, taking care of kids, pets, and travel companions while on our vacations. They can really give us peace of mind while we travel either across the country or to a different country! You can use our TRIP QUOTE COMPARE ENGINE to compare policies. These plans insure you in three ways (1) cost of your trip, (2) unexpected medical expenses while on the trip, and (3) loss or damage to your posses
The policies available for use by US citizens or residents for trips within the US are: Round Trip Series offered by SevenCorners and the iTravel Series offered by International Medical Group (IMG).

The Round Trip Series is a three-tiered series of plans with good, better, best plan with Round Trip Economy, Round Trip Choice, and Round Trip Elite. There is an additional cost for the number of days which exceed 30 days, but you can have a trip last until 90 days. Also, there is optional coverage for loss of ski days and equipment and lost golf rounds and rental. Note that insuring a trip for $0 to $500 gives the same, lowest rate available.

The iTravel Series offered by IMG is also a three-tiered series of plans: Travel Lite, Travel SE, and Travel LX. The Travel SE has a nice benefit that children under 10 are "free" with a paying adult which can make it very affordable for family travel. Note that insuring a trip for $0 to $499 gives the same, lowest rate available for the plans.

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