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Insurance for Green Card holders There are several thousands of travelers coming to the US every year. Many of these visitors are visiting for short stays while others come to live longer in the US. One significant group traveling to the United States are prospective immigrants. These are people who come to the US and over time settle down permanently in the US as immigrants. They initially come as temporary residents to work, study or do research and then apply for the permanent residency in the US. The United States immigration authorities issue Permanent Residency status commonly known as Green Card’s to eligible applicants after rigorous vetting of applicants. These prospective immigrants are likely to stay in the US for long periods. Health Care is something that everyone who comes to the US has to be aware of considering that that healthcare in the US is very expensive and one simply cannot afford to be uninsured while in the US. Till they are eligible for domestic US healthcare, it is important that they have proper health insurance.

Keeping this in mind, US insurance companies have designed health insurance plans for this group of prospective immigrants. American Visitor Insurance offers insurance products for this group of people till they are eligible for US domestic insurance options. Health insurance plans for immigrants are similar to visitor insurance plans but are available for longer durations and can be renewed. They offer coverage for unexpected sickness and injury. They also cover repatriation, emergency evacuation and some cover acute onset of pre-existing conditions, however they offer no coverage for preventive care.

American Visitor Insurance provides the customers with an exclusive quote compare facility where a quote is provided among various available plans by entering the relevant details in a quote form.

Along with this the website provides access to the specific plans and detailed benefits by providing specific links to the product brochures. Plans are categorised for different immigrant groups such as for Green Card holders traveling outside country, Green Card holders living permanently in the US, recent Immigrants, applied and waiting for Green Card... Some of the popular plans suitable for immigrants regardless whether permanently in the US or traveling out or waiting for Green Cards are:
Patriot America Plus: This is a comprehensive plan from the company International Medical Group(IMG). This plan is available for the immigrants like Green Card holders and is available for US citizens visiting US for short term while they reside outside the US permanently.
Inbound Immigrant: This plan is a fixed plan and is from the company Seven Corners. This plan is renewable for 5 years making it another choice for immigrant insurance plan.

Some of the immigrant medical insurance options and some highlights of these plans is also highlighted in this page. The quote form which is the highlight of this page is just made so intuitive and user friendly. This asks for the age of the primary, age of spouse and dependent if applicable, coverage limit which is the policy maximum, deductible amount, citizenship status, mailing address and the coverage preference. The coverage preference option gives options to select the pre-existing coverage. When you get the quote, the summary page shows the right plans for your criteria and specific details.


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