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The poor nation of Haiti and the United States was recently lashed by hurricane Matthew. The hurricane which reached the category 5 Atlantic hurricane is the most powerful hurricane since hurricane Felix in 2007. In Haiti this hurricane resulted in more than 800 deaths. In the US, 38 deaths has so far been attributed directly to the hurricane with its impact spread across from Florida to Virginia. Within the US, the highest death toll was in North Carolina with 18 deaths reported. 12 deaths have been reported in Florida with fatalities also in South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia. There have been reports of huge loss of property as well.

In the last decade, the coastal United States has been lashed by hurricanes and cyclones at alarming frequency. Along with the loss of life and property, these natural disasters result in adversely impacting regular life and activity and can result in emergency medical conditions. If you are visiting the US, you need to take extreme care to carry a good visitor health and travel insurance plan which is of great importance during catastrophic events like this. Thousands of Gulf Coast families displaced in 2005 by hurricanes Katrina and Rita are victims of unprecedented epidemic of chronic medical and mental health problems who could not get access to their healthcare resources due to several factors.

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