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US travel insurance for Canadians visiting USA

We are pleased to assist many clients from our neighbors to the north! We get queries from many Canadians residents particularly from Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec who visit the southern states of the US (Florida, California, Arizona ...) to enjoy warmer climes during the winter months. Whether you are visiting for a few days, you are a student who will stay for several years, or spend part of the year in a winter home here, we can find the perfect plan for you!

Canadians coming to the US regularly, or living either in the US or Mexico for part of the year might want to consider our Global medical plans. The applications are however reviewed by an underwriting team and applications can have riders or exclusions for certain existing ailments. These global plans provide better coverage including preventive care and pre-existing condition coverage and can be renewed for a longer period when compared to the shorter term visitor insurance plans. These global insurance plans are purchased on an annual basis, though the payment can be on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

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Travel insurance for visiting Canada

Are US citizens medical expenses covered in Canada? Does Medicare pay for US citizens visiting Canada? These are questions that we regularly receive from US travelers visiting Canada. US domestic health insurance plans provide little to no insurance cover outside the US national borders. It is important for US visitors to Canada to buy proper travel health insurance while in Canada. All the plans on our website are administered by companies based in the United States, but they are available to travelers of any nationality while traveling outside their home country. The travel health insurance plan price is based on the age of the visitor, the duration of coverage, the deductible and the maximum coverage of the policy. We recommend between $100,000 to $250,000 maximum for your stay in Canada. While costs are lower than those in the US, they are still quite high.

Trip vs Travel vs Global

Confused whether to buy trip or travel or global insurance? Know the differences!

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Visitor insurance resources

New to insurance concept? Here are some useful insurance resources for you!

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Factors to consider

Here are some factors that you need to consider while buying insurance.

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How to use the plan in case of an emergency?

  • To initiate the claim process call toll free number mentioned on the plan document or brochure.
  • The claims desk at the insurance company will assist you in choosing the type of claims and documents required
  • If you are going for direct billing then the insurance company will pay the hospital directly after the deductible amount paid by insured
  • If it is not a direct billing then the insured should pay medical expenses and then claim for reimbursement from the insurance company
  • The benefit of direct billing is you go through a PPO network and co insurance will be less.

Period of coverage

  • Regular visitors to the US and Canada are aware that costs of medical care can be very high. To protect yourself and your loved ones from these costs, we highly recommend purchasing insurance for any travel outside your home country.
  • We have a variety of plans available that may be purchased for as few as 5 days, and up to 12 continuous months. You do not have to purchase whole months, and can buy as many days as you need (so long as it is more than the minimum of 5 days).
  • If you are not sure how long you will stay, many policies offer the option to renew or extend the policy if you first purchase three months worth of coverage.
  • Please be aware that preventive care expenses such as for routine or maintenance check-ups, treatment or medication are not covered by these insurance plans.

Visa requirements for non US citizens visiting Canada

There are more than 35 million annual visitors to Canada either as tourists, students, temporary workers, visitors or businessmen... While US citizens and residents do not need a visa to visit Canada, foreign visitors visiting Canada from many other nations need to apply for a temporary Resident Visa.

Recently a new visa known as Parents and Grand Parents Super Visa has been announced by the Canadian government. This helps Canadian citizens whose parents and grandparents (who are not Canadian citizens) want to visit Canada and stay for up to 2 years without any need to renew the status.

Documentation for temporary resident visa in Canada

  • A valid travel document such as passport.
  • 2 passport size photos (recently taken).
  • Application fee (Fee is non refundable even if the visa application is rejected).
  • Proof of financial support, accommodation and duration of stay.
  • Other documents such as identification cards, proof of employment, letter of invitation, proposed itinerary...

Insurance plan limitations

The plans which have limitations for travelers or students physically located in Canada are:
LIMITATION: These plans are not available to individuals who are physically located in Canada at the time of purchase. However, you can buy this plan or arrival in the US (if for example, you stay longer than expected, the Atlas plan can be purchased to cover you until your return to Canada).
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LIMITATION: If physically located in Canada, you are prohibited to purchase these plans.
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