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Coronavirus expat medical insurance for Mexican travelers

Mexican Expats living outside the Mexico are perhaps feeling extra isolated and insecure about their current situation. International assignments can be stressful even in normal conditions, in the wake of the covid-19 an immense uncertainty, being far away from their families and friends are making them impatient to return home. Buying adequate expat health insurance will protect Mexican expats from unexpected emergencies while they are stranded outside the home country.
The following companies are offering Expat medical insurance which includes coverage for coronavirus.


GeoBlue offers Xplorer Premier insurance with Covid19 coverage for Mexican Expats and global citizens.

International Medical Group:

International Medical Group offers Global medical insurance with Covid19 coverage for international expatriates and global citizens.
Please know we are here to help you make the best, informed decision to get coverage even for COVID-19! Let us know how we can assist you. Feel free to contact us by email or phone at any time.

Mexican expatriates worldwide – An overview

Many people choose to relocate to different countries to live and work both for better opportunities as well as a different cultural experience. These people who live outside one’s home country are commonly known as Expats. If Expatriates had their independent country, then they would be the 5th most populous nation with 3% of the global population. In the last 50 years the number of Expatriates has grown from 70 million to about 230 million living worldwide. Relocating and emigrating is exciting but also has concomitant stresses associated with the emigration.

For Mexicans, traveling north of the border to the United States is a very attractive proposition given the economic opportunities in the US. While moving abroad to a new environment one of the important factors to consider is that of access to good healthcare in the new location. This is particularly important in the post coronavirus pandemic world and if you have a young family or elderly family members relocating with you. Healthcare in countries like the United States is very expensive and lacking good health insurance can be financially catastrophic.
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International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI)

Several US based insurance providers offer different International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) plans. The international medical insurance plan provides long term coverage to Mexican citizens who are living or working outside their home country for a year or more. These international medical insurance plans are popularly known as Global medical insurance or Expatriate insurance. For all Mexican expatriates, their families, a person with dual residences and for multinational employers these expat health insurances are perfect options. These International medical insurance plans allows Mexican expatriate to obtain and continue treatment anywhere in the world as they are designed to give long-term and worldwide health insurance cover.

What is Expat health insurance?

Living outside one’s home country, expatriates often won’t be eligible for their original home country domestic medical insurance in the adopted country. Expatriates need to have expat medical insurance cover so that they get medical coverage where ever they live worldwide without the need for extra medical insurance. Buying expatriate health insurance is ideal in this situation. Buy expatriate health insurance from the start of travel to the adopted country. To buy Expatriate health insurance the applicant can buy it online by completing the application and submitting required medical information for the insurance company’s underwriting review. Once the insurance company has approved the expat for health insurance, one of the best advantage is that it is provides guaranteed renewable insurance coverage going forward. The price of the expat health insurance is determined by the age of the applicant. The price of expatriate health insurance will increase with age. Once insured you cannot be removed from the policy even if any medical condition is later developed. Irrespective where you have chosen to emigrate Expats and Global Citizens have a few good global health insurance plan. Go through our compare expatriate health insurance plan reviews to find the best option at the best price for your needs!

Expatriates Worldwide - Some facts and figures

There are 55 million expatriates worldwide.
High Expat countries (countries with large number of Expatriates)
USA 5 million Canada 1.6 million
Russia 1.4 million Spain 1.3 million
India 1.4 million Australia 1.5 million
Saudi Arabia 8.9 million UAE 5.4 million
Qatar 1.4 million Kuwait 1.4 million

Rising health care costs worldwide

Various reasons including the Covid19 pandemic have affected the cost of the health care globally. Individuals are better informed with the health cover, unhealthy inactive lifestyles, aging population, increase in the rate of chronic ailments have influenced the increase in the cost the health care cover. If an Expatriate has an accident or have illness while working and living outside the home country, they need to have sufficient international health insurance cover, else they exposed to pay high medical bills out of their pockets.
Mexico Expatriate Health Insurance for Mexican pensioners living abroad and Mexican Citizens working overseas
All Mexican Expats who live outside their home country need to have the right expat health insurance. At America visitor insurance we collaborate with different US insurance companies who offer an assorted range of health insurance choices for Mexican Expats. Comparing and buying good Mexico expatriate health insurance will enable the insured to get health care services anywhere around the globe they choose to live.

Other popular destinations among Mexican expatriates

Argentina Aruba Brazil Chile Colombia Dominican Republic Honduras Jamaica Panama Peru Venezuela Dubai Thailand Spain

Expatriate Health Insurance Mexico for Mexican Citizens working overseas and Mexico pensioners living abroad

It is important for Mexican Expats to have proper expat health insurance Mexico wherever they live. At American visitor insurance, we work with different well known insurance companies to offer a wide range of health insurance options for Mexican Expats. Good Mexico expatriate health insurance will provide health insurance coverage around the globe as well as provide Expatriates the option of getting their healthcare taken care in the Mexico.
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Expatriate Travel Insurance, Travel medical insurance Expatriate - FAQ's

Is it necessary to purchase expatriate health insurance?

It is important to be aware that the domestic health insurance of your home country usually does not provide coverage while outside your countries borders. As a foreign citizen, an expatriate will not be eligible for local subsidized medical care. Another very important factor is the varying price of healthcare in different parts of the world. It should be noted that the quality and price of healthcare can vary significantly even within a country. It is therefore important to have good worldwide health insurance so that you can access quality healthcare wherever you are currently residing.

You have a broad range of expatriate medical insurance options. There are basic fixed benefit plans which provide a fixed coverage for different medical treatments which suffice for basic health care, there are also comprehensive global health insurance options which provide extensive healthcare cover up to the policy medical maximum up to 8 million US Dollars. Along with medical coverage, there are also options for preventive care, vision, dental benefits as well as medical evacuation.

Following are some benefits that are are covered by the Expatriate medical insurance:

  • Coverage for Wellness, Preventive Care and Vaccination
  • Coverage for transplant procedures
  • Pre-existing conditions coverage
  • Dental and Vision Coverage
  • Global term life insurance coverage
  • Sports Coverage
  • New born care, Maternity and Pregnancy coverage
  • Long term comprehensive medical insurance coverage with choice of different plan maximums

The cost of international health insurance for expatriates varies depending on the insurance company and the plan chosen. The main factors on which the cost of expatriate insurance depends on are the age of insured, the medical maximum chosen, the deductible for the plan, the geographic region where you want coverage, the payment frequency option (monthly, quarterly or annually) as well as any add-on coverage, The fixed benefit expat insurance options (which have fixed limits for different coverage) are significantly cheaper than the comprehensive expatriate health insurance plans (which have no limits for different treatments up to the medical maximum).

Mexico Annual Travel Insurance for international travel multiple times within a year

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