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Panama is a breath taking beautiful country on the isthmus linking Central and South America. It attracts over 2 million tourists annually with over 40% of them being from North America. Given all that it offers, it is easy to understand why Panama is so popular with tourists. Firstly there is the engineering marvel of the Panama Canal which connects the Pacific ocean with the Caribbean. One can also experience the rich cultural and historic experience in the Casco Viejo section of Panama City where one can see 17th Century Spanish settlements. Vacationers can also easily find several excellent snorkelling and scuba diving locations as well as hiking spots through lush green tropical forests.

Essentially tourists can have an excellent holiday at a lower costs when compared to Europe and the US while experiencing warm weather, an English speaking environment in a cosmopolitan sophisticated city.

panama travel insurance
Recently Panama has seen a lot of improvement in its tourism infrastructure. There are a couple of new island resorts on Panama’s west coast near the marine preserve around Isla Coiba. There is a new Ritz-Carlton Reserve property being built in the Pearl Islands. Cayuga Hospitality has newly opened the Isla Palenque in the Gulf of Chiriqui which has eight casitas and one villa on a 400-acre island.
Along with holidaying, it is no wonder that there is a large expatriate community in Panama. Along with job opportunities, many older Americans are choosing to spend their autumn years in the warm climate in Panama.

If you are applying for the Panama visa, the consular authorities can ask you to have adequate travel insurance for Panama. However, even if not for being issued a visa, the fact that your domestic health insurance including US Medicare provides little coverage in Panama, it is important for international travelers to buy Panama travel health insurance.

Excellent question and we try hard to find the best answer to this question! Given the unique needs of different travelers there is not one Panama travel insurance plan that always works best for everyone. If you are a traveler with concerns about an existing medical conditions, then you will be looking at different plans as opposed to a different traveler without any life-threatening pre-existing condition. We endeavor to give our visitors all relevant information so they can find the best Panama health insurance for tourists. Our travel insurance quote comparison tool helps travelers compare different travel health insurance plans based on price and coverages in an objective manner. If you want some more guidance, our licensed agents are here to help you with your choice!

Travel insurance plan for older US travelers with Medicare coverage travelling to Panama

US senior citizens visiting Panama with Medicare need international travel insurance as Medicare offers limited or no coverage outside USA. Travelling to Panama involves risks especially for older travelers and costs of medical evacuation and health care outside the United States is expensive. Buying Medicare Supplemental international Travel insurance coverage for older US travelers is strongly recommended.


Long stay Europe travel insurance for Panama travelers

International travelers from Panama do not need the Schengen Visa for visiting Europe up to 90 days. However if they want to travel, live, work, study or do business in Europe for a longer duration then they need the resident visa or national visa of that European nation. One document that is required while applying for the long term Europe residence permit is Europe travel insurance with a minimum of 30,000 Euros medical coverage, evacuation and repatriation coverage which is valid though out the entire stay in Europe. After buying adequate travel health insurance a Europe visa letter will be emailed to the customer that can be used while applying for this visa. The long stay Europe insurance Visa Letter indicates that the traveler is adequately insured for medical expenses, emergencies and hospitalization throughout the stay in Europe and is part of the Long stay in Europe visa application for Panama travelers.

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Para clientes que hablan español

Seguro de salud para Panama en español

Seguro de salud para Panama en español

Cobertura de seguro para viajeros Panameños

¿Está pensando en unas vacaciones en los Estados Unidos? No se olvide de protegerse con un seguro de salud en caso de enfermedad súbita o accidente. Los gastos médicos en los Estados Unidos pueden ser extraordinariamente altas. El uso de un plan de seguro estadounidense tiene muchas ventajas, incluiendo reembolso en dólares estadounidenses y pago directo al proveedor. Nuestras pólizas de seguro se pueden usar para cumplir los requisitos del visado Schengen para viajar a Europa. Simplemente lo compra por internet y puede imprimir una carta para el consulado unos minutos después.

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Insurance options for US citizens traveling to Panama

Americans vacationing or choosing to retire in Panama should ensure that they have proper health insurance while in Panama. A good travel insurance plan should insure the vacation costs as well as the health of the vacationer. Expatriates should choose an expatriate insurance plan which while providing good benefits in Panama also provides the option of getting health care back in your home country, be it in the United states or in Canada.

Popular tourist destinations in Panama

Buy travel insurance for Panama
Isla Taboga

Isla Taboga is Panama’s favorite escape out of the city to bathe in its sandy beaches, ride Jet Ski’s, speed boats and fishing charters.

Buy visitor insurance for Panama
Pearl Islands

The islands gained new popularity after being featured on the reality television show Survivor. The islands feature lush forests surrounded by white sandy beaches.

Panama travel insurance
Sendero Los Quetzales

Sendero Los Quetzales near the small town of Cerro Punto is one of Panama’s most beautiful trails.

Travel insurance Panama
San Blas Islands

San Blas Islands is the best place to explore the rich culture of Panama’s indigenous people.

travel insurance for visiting Panama

Panama - General information

Panama Flag
map  Location

Central America

house  Capital

Panama City

language  Language


currency  Currency

United States Dollar

population  Population

Around 4 million

calendar  Best time to visit

Dec, Apr

map  Vacation spots

Panama City, Bocas town, Bocas del Toro, Colon, Bastimentos Island, Colon Island, Boquete, Chiriqui.

New US immigrant insurance mandatory for prospective immigrants from the Panama

The US government has made it mandatory for all new immigrant visa applicants to provide proof of having good health insurance in the US. This new rule is effective from November 2019 and will directly impact new immigrants visa applications to the US of family members of current US citizens. The aim of this mandatory immigrant health insurance is to reduce the burden on the US hospitals and the US health care system by uninsured new US immigrants. At American Visitor insurance we offer US immigrant insurance plans which work ideally for prospective new US immigrants. After buying this immigrant insurance, customers will receive the immigrant insurance document by email. Customers can use this immigrant insurance document as proof of US health insurance while applying for the Immigrant visa. It is therefore required to buy good immigrant insurance for travel to Panama to satisfy this new rule. However, given the high cost of healthcare in the US, it is in any case prudent for all new immigrants to buy proper US immigrant health insurance.

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Travel insurance for Panama residents visiting USA

Panama residents visit the United States for a vacation, to visit family or for business. However given the high cost of health care in the US and the fact that domestic Panama health insurance will not provide health coverage in the US, it is important to buy proper travel health insurance coverage in the US.

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