Visitors Insurance for acute onset of Pre-existing conditions

To ensure that any travel and stay in a foreign country is hassle free and memorable travelers should buy proper visitor medical insurance. Visitor travel health insurance can prevent stress by providing good medical cover for unexpected sickness and injury. We come across many travelers especially older travelers, who along with visitor insurance are suffering from existing medical ailments. In other words they need coverage for acute onset of an pre-existing medical condition. Obviously, this condition is of higher concern while traveling to a foreign country. Visitor health insurance plans only cover the acute onset or sudden recurrence of pre-existing condition and not any kind of routine check-up or any prescription medication that is used to maintain the condition. Not all visitor health insurance plans offer coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions. Some visitor health insurance plans do provide reduced coverage for pre-existing ailments and this varies with the age of the traveler. For travelers above 70 and 80 years the coverage gets reduced or might even be excluded completely. However in the case of international students, some student medical insurance plans offer pre-existing condition coverage after a waiting period as indicated in the plan.

American Visitor Insurance has a created a quote comparison tool specifically to compare prices of visitor insurance plans that provide coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions. The pre-existing compare facility uses relevant customer details such as the age of the traveler, ages of the spouse and dependents if applicable, the travel start and end date which is the insurance coverage period, the country of citizenship and the destination country (required to validate that the traveler is outside one’s home country), preferred medical maximum coverage amount, preferred deductible. These details are used to display the plans, benefits and prices of the available visitor insurance plans. These visitor medical insurance plans are further classified as either Fixed Benefit or Comprehensive based on their coverage.

Fixed Benefit plans provide coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions up to the policy maximum subject to the sub-limits for each benefit. Only the plan offered by Trawick International - Safe Travels visitors to USA provides any pre-existing condition coverage after the age of 70 years . This plan has reduced coverage up to the age of 89 for acute onset of pre-existing condition. It must be noted that while Fixed benefit plans are cheaper they are limited in their benefits beyond the coverage limit for every benefit.

Comprehensive visitor insurance plans on the other hand are the most sought plans for their flexibility of benefit coverage. They cover acute onset of pre-existing condition and are flexible with their coverage. Most of these plans cover acute onset of pre-existing condition up to age of 65 or 70 with reduced coverage after 70.

The available insurance plans listing summary provides brief information on each plan along with details of the Underwriter, Coinsurance, Maximum plan period, Preferred Provider network, AM rating, Acute onset Pre-existing condition coverage availability...along with the premium price for the selected policy maximum, deductible, duration and age. The column with the price provides links to the product page of the plan details and the brochure of the plan. The customer has provision to edit the input and get a price quote for different input before deciding to buy the plan. There is a BUY button that is highlighted below the price information, for the customer to purchase the plan. The online application and the payment has to be completed using a credit card. Once the transaction is successful the policy letter and ID Card is emailed to the customer.

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