Brexit and Dollar appreciation - Impact on travel to the UK and to Europe

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Impact on travel to the UK and to Europe

Impact on travel to the UK and to Europe
Americans continue to travel around the world in very large numbers. Despite recent acts of terrorism in different parts of the world and increasing violence in tourist spots, people enjoy traveling overseas. Thanks to the internet, and ease of buying airline tickets and hotel reservations, savvy travellers even change their travel plans on short notice based on sudden changes and varying exchange rates. Currently thanks to Brexit and more recently the US election results, the US Dollar has gained in strength against most currencies.

Here are some of the ways that the e Brexit vote could make a difference in your travels:
  • Dollar exchange rates: Thanks to Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, exchange rates between the U.S. dollar and the British pound are the lowest in about 30 years. Great Britain and London in particular will be the most affordable places to travel with discounts on everything related to travel. So, enjoy and live out your dream of visiting places in Great Britain. The US Dollar is stronger against the Euro also, so traveling within Europe using the Euro will be cheaper as well.
  • US to Europe Air Travel: Airfares were already pretty low during summer. With fewer Europeans flying to the US with more capacity, airlines lowered the fare trying to fill the seats with Americans flying to Europe on the other leg of the flight. Lower prices encourage Americans wary of terrorism to fly to Europe. With lower pound value, rates will be even better for the Non Brits and otherwise empty seats will now be filled with travelers taking advantage of the deals.
  • Tours and US vacation packages to Europe or Britain: It is a little early to tell but packaging companies and tour operators will put up more deals and offers that entices US travelers.
  • Border Experiences: Americans already present passports when entering European Union-member countries and Britain. So not much will change there. Also, it will take years for Great Britain to exit from the E.U., and by then European and UK. countries will have had time to adjust to the need for more time-consuming details at foreign borders.
  • Changes for British citizens: A lot will depend on whether we will see a hard Brexit or a soft Brexit. However it is fair to assume that British citizens will not need visas to travel into the EU, though they will have to pass through the passport control. They will be Non EU citizens and the airports now will have longer wait in the queue. If Brexit leads to a radical disintegration of the Union, the Schengen arrangement under which controls for most crossing the borders between the member states that has been removed might be re-introduced.
Irrespective of having cheap airfare deals to Europe and enjoying beneficial exchange rates while traveling places in Europe, it is always important to make sure that we have sufficient travel health insurance coverage while traveling overseas. The US domestic insurance and Medicare has little to no coverage outside US border, it is therefore imperative to have adequate travel health insurance. Many private US insurance companies provide Europe travel insurance catering to the health and travel of visitors to Schengen countries. American Visitor Insurance offers popular and comprehensive Schengen health insurance plans that will make your trip to Europe and the UK more enjoyable so that you feel safe and secure with insurance coverage. The insurance features section guides you through the important insurance factors and helps you make an informed decision. It shows the various quote facilities where you can get instant quote for your criteria and is a resource to view all the plans available and differences between them. The 24/7 customer support is available at 877-340-7910 and email at contact us form.

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