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Safe Travels insurance covid - Covid19 is covered by Safe Travels USA Comprehensive Visitors Insurance

  • This plan is available for people traveling to the USA and are not US Citizens, US Residents or Greencard Holders
  • The plan require pre-certification for the virus.
COVID 19 (Coronavirus) is covered by Safe Travels USA Comprehensive insurance as long as the plan is effective before the individual gets sick.


*Safe Travels USA Comprehensive visitors medical insurance provides coverage for COVID-19 subject to the terms and conditions of the policy normal limits and policy conditions including pre-ex, so if you already have the virus - it will not cover you. If you are in the incubation period when you buy, it will be considered pre-existing condition.
* Testing for COVID-19 will be covered under your policy if you are sick, are referred by a medical practitioner and it is carried out at an approved facility, subject to the terms and conditions in your policy.
* In the event that a test proves positive and requires treatment, members can be assured that all associated treatment costs would be covered under the normal benefit limits and terms of their policy.
Safe Travels USA Insurance
Insurance provider
Trawick International
Plan life
5 days to maximum of 1 year, Renewable up to 2 yearsSafe Travels USA Comprehensive can be renewed online
Policy maximum?
$50,000, $100,000, $250,000, $500,000, $1,000,000
Deductible options?
$0, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500, $5,000
Safe Travels USA Comprehensive underwriter
Crum & Forster SPC
Safe Travels USA Comprehensive rating
AM Best Rating: “A (Excellent)”
Safe Travels USA coinsurance?
  • IN NETWORK:Plan pays 100%
  • OUT OF NETWORK: Plan pays 80% of eligible expenses up to $5,000, then 100%

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Trawick International Safe Travels USA Comprehensive Coronavirus insurance

Safe Travels USA Comprehensive offers excellent medical coverage. This includes coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation and security evacuation benefits. Travelers visiting USA and on transit visa in the US can buy this medical insurance for their stay from 0 to 89 years of age!

Trawick International Safe Travels USA Comprehensive plan summary

What is the eligibility to buy Safe Travels USA Comprehensive
Safe Travels USA Comprehensive eligibility
  • Foreign residents visiting USA and worldwide
  • Travelers up to the age of 89 years

Safe Travels USA Comprehensive optional riders
The Traveler can purchase an optional rider at the time of application. The optional riders provide additional coverage for a minimal charge.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Upgrade
  • Home Country Coverage/Follow Me Home Coverage
  • Athletic Sports Coverage
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Safe Travels USA Comprehensive Insurance - Common Questions

Trawick International offers coverage for Covid19 illness. The Safe Travels USA Comprehensive travel insurance covers Covid19 for coronavirus and will cover eligible medical expenses resulting from COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2. The eligible medical expenses are medically necessary expenses that are not subject to another plan exclusion.

Trawick international is a US based full service travel insurance provider specializing in travel related coverage for tourists, students, scholars, businesses, groups, and all other global travelers. Trawick International travel Insurance offers short term visitor travel insurance for international travelers. Trawick international health insurance coverage includes travel medical coverage for tourists, students, scholars, businesses and groups. Trawick International insurance provides Travel Insurance, Trip cancellation and Student Travel Medical Insurance. Trawick International has designed the programs for those traveling to the USA, individuals traveling abroad, US Citizens who are traveling in the USA and non US citizens traveling from their home country but not visiting the USA.

Safe Travels USA Insurance is an affordable Covid19 travel insurance. Safe Travels USA Comprehensive by Trawick International is ideal for visitors to the USA looking for cheap travel health insurance including coverage for COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2.

The Safe Travels USA Comprehensive travel insurance plan by Trawick international is available for Non US Citizens and US residents who are traveling to the United States or anywhere outside their home country. Safe Travels USA is not available for US citizens and US permanent residents (Green card holders).

If the traveller cancels the Safe Travels USA Comprehensive plan before the start of the plan, a full refund is available. If the cancellation request is after the start of the policy, then a prorated refund is available with a $25 cancellation fee contingent on not having any claim filed on this policy.

Yes, the Safe Travels USA Comprehensive plan can be renewed if initially purchased for more than Five days. There is an $5 fee for renewing the Trawick International Safe Travels USA Comprehensive plan

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Plan benefits of Safe Travels USA Comprehensive insurance

Benefits Coverage
Medical expense benefits (subject to maximum, deductible and co-insurance)
Hospital Room and Board Charges The average semi private room rate
ICU Room and Board Charges Three times the average semi private room rate
Outpatient Medical Expenses Covered
Medical Emergency Care Expenses Maximum;
Within a) 24 hours acute onset of pre-existing condition or
b) 72 hours of newly diagnosed sickness or injury).
These expenses include the attending doctor's charges, X-rays, laboratory procedures, use of the emergency room and supplies
Emergency Medical Treatment of Pregnancy $1,000 per Policy Period
Urgent Care Co-Pay $30 -If $0 Deductible is chosen, there is no co-pay.
Mental or Nervous Disorders $2,500 per Policy Period
Cardiac Conditions or Treatment $25,000 per policy period up to age 69 at age 70 the maximum is $15,000 per policy period
Physiotherapy/Physical Medicine/Chiropractic $50 per visit per day; up to 10 visits per policy period
Dental Treatment (Injury and emergency alleviation of pain) $250 per Policy Period
X-rays, Prescriptions and Ambulance Covered
Well Doctor Visit Pays up to $75. One visit per person per policy period. This visit must occur within 21 days after the coverage is effective. Initial purchase of 30 days is necessary.
Please register here for this benefit Click here to read more.
Emergency illness with no direct hospitalization admission $200 additional deductible per visit only applies while receiving care in a hospital for an illness that does not result in hospital admittance
Emergency room injury/accident or illness with direct hospital admission Usual customary charge to the selected medical maximum
Acute onset of pre-existing condition(s) per policy period Subject to the sub limits for each benefit listed For people age 69 and below up to Policy Maximum for Acute Onset of Pre-Existing and up to $25,000 for coverage related to cardiac disease or conditions. For people age 70 and above up to $35,000 for Acute Onset of Pre-Existing and up to $15,000 for coverage related to cardiac disease or conditions.
Benefit Period 90 days from the date of the Covered Accident or Sickness
Physician’s Non-Surgical Visits Covered
Physician’s Surgical Expenses Covered
Assistant Physician’s Surgical Expenses Covered
Anesthesiologist Expense Covered
Additional Benefits (not subject to Maximum, Deductible or Co-Insurance)
Emergency Medical Evacuation 100% up to $2,000,000
Political/Natural Disaster Evacuation $25,000
Repatriation of Mortal Remains 100% up to $50,000
Local Burial / Cremation $5,000 per Policy Period
Hospital Confinement $50 per night up to a maximum of $500 per Policy Period
Emergency Reunion $15,000
Return of Minor Children or Travel Companion $5,000
Trip Interruption $5,000 per Policy Period (does not cover lost trip cost)
Basic Lost Baggage $1,000 per Policy Period
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Principal Sum $25,000
Coma Benefit $10,000
Felonious Assault and Violent Crime $50,000
Adaptive Home and Vehicle $5,000
Seatbelt Benefit 10% up to $50,000
Airbag Benefit 10% up to $50,000
Hijacking and Air or Water Piracy Covered
Return To Home Country – if purchased $50,000 per Policy Period Maximum days covered Up to 60days per 12 months
Travel Assistance Included
Optional Benefits
Upgrade AD&D $50,000, $100,000, $250,00 or $500,000
Home Country Coverage/Follow Me Home Coverage Up to 60 days - prorated
Athletic Sports Coverage Some Sports are covered

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The Primary insurance plan is the one that starts to pay as soon as there is an unexpected injury/illness or when there is a medical expense without assuming that there is a secondary plan. In other words, the primary plan should pay regardless of the existence of the secondary plan just as if the patient had only the primary plan to cover him/her. The Secondary health insurance plan unlike the Primary under the coordination of benefits provision will then take into consideration the expenses that were not covered by the primary plan and will be considered for payment under the Secondary plan. Therefore, the Secondary plan will fill any gaps found in coverage from the Primary plan.

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