GeoBlue Voyager Choice Covid19 Insurance Reviews

Quotes for Voyager Choice insurance

Voyager Choice insurance

  • Coverage of COVID-19 testing and treatment.
  • Covers pre-existing conditions for medical services and medical evacuation.
  • It is eligible applicant's home country must be the US, applicant's age must be under 95 years.
  • Travelers enrolled in a primary plan are eligible
  • GeoBlue Voyager Choice rating is AM Best Rating: "A-" (Excellent).
  • GeoBlue Voyager Choice is underwritten by 4 Ever Life
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A working example of using Voyager Choice (Offered by Geoblue) *

  • Insurance coverage is $50,000
  • Deductible is $100 per certificate period
  • Your claims for medical expenses is $18,100
Below is a simple calculation showing how much the plan/insurance company pays you:
  1. Subtract the deductible from claims amount - $18,100 minus $100 equals $18,000. Insured bears $100
Voyager Choice Insurance

Voyager Choice Insurance

Expense Amount billed Amount Insurance Pays Amount Insured Owes
Deductible $100 $0 $100
Surgery $16,500 $16,500 $0
X Ray $1,500 $1,500 $0
Total $18,100 $18,000 $100

GeoBlue Voyager Choice insurance coverage for Covid19

GeoBlue Covid19 Travel health insurance by Voyager Choice insurance with coronavirus coverage covers medically necessary COVID-19 testing and treatment is covered.

What are some insurance terms important in Voyager Choice Insurance reviews?

  • Plan Maximum coverage of Voyager Choice travel insurance:
    This the maximum coverage that the plan would offer for the medical expenses. Voyager Choice insurance offers lifetime maximum limit options are $50,000; $100,000; $500,000 and $1,000,000
  • What is a deductible in Voyager Choice visitors insurance?
    This is the initial amount the traveler needs to pay before the insurance actually start paying. Remember higher deductible have less premium than a plan with lower deductible.Voyager Choice insurance has deductible option from $0; $100; $250 and $500
  • What is a provider network of Voyager Choice Medical Insurance?
    It is a network of health care providers. Insurance companies form these in order to control the costs of health care. An insurance plan would pay 100% of the eligible expenses if the insured is admitted to hospital or health care center within the provider network.
  • Renewability of Voyager Choice Travel health insurance
    Voyager Choice Insurance can be renewed Upto 180 days.
  • Eligibility to buy Voyager Choice Insurance Online
    It is eligible for applicant's home country must be the US, applicant's age must be under 95 years and travelers enrolled in a primary plan are eligible.
  • Voyager Choice Insurance underwritter and rating.
    Underwritten by 4 Ever Life and rating AM Best Rating: "A-" (Excellent).

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