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The EU opens its border on July 1st 2020 to international travel post Covid19 pandemic
The European Union has named 14 countries whose nationals are considered "safe" to be allowed to travel to the EU from 1st July 2020. This list is expected to be dynamic depending on the ability of different nations in handling the Covid 19 pandemic. The "safe" list of countries currently consists of the following nations : Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay.

Covid19 Europe travel Insurance

Most of European countries are now lifting the entry ban for International travellers. Given the health risks involved in international travel to Schengen Countries and other European countries in light of the Covid 19 pandemic, it is however very important to have good Europe travel medical insurance for Covid19. Travelers can find the ideal Europe travel insurance with Covid19 coverage plan by using the Covid19 Europe travel insurance compare tool. Trawick International is one of the top travel insurance company offering Covid-19 coverage. It offers SSafe Travels Schengen visa insurance, Safe Travels International Insurance and Safe Travels Outbound Insurance which covers covid19 as any sickness. The Safe Travels Schengen visa insurance and Safe Travels International Insurance are available for Non US citizens and Non US residents while the Safe Travels Outbound Insurance is available for available for US citizens and US residents. These plans also offer Schengen visa letter specifying that they Covid19 as any sickness. The visa letter can also be translated to different languages as requested.

Travel Tips to Visit Europe

Europe travel and insurance information
Europe, as a continent, is one of the most popular holiday destinations for US based travelers. The variety of activities and different destinations within Europe attracts more and more international travelers with each passing year. The beaches, gardens, and cities in Europe resemble a great work of art. People from around the globe visiting Europe can plan their travel using the web from their homes. The travel packages can include hotel accommodation, sightseeing, and adventure activities. Plan your itinerary appropriately to visit as many interesting places as possible.

Religious practices in Europe
Europe is largely divided in to three Christian groups. The northern Europe is predominantly Protestant, as a result in northern Germany, Holland, United Kingdom, and Scandinavia, you will find people who are mainly Protestant. Eastern European countries like Greece, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine are largely orthodox. The third group is mainly Catholic with the Vatican as its religious head, this includes countries like Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia. As Christians, most countries will celebrate similar holidays (see table below). As a tourist, this has to be noted as museums, restaurants, and other places of interest may be closed on these days.

The climate in Europe
The climate in Europe varies widely throughout as well as within each country. The moderate temperatures in the western coast are influenced by the currents in the Atlantic Ocean. The climate in larger countries can change widely in temperatures and conditions. If you are traveling from the Southern Hemisphere you will find the seasons reverse in Europe. International travelers are advised to carry a small umbrella, light raincoat and an extra sweater to be ready for most weather conditions you are likely to encounter.

Some Health Tips while traveling in Europe
  • Consult your doctor prior to your travel particularly if you have any existing health conditions.
  • Learn from the doctor if you need any immunizations for your travel.
  • Take precautions while consuming food and beverages in Europe for which your body is not accustomed. Drink bottled water for safety.
  • Enjoy local cuisines but eat lightly till your body adapts itself for the new ingredients and methods of preparation.
  • Carry prescription medicine in its original package. Carry prescription letter which can be required to present to customs officials while traveling.
  • To avoid jet lag and other traveler maladies, stretch when you are awake and move around the plane to stimulate your circulation.
  • Try to eat and sleep according to the new schedule as soon as you can on arriving in Europe.
Public Holidays in Europe
Holiday Date
New Year's Day 1st January
Easter Variable (March / April)
Labor Day / May Day 1st May
Ascension Variable (May)
Pentecost / Whit Monday / June Holiday Variable (May/June)
Assumption 15th August
All Saints Day 1st November
Christmas 25th December
Boxing Day / St. Stephen's Day 26th December
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Customs Regulations for travel in Europe
Travelers must register certain belongings they take while traveling abroad. Some of them can be laptops, cameras and expensive watches so that on return to home country the traveler will not be subject to paying any duty on them. The registration facility will be available at all international airports from where you are departing. When you bring back items, these can be subject to duty and tariffs. Food can be among the trickiest items to bring home from Europe unless it is commercially packaged or cooked or chocolates. There will be specific limitations on bringing alcohol and tobacco products from European countries. Look these up so you are not over limit if you plan on bringing these items home!

Travel Insurance for Europe
Whether you are on a vacation or on business, the last thing you expect is a medical emergency in Europe. Health care is very expensive in Europe and insurance coverage is essential to pay the high medical bills. Schengen visa travel insurance plans are mandatory while getting a Schengen visa to travel to Europe along with being very useful for international travelers. US travelers do not need a visa for short visits, however for longer stays of over 90 days, the long term travel visa is mandatory. This involves getting Schengen visa insurance to satisfy Schengen consulate requirements. The rates of these policies are very reasonable and many US companies we work with have international doctor networks that you can access for your convenience.

Europe Long term visa for US citizens

Americans visiting Europe for more than 90 days within a 180 day period should apply for an extended stay visa. A mandatory requirement for this extended stay visa is Europe Long term visa insurance for US citizens with coverage up to 30,000€ (or the equivalent in USD) while living in Europe. A Visa Letter should be provided by the insurer clearly indicating that the traveler is insured for medical expenses, emergencies and hospitalization throughout the stay in Europe. It should also state any limit in the amount of coverage (or "unlimited" if there is no limit of coverage).

Travel to Europe can be fun and rewarding! Stay safe and travel with peace of mind with one of the many affordable options for health insurance we offer. If you have any questions or concerns about these policies, feel free to call us at 1-877-340-7910 (toll free in US and Canada) or email us.
As always, we wish you safe and happy travels!

Popular tourist destinations in Europe

Travel insurance for Europe


Porto is exceptional in more ways than one and the "Cidade Invicta" (unvanquished city) is history, is architecture, culture, gastronomy, trade, encounters and discoveries, will seduce you.

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Basel is situated in the heart of Europe. A combination of authentic Swiss quality and a multicultural population make this city unmistakably cosmopolitan and innovative.

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Roma is a can't-miss spot on your trip to Europe. The aroma of fresh Italian cooking wafts through alleys, and historical sites sit at every turn.

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Paris, France's capital, is a major European city and a global center for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture. The city is known for its cafe culture and designer boutiques along the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

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