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Why do I need honeymoon travel medical insurance?

A Honeymoon is a once in a lifetime experience. You do not want to spoil your honeymoon in any way. Travel anywhere outside your familiar environs involves risk, and you should do your best to mitigate the risk in every possible way.
Buying proper travel medical insurance is the least one can do while planning for a romantic travel for your honeymoon. While one cannot predict or prevent unplanned and adverse situations, having good travel medical insurance will minimise the financial risk in the event of an accident or sickness. Compare honeymoon travel insurance benefits and get free quotes online!
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How much does honeymoon travel health insurance cost?

Given the cost of a romantic honeymoon vacation, the cost of proper travel medical insurance is insignificant. The cost of the honeymoon travel insurance policy depends on factors such as the age of the traveller, the destination that you are traveling to, the maximum medical coverage you choose, along with additional factors like the deductible, the co-insurance and any extra riders that are required for the travel insurance plan.

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Types of backpacker travel insurance plans

Insurance policies are broadly classified as Fixed visitor insurance and Comprehensive visitor insurance. Compare fixed benefit and comprehensive insurance in detail.

benefit period

Benefit period

The longer the benefit period the better the coverage. Some plans limit the time duration that the plan will pay.


Deductible and Coinsurance

Deductible is the amount that customer pays for the incurred expense before insurer pays. Co insurance is a fraction of the total amount that customer pays. Know more about deductible and coinsurance.

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US Visitors insurance coverage benefits for honeymoon travelers

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Honeymoon Travel Insurance FAQ's

You should purchase honeymoon travelers insurance online only after being certain of your travel plans (having the passport/visa papers and the airline tickets in order). It is safest to start the insurance coverage from the date of departure from your country of residence/home country. You can make the insurance start the next day from the date of your purchase, so even if they are about to leave, you can still make your purchase online and quickly make sure their whole trip is covered. If you are already on your trip, you should purchase travel insurance for honeymoon as soon as may be because some companies will issue policies to persons who have already on their trip, particularly to the US and particularly if it has been over one month. An early purchase will give you the most options and the best coverage.

The honeymoon travel medical insurance application form is a secure page which means the page uses a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for transferring data. The SSL encrypts the data which makes it indecipherable to outside intruders. Your online application and all contents including credit card information is secure in this process. Please note that your credit card information is not saved by us in any way.

On completing an online application, the customer will receive a confirmation email with the details of travel medical insurance for honeymoon. This confirmatory email will either have relevant links and attachments or will itself be the virtual insurance card. It is advisable that the traveler print the ID card and archive this email for future reference. In some cases, the traveler will also receive an insurance card by mail to the mailing address in the application. Some companies have an option called online fulfillment. If the customer chooses Yes to this option, all honeymoon travel medical insurance documents will be emailed or made available online. The travelers will need the policy number, group number, and insurance provider's contact information to access all details regarding the honeymoon tourists health insurance plan.

The best international honeymoon travel insurance for you is one that meets your budget and expectations. It should cover you should you fall ill or become injured regardless of your past medical history. Answer the questions on the website to find the right honeymoon international travel insurance for you.

You should choose the travel insurance for honeymoon based on what the traveler needs and his or her medical history. The important question is whether you need coverage for pre-existing medical conditions and what type of coverage you want for these conditions. American Visitor Insurance will help guide you to find and understand the best travel insurance for honeymoon that is just right for you or your spouse.

Definitely! When you travel, you never know what will happen. Of course, we hope your honeymoon travel are safe and healthy and without incident, but honeymoon travel insurance can help should you get hurt or sick or if the airline loses your baggage. Internatidonal health insurance companies offering coverage for honeymoon travers have seen it all from all over the world, they will be there to help you. Isn’t that reassurance worth the cost?

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Travel insurance including trip cancellation coverage

US travelers should consider buying travel insurance especially if traveling outside their home state. The travel insurance plans are designed for US vacationers with coverage for insuring the health of the traveler as well as insurance the trip expenses. Some examples of trip interruptions coverage include sickness, injury of family member, travel companion or pet, theft of passport, traffic accident, inclement weather resulting in delay or cancellation of common carrier. Travel insurance provides peace of mind while holidaying. Travel insurance provides coverage in the following ways:
  1. Non refundable cost of the trip.
  2. Unexpected medical expenses of the traveler.
  3. Loss or damage to the insured’s possessions.
Following are the trip insurance plans:
The iTravel Series offered by IMG is also a three-tiered series of plans: Travel Lite, Travel SE, and Travel LX. The Travel SE has a nice benefit that children under 10 are "free" with a paying adult which can make it very affordable for family travel. Note that insuring a trip for $0 to $499 gives the same, lowest rate available for the plans.
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Trawick International
Safe Travels Trip protection insurance plans for trip cancellation expenses from Trawick International offer coverage for non refundable trip expenses incurred when a trip is cancelled. The Safe Travels Voyager insurance is quite popular as it offers Covid19 quarantine accommodation coverage.
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Seven Corners
The Round Trip Series by Seven Corners is a three-tiered series of plans with good, better, best plan with Round Trip Basic and Round Trip Choice. There is an additional cost for the number of days which exceed 30 days, but you can have a trip last up to 90 days. There is also the optional coverage for loss of ski days and equipment and lost golf rounds and rental. Note that insuring a trip for $0 to $500 gives the same, lowest rate available.
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HTH Worldwide
  • Available for US citizens and US residents whose home country is US and must be travelling outside USA
  • Includes $2000 in travel delay benefits for Covid quarantine/lodging.
  • Trip cancellation up to $50,000/Trip interruption up to 200% of trip cost
  • Offers $500,000 medical for sickness and injury/$1,000,000 medical transportation
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Note for US travelers returning back to the USA

US Citizens who have traveled overseas irrespective of the country that they have visited should still get tested for COVID19 within three days of an international flight back to the US. This COVID19 test is required even for vaccinated travelers. It is prudent in this situation to buy a Travel insurance plan with quarantine coverage. This can be handy should the traveler be forced to stay in Quarantine as a result of a positive Covid test.

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