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Get access to claims information for HTH Worldwide Insurance. Travelers and students holding insurance plans by HTH Worldwide Insurance can download the claims form. Terms and conditions of the insurer is applicable for all claimse.

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HTH Worldwide Insurance - Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restrictions on Trip Cancelation /Trip Interruption claims if a traveler (or their family member) is actually sick with Covid-19?

Covid-19 would be considered as a Sickness under the plan for a traveler or family member.

Are there any restrictions on medical coverage for Covid-19?

There are no restrictions on medical coverage/evacuations for Covid-19 while on the trip, provided that the assistance company/medical personnel are providing services in the area.

Can I still buy travel protection with the Covid-19 in effect?

Yes, although the plan will not cover if you cancel the trip solely due to fear of Covid-19 it could still cover for all other reasons you would cancel a trip such as death in the family, sickness or accident that does not allow you to travel.

How would a multi destination trip be handled? For example, someone is traveling around Europe and one of their stops is Italy. Would they be able to submit a claim for trip cancellation or trip interruption if they purchase February 3rd for this trip and decide to cancel their Italy portion?

If your plan has either the CDC warning or Travel warning issued by US Department of State peril and the date it was a “known” event was January 31st for worldwide, therefore a policy purchased on February 3rd would not have these perils available to them. If the plan was purchased prior to January 31st: if a country is part of the warning, the person is eligible to cancel their entire multi-destination trip or we would pay for just the missed portion (or any change fees to allow them to avoid the said country).

What if my destination has become a level 3 for the Coronavirus and my doctor has advised me not to travel as I have a condition that makes me more prone to becoming sick?

If your doctor advises that you cannot travel due to your health, a letter stating this will be required at the time of claim. Travelers must meet the definition of “Sickness.” They are directed to submit a claim. All claims will be adjudicated based on their own unique circumstances and per the terms of the policy wording.

Will the trip cancellation benefit cover cancelled trips solely due to Coronavirus?

If cancellation is done by traveler solely due to fear of Coronavirus, then no claim will be paid. Being afraid of the possibility of Coronavirus is not a covered reason.

What can I do if I am afraid to travel?

If you want to cancel your trip out of concern for the Coronavirus, you will need to have a plan with Cancel for Any Reason Coverage. This benefit is a time sensitive coverage and not all travelers may be eligible.

How are you handling Premium Refunds?

Trip Cancellation: If the travel supplier cancels the trip completely, and provides a full refund of trip costs, Nationwide will refund the premium for the travel insurance. Nationwide will not offer a refund for travelers who voluntarily cancel their trip, even if the travel supplier gives a full refund.

Can I postpone my trip to a future date?

Trip Postponement: If a Traveler postpones their Trip due to the Coronavirus, Nationwide will allow the Traveler’s current insurance policy to extend to those new trip dates provided:
The new trip dates are no more than 9 months from their original trip dates and no more than 24 months from their original effective dates.
Additional premium, if needed based on the new or postponed trip, will be collected. No refund will be considered if the premium for the new or postponed trip is less than the original trip premium.

What happens if I need to seek medical treatment on the weekend or late at night and your office is closed?

International Medical Group, Inc.
Attn: Claims Department
P.O. Box 88500
Indianapolis, IN 46208-0500

Is there any flexibility on the new trip booking timeframes imposed by the Carrier?

This will be handled on a case by case basis. Industry is moving towards allowing a 24-month extension regardless of original booking date.

Could this be considered a covered quarantine and grounds to cancel your trip??

Yes, the quarantine order occurred after the effective date, the insured did not cancel their trip more than 14 days prior to their scheduled departure.

What is the process to get Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) on my plan?

You Must purchase the policy within 21 days (variable by plan) of the date your initial deposit is received.

What is the cancellation process for Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR)?

You must cancel the trip 48 hours or more prior to your scheduled departure date.You will only receive 75% (variable by plan) of what is not refunded to you by the tour operator at time of cancellation.

Does IMG sell Cancel for Any Reason Insurance?

Yes, IMG does offer Cancel for any reason coverage as an add-on product on some of their trip insurance plans.

What does HTH insurance stand for?

HTH Worldwide is a specialty insurer and leader in helping world travelers gain access to quality healthcare services all around the globe. .

Is HTH a good travel insurance company?

HTH combines ongoing research, a contracted global community of physicians and hospitals, advanced Internet applications, and wide experience in international health insurance to ensure customers' health, safety and peace of mind.

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