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Procedure to get the Visa letter for Poland(Schengen Visa) consulate

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Poland Visa Requirements
  • A medical maximum of at least 30,000 Euro (the equivalent being about $50,000 USD) with coverage for accidents, sudden illness for the entire length of stay.
  • A repatriation benefit.
  • An emergency medical evacuation benefit.
  • The insurance provider must have an office in Europe.
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The plans we offer are designed by US insurers for international travel insurance which includes Poland and other Schengen states. It might seem ironic to purchase Poland travel insurance on 'American visitor insurance', but while we offer plans for travel to US, we also have plans that satisfy Schengen visa requirements for Poland.

Travel insurance for visiting Poland

Poland has seen increasing tourist traffic over the years. Most of its tourists are from other European countries, but Poland also attracts close to 250,000 thousand visitors annually from the US. It is one of the more affordable tourist destination in Europe with plenty to offer at nearly half the price when compared to the rest of Europe. Among it popular tourist destinations are beautiful cities, most notably the old town of Krakow which is a UNESCO heritage site. The capital city of Warsaw has several museums, with the Uprising Museum attracting visitors for its sound light and video depiction of the historic Warsaw uprising of 1944. Along the Baltic coast if the architecturally impressive city of Gdansk.

Tourists are also attracted by to Poland for its mountains, coastline, forests and the lake reserves. Its natural environment is quite pristine with little human impact.

US and other international travelers visiting Poland should however ensure that they have buy proper travel health insurance. At American Visitor Insurance, international tourists can make an informed decision before buying travel medical insurance thanks to our many user friendly utilities. These utilities help travellers compare different insurance plans easily in an objective manner, understand different coverage details as well as buy the Poland travel insurance online without any paperwork. These factors help customers quickly find the best Polish travel insurance coverage for their specific needs.
  • Policy Maximum#1
  • Deductible#2
  • Visa Letter
    Sent immediately after purchase
  • Policy Maximum#1
  • Deductible#2
  • Visa Letter
    Sent immediately after purchase
  • Policy Maximum#1
  • Deductible#2
  • Visa Letter
    Available from client zone
  • Policy Maximum#1
  • Deductible#2
  • Visa Letter
    Sent immediately after purchase

#1  Policy Maximum is the maximum eligible medical expenses that the plan will cover.

#2  Deductible is the amount of expenses that must be paid out of pocket before an insurer will pay any expenses.

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#4  Click here for Schengen visa insurance plans available for residents of Maryland state.
#5  Click here for Schengen visa insurance plans available for residents of Maryland, New York, Washington, Canada & Australia states.

Long term Europe Visa Insurance
US citizens who want to stay in any of the 25 Schengen countries for more than 90 days in a 180 day period need a Long Stay Visa. One of the requirements for this visa is proof of medical insurance with medical expenses coverage up to €30,000 (or the equivalent in US dollars) which is valid during the whole stay in the Schengen countries. The insurance company should provide a visa letter stating coverage amounts for medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation while in Europe (or 'unlimited' if there is no limit of coverage).

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Travel insurance for Polish residents visiting the US

Travelers from Poland to the US should buy visitor medical insurance since healthcare is very expensive in USA. Travelers can choose between the several options available by comparing visitor medical insurance online. Visitors can understand the different types of insurance options available by reviewing the difference between fixed benefit visitor insurance and comprehensive visitor insurance. To make an informed decision regarding travel insurance, it is useful to review the factors important for travel insurance.

Is travel insurance necessary for Poland?

If you need a visa for traveling to Poland (Schengen visa), then - Yes, Poland travel insurance is necessary for applying for the Schengen visa. The Poland visa travel insurance requirement is a minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros.
If you a citizen of a country which does not need a visa for traveling to Poland, then buying travel insurance for Poland is not mandatory for visits of less than 90 days. However given the cost of healthcare in Poland, and that domestic health insurance offers little health insurance outside your home country, it is strongly recommended to buy travel insurance for Poland.

How can I get travel medical insurance for Poland?

Travelers to Poland who need the Schengen visa can buy Poland visa travel insurance on our website. Our Schengen visa travel insurance quote facility displays the travel insurance that satisfy Poland visa consulate requirements. Once you complete buying the Poland visa travel insurance online, you can download the required Poland visa letter which you can submit while applying for the Schengen visa.

How much is travel insurance for Poland visa?

The cost for the Poland visa travel insurance varies depending on the age of the traveler and the duration of coverage required. The older the traveler the higher is the cost. The longer the duration of Poland travel insurance required, the greater will be the cost. Our Poland visa insurance application quote facility lists the travel insurance that satisfy Poland visa consulate requirements.

Popular tourist destinations in Poland


Krakow might be described as a rags to riches city, being known for its cultural, artistic and economic activities.


Also known as Danzig, Gdansk is the largest city in northern Poland and its main seaport since it lies on the Baltic Sea.

Tatra National Park

Tatra National Park, located in southcentral Poland. The park is mainly forests, meadows and numerous rock formations covering the Tatra Mountains.


The medieval town of Malbork, perhaps better known by the German name of Marienburg, is most well-known for its castle.

Poland - General information

Poland Flag
map  Location

Central Europe

house  Capital


calendar  Best time to visit

Spring and Autumn

currency  Currency

Polish zloty

population  Population

Around 38 million

language  Language

Polish, Prussian, Romani

map  Vacation spots

Warsaw, Krakow, Zakopane, Lodz, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Zamosc, Klodzko, Tarnow, Ziebice, Swidnica, Katowice, Karpacz.

Tourist information about Poland

Poland Visa Information
  • Travelers who are citizens of Schengen member states and US citizens with "laissez-passer" do not need a schengen visa while visiting Poland.
  • Travelers from other foreign countries who are visiting Poland even for a short period must have a valid Schengen visa.
  • The Schengen visa application for the Poland embassy can be submitted in the country of your residence at the Polish embassy.
  • Insurance Plans available at American Visitor Insurance are applicable for
    • Schengen Visa A (Airport Transit Visa)
    • Visa B (Transit Visa)
    • Visa C (Travel Visa)
    • Visa D (Long Stay Visa)
Documents Required for the Poland Visa
  • Passport (3 months validity from the date of departure)
  • Completed application with applicants signature
  • 2 Passport size photos
  • Fee payable by cash or postal order
  • Travel medical insurance documents
  • Poland visa insurance letter
When to visit
Spring and Autumn are the best seasons to visit Poland.
Vacation Spots
Warsaw, Krakow, Zakopane, Lodz, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Zamosc, Klodzko, Tarnow, Ziebice, Swidnica, Katowice, Karpacz...
Polish flat soda bread - aka proziaki, Apple strudel - aka strudel jablkowy - apple cake, identical to Austrian Apfelstrudel, Pischinger chocolate oblaten cake - cake made of layers of wafer and layer, Sheep Milk Cheese Bryndza, babka zoltkowa - yolk and yeast cake, bliny gryczane - buckwheat pancakes, cepeliny - big long-shaped potato dumplings stuffed with meat and marjoram, chlodnik - cold soup made of soured milk, young beet leaves, beets, cucumbers and chopped fresh dill...
Polish, Prussian, Romani, Silesian, Ukrainian, Belarusan, Esperanto, Kashubian...

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