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What is corporate travel insurance?

Corporate Travel Insurance, popular for business enterprises is commonly also called Business Travel Insurance. Corporate travel insurance is important for business owners and employees who travel outside the country for business. This type of insurance protects the traveller for the health of the corporate employee while traveling. Business travel insurance protects any enterprise from the financial expenses which are caused by sickness, accidents and any travel related delay.

Travel Insurance for Corporate travelers and Employees

International travel is today a common and often required part of working in the corporate world. However international travel always includes an element of risk. To insure against this risk, corporate travelers should buy good international travel insurance. A corporate travel insurance for employees usually covers treatment for sickness and injury.

What does a Corporate Travel Insurance policy offers?

Some of the typical coverage benefits offered by business travel insurance are:
  • Full insurance cover for hospitalization as well as outpatient treatment for accident and sickness
  • Medical evacuation coverage
  • Trip delay or cancellation coverage
corporate travel insurance
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Travel tips for business travelers

Travel tips for business travelers – Safety, Comfort and Wellness.
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Annual multi-trip insurance for corporate travelers

Given the high cost of healthcare, it is very important to have reliable travel health insurance while traveling overseas. Corporate travelers who travel overseas frequently should consider buying the multi-trip travel insurance plans which will insure them whenever they travel overseas throughout the year. Corporate travellers can use our annual-multi trip comparison tool to understand the coverage details of these plans as well as compare quotes from different insurance companies to buy the corporate travel insurance policy that best fits your needs.

Insurance providers

Patriot Multitrip
Wander Frequent
Atlas Multitrip
Tokio Marine HCC
Trekker Essential
Travel Insure Services
Voyager Annual

How much does corporate travel health insurance cost?

Travel insurance costs depend on the age of the traveller, the medical coverage required, the deductible chosen and in the case of annual-multiple trip insurance, it also depends on the trip length. The trip length refers to the duration of each trip overseas. Typically the annual multi-trip plans offer the trip length as either 30 or 45 days. The 45 day trip length plan will be more expensive than the 30 day trip length plan.

HealthCare cost for visitor in USA
type of insurance

Types of backpacker travel insurance plans

Insurance policies are broadly classified as Fixed visitor insurance and Comprehensive visitor insurance. Compare fixed benefit and comprehensive insurance in detail.

benefit period

Benefit period

The longer the benefit period the better the coverage. Some plans limit the time duration that the plan will pay.


Deductible and Coinsurance

Deductible is the amount that customer pays for the incurred expense before insurer pays. Co insurance is a fraction of the total amount that customer pays. Know more about deductible and coinsurance.

What does travel insurance cover on a business trip?

medical expenses
Medical expenses
Covers medical treatment for a sickness or injury which occurs during your trip.
medical evacuation
Medical evacuation
Coverage for Emergency Medical Evacuations to the nearest qualified medical facility.
Lost baggage
Reimbursement for loss of checked in baggage
Trip delay
Reimbursement of additional expenses due to trip delay
Baggage delay
Delay in arrival of checked in baggage while overseas.
Trip cancellation
Covers the loss of pre-paid, non-refundable and unused payments.

International travel insurance coverage benefits for business travelers

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Visitor Insurance FAQ

Yes all corporate travelers can buy short term travel health insurance or annual multi trip. At American visitor insurance, we offer very popular corporate travel insurance plans designed by reputed international travel medical insurance providers to give business travelers a range of options. Travelers can compare corporate travel insurance plans on our compare travel medical insurance tool and review different travel insurance options for business or corporate travelers. Frequent travelers can buy annual multi trip insurance which offer coverage for unlimited international trips in a 12 month period. Each trip duration can range from 30 days to 70 days (GeoBlue Trekker). Annual multi trip insurance for corporate travelers require a primary health plan, but cover pre-existing conditions and medical evacuation.

There are several companies that offer annual insurance for corporate travelers. The costs are very reasonable and offers coverage for medical emergencies. The companies offer coverage to US citizens or residents if they have their own private insurance. Most companies only cover you while traveling outside your home country. One policy will cover you while you are at least 100 miles away from your home, so can also be used for domestic trips (say, out of state) and can boost your own domestic coverage in some situations.

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