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Expatriate insurance is long term comprehensive global medical insurance for expats living outside their home country.

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Expatriates worldwide – An overview

An expatriate is broadly defined as a person who lives outside his or her native country. In 2015, it is estimated that there are over 230 million expatriates worldwide. This number has grown from barely 70 million in the last 50 years. Today Expatriates make up about 3% of the global population, and if there were an independant country, they would be the fifth most populous nation.

International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI)

We offer several International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) plans offered by different reputed US based providers. These international medical insurance plans are popularly known as Global medical insurance or Expatriate insurance and they provide long term cover to people working or living outside their home country, usually for one year or more. The expat health insurance are ideal for expatriates and their families, individuals with dual residences and multinational employers. Since these International medical insurance plans are designed to provide long-term, worldwide medical health insurance cover, it allows expats to receive and continue treatment anywhere in the world that they choose.

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What is Expat health insurance?

Expatriates living outside their country of citizenship may not qualify for medical insurance from their adopted country or they may want to have health insurance plans for Expats & Global citizens that can work for them wherever they are so they have the option of traveling and living anywhere in the globe without buying additional medical insurance. In this case, expatriate health insurance plans are the right option! Expats can buy expatriate health insurance USA to begin from the day you leave your home country or after you have already arrived in your adopted country. The expatriate health insurance plans must go through the company's underwriting process, so you may have to submit medical information (the process may be easier if you have some access to these medical records). A great advantage to these expat health insurance plans is that once you are accepted on the plan, you are guaranteed the policy year after year. The price will increase with age, not based on any medical conditions you may develop along the way and you cannot be removed from the policy. There are great health insurance plans for Expats & Global Citizens available whatever your adopted country may be! Feel free to see the expatriate health insurance reviews as we are dedicated to getting you the best option for the best price!

Expatriates Worldwide - Some facts and figures

There are 55 million expatriates worldwide.
High Expat countries (countries with large number of Expatriates)
USA 5 million Canada 1.6 million
Russia 1.4 million Spain 1.3 million
India 1.4 million Australia 1.5 million
Saudi Arabia 8.9 million UAE 5.4 million
Qatar 1.4 million Kuwait 1.4 million

Rising health care costs worldwide

The cost of health care is rising globally for many different reasons such as greater demand for quality health care, better informed customers, unhealthy sedentary lifestyles, higher incidence of chronic ailments, aging populations ....

International travellers and Expatriates who live and work outside their home country are vulnerable to paying high out of pocket medical expenses if they have an accident of fall ill unless they have adequate international medical insurance.

American Expatriates

There are 9 million US citizens live overseas. 40 Percent of US citizens have passports. There are 128.2 million valid US passports in circulation. US citizens take 73 million trips abroad every year. The US expatriate mostly belong to the following categories:
  • Working Professionals : This group are often on limited length assignments and are most likely to return to the US after their assignment is completed.
  • Lifestyle migrants and Pensioners: This group of Americans move abroad in search of a better way of life, warmer weather and a cheaper cost of living. This includes an increasing number of pensioners and retirees.
  • This includes US citizens relocating back to their countries of origin where they or their ancestors migrated from to the United States.
While there is no reliable data collected on American expatriates and their locations, the following are estimates of locations with the largest number of US expats.
Number of US expats abroad
Mexico Around 1 million Canada Around 1 million
Philippines Around 500,000 Germany Around 300,000
Israel Around 200,000 United Kingdom Around 200,000
Puerto Rico Around 100,000 Costa Rica Around 100,000
South Korea Around 100,000 France Around 100,000

Other popular destinations among US expatriates

Argentina Aruba Brazil Chile Colombia Dominican Republic Honduras Jamaica Panama Peru Venezuela Dubai Thailand Spain

Expatriate Health Insurance USA for US Citizens working overseas and US pensioners living abroad

It is important for US Expats to have proper expat health insurance USA wherever they live. At American visitor insurance, we work with different well known insurance companies to offer a wide range of health insurance options for U.S. Expats. Good US expatriate health insurance will provide health insurance coverage around the globe as well as provide Expatriates the option of getting their healthcare taken care in the United States.

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Is it necessary to purchase expatriate health insurance?

It is important to be aware that the domestic health insurance of your home country usually does not provide coverage while outside your countries borders. As a foreign citizen, an expatriate will not be eligible for local subsidized medical care. Another very important factor is the varying price of healthcare in different parts of the world. It should be noted that the quality and price of healthcare can vary significantly even within a country. It is therefore important to have good worldwide health insurance so that you can access quality healthcare wherever you are currently residing.

What coverage does one get with expatriate medical insurance?

You have a broad range of expatriate medical insurance options. There are basic fixed benefit plans which provide a fixed coverage for different medical treatments which suffice for basic health care, there are also comprehensive global health insurance options which provide extensive healthcare cover up to the policy medical maximum up to 8 million US Dollars. Along with medical coverage, there are also options for preventive care, vision, dental benefits as well as medical evacuation.

What are the benefits of buying Expat medical Insurance?

Following are some benefits that are are covered by the Expatriate medical insurance:
  • Coverage for Wellness, Preventive Care and Vaccination
  • Coverage for transplant procedures
  • Pre-existing conditions coverage
  • Dental and Vision Coverage
  • Global term life insurance coverage
  • Sports Coverage
  • New born care, Maternity and Pregnancy coverage
  • Long term comprehensive medical insurance coverage with choice of different plan maximums

What is the cost of expatriate health insurance?

The cost of international health insurance for expatriates varies depending on the insurance company and the plan chosen. The main factors on which the cost of expatriate insurance depends on are the age of insured, the medical maximum chosen, the deductible for the plan, the geographic region where you want coverage, the payment frequency option (monthly, quarterly or annually) as well as any add-on coverage, The fixed benefit expat insurance options (which have fixed limits for different coverage) are significantly cheaper than the comprehensive expatriate health insurance plans (which have no limits for different treatments up to the medical maximum).

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