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Patriot Exchange student insurance is offered by the International Medical Group (IMG) and is designed for students participating in educational and cultural exchange programs abroad. This is a per injury sickness plan and satisfies the US J1 Visa requirements. This plan has a policy maximum of $50,000, $100,000, $250,000 and $500,000. The plan has a deductible of $100. Repatriation available for $25,000 and medical evacuation of $50,000 for exchange visitor to his or her home country.
Patriot Exchange Insurance offers international student insurance coverage for Covid illness for students studying outside their home country.
This plan is designed for:
  • Individuals and groups participating in student international programs
  • Cultural exchange participants
  • International graduate students
  • Scholars and educators
  • Dependents
Scholars who are coming to the US on an Exchange program on the J1 Visa are eligible to buy this plan. The plan is also available for spouse and dependent children. If a J1 Visa holder wants this plan for his J2 spouse only, then this is the only plan that is available for the J2 visa holders. This plan can be purchased by F1 visa international students and their dependents as well.

This is how the Affordable Care Act affects the Non US students purchasing this plan. As non resident aliens, international students, scholars and people involved in cultural exchange programs on F, J, Q, M Visas are not subject to the individual mandate for the first five years in the US. All other J categories are not subjected to the individual mandate for two years. Since international students are not subject to the mandate, they are not required to purchase a plan that meets PPACA requirements and can purchase the Patriot Exchange program.

The benefits of this plan include all of the essential requirements but does not provide coverage for maternity. This plan is renewable for up to 48 months and is purchased for a minimum of one month. This Patriot Exchange plan also has an optional 'Adventure Sports rider' benefit. Pre-existing conditions are covered with a look back period of 3 years. There is a Patriot Group Exchange plan available as well for group of five or more students or participants in cultural exchange program. You can see an example of how Patriot Exchange insurance works.


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