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HTH Worldwide Travel Insurance is a leading company offering global travelers from any country access to quality worldwide healthcare services.

Plans offered are Trip Protector (Economy, Classic, Preferred)

Covid Quarantine Travel Insurance

  • Covid Quarantine Benefit: Trip Protector plan offers Coverage for accommodations due to a covered Trip Delay maximum - $2,000/$200 per day (6 hours)
  • Trip interruption up to 200% of trip cost.
  • Travel insurance for US Citizens and US Residents traveling outside US.
  • $500,000 medical for sickness and injury/$1,000,000 medical transportation.
quarantine coverage

HTH Worldwide Insurance FAQs and Answers

  • Covid-19 would be considered as a Sickness under the plan for a traveler or family member.

    There are no restrictions on medical coverage/evacuations for Covid-19 while on the trip, provided that the assistance company/medical personnel are providing services in the area.

    Yes, although the plan will not cover if you cancel the trip solely due to fear of Covid-19 it could still cover for all other reasons you would cancel a trip such as death in the family, sickness or accident that does not allow you to travel.

    If your plan has either the CDC warning or Travel warning issued by US Department of State peril and the date it was a “known” event was January 31st for worldwide, therefore a policy purchased on February 3rd would not have these perils available to them. If the plan was purchased prior to January 31st: if a country is part of the warning, the person is eligible to cancel their entire multi-destination trip or we would pay for just the missed portion (or any change fees to allow them to avoid the said country).

  • If your doctor advises that you cannot travel due to your health, a letter stating this will be required at the time of claim. Travelers must meet the definition of “Sickness.” They are directed to submit a claim. All claims will be adjudicated based on their own unique circumstances and per the terms of the policy wording.

    If cancellation is done by traveler solely due to fear of Coronavirus, then no claim will be paid. Being afraid of the possibility of Coronavirus is not a covered reason.

    If you want to cancel your trip out of concern for the Coronavirus, you will need to have a plan with Cancel for Any Reason Coverage. This benefit is a time sensitive coverage and not all travelers may be eligible.

  • Trip Cancellation: If the travel supplier cancels the trip completely, and provides a full refund of trip costs, Nationwide will refund the premium for the travel insurance. Nationwide will not offer a refund for travelers who voluntarily cancel their trip, even if the travel supplier gives a full refund.

    Trip Postponement: If a Traveler postpones their Trip due to the Coronavirus, Nationwide will allow the Traveler’s current insurance policy to extend to those new trip dates provided:

    • The new trip dates are no more than 9 months from their original trip dates and no more than 24 months from their original effective dates.
    • Additional premium, if needed based on the new or postponed trip, will be collected. No refund will be considered if the premium for the new or postponed trip is less than the original trip premium.

    This will be handled on a case by case basis. Industry is moving towards allowing a 24-month extension regardless of original booking date.

  • If a Traveler is quarantined while on their trip due to the Coronavirus, their travel insurance policy will continue to be in effect during their quarantine.

    This could be considered under the Trip Delay or Trip Interruption benefits, or any other benefits that address quarantine, depending on the policy language.



    It would depend on how the stay in being is drafted and applied. In nearly all instances to date, stay in place has not been considered quarantine.

    Scenario: The destination (whether domestic or international) that I plan to travel to is allowing US residents to enter, but has ordered all incoming travelers to quarantine upon arrival. I don't want to travel if I'm going to have to quarantine myself when I get there.

    1. Could this be considered a covered quarantine and grounds to cancel your trip?
      Ans: Yes
    2. Are there any special guidelines around this?
      Ans: Yes, the quarantine order occurred after the effective date, the insured did not cancel their trip more than 14 days prior to their scheduled departure.
    3. If the policy was purchased after the state/country announces the mandatory quarantine requirement, would it be considered foreseen and not covered?
      Ans: Correct.
  • This is the process:

    1. You Must purchase the policy within 21 days (variable by plan) of the date your initial deposit is received.
    2. Must insure 100% of all non-refundable trip cost (additional terms apply).

    This is the process:

    1. You must cancel the trip 48 hours or more prior to your scheduled departure date.
    2. You will only receive 75% (variable by plan) of what is not refunded to you by the tour operator at time of cancellation.

Insurance FAQ Disclaimer

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