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It is that time of the year when international students from around the globe come to the US to start their higher education or when US Students go overseas for an international education experience. International students the world over are busy during this period in making arrangements to come to the US or go to a foreign country.

One of the most important items required for a student to stay in a foreign country while they complete their studies is adequate Student Health Insurance. The US Universities will have an insurance plan that students can typically buy online from their website. However, Universities also allow students to buy health insurance plans outside the University as long as it satisfies university requirements for the insurance cover.

There are many US health insurance providers who offer plans for students and they are quite economically priced when compared to University plans. They are attractive as they satisfy most requirements that is listed by the University or college.

Liaison Student insurance plans have been recently updated in 2018 and are offered by Seven Corners providing excellent coverage for international students. Apart from the basic requirements that the student plans cover, these plans have coverage for vaccinations, maternity(conception must occur after 180 days of effective coverage),new born care coverage, non-contact amateur sports, coverage for hazardous activities, coverage for mental illness including alcohol and substance abuse, acute onset of pre-existing condition coverage, incidental trips to home country, coma benefit, spinal manipulations, physical therapy...

The Liaison Student plan series are classified as Liaison Student Economy, Liaison Student Choice, Liaison Student Elite. The coverage for benefits get higher in the order of Economy, Choice and Elite respectively. The Elite plan is the expensive one among the three but has higher coverage.

Coverage for vaccinations, hazardous activities, coma benefit, spinal manipulations are some of the unique benefits which are not very common among other student health insurance plans. This makes these plans more attractive among the international students. These plans are available for both US citizens and Non US citizens traveling outside their home country. However, the coverage might vary and the detail look at the benefits will make things clearer. Talking to insurance companies and licensed agents is always a good thing. If you need clarification on some specific questions or unique coverage that the students may require please contact American Visitor Insurance at 877-340-7910 or email us.

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Liaison Student Insurance – Key Highlights

  • US Citizens and Non US citizens are eligible to buy the Liaison Student plan.
  • US citizens need their passport and visa from the host country and the destination need to be outside the US.
  • Non US citizens coming from other countries with the US as their destination.
  • The plans have a maximum lifetime of 364 days.
  • There is a coma benefit available too.
  • This plan provides coverage for vaccinations. Depending on the plan, there will be either $100, $150 or $200 per 364 days of continuous coverage.
  • There is a 364 days waiting period for the waiver of pre-existing conditions with these plans.
  • The plan provides a policy maximum of $5,000,000.
  • For a pregnancy to be covered, conception must occur 180 days after coverage begins.

Compare Liaison Student Plans

Seven Corners has designed Liaison Student Insurance for students studying outside their home country. It offers comprehensive health coverage with excellent provider network of hospitals and physicians. Seven Corners and has been offering excellent international health insurance since 19 years. The Liaison Student insurance has AM Best Rating of "A" (Excellent).
Liaison Student insurance has three options namely Liaison Student Economy Insurance, Liaison Student Choice insurance, Liaison Student Elite insurance to choose from. It is advisable to compare among them and select the best plan satisfying your needs.
Seven Corners will provide student visa letter and waiver forms to show proof of comparable coverage after the student has purchased any of the Liaison Student Insurance plans. Liaison student Insurance plans have lifetime maximum medical coverage of $5 million with deductible options from $0 to $1,000. Liaison Student insurance offers maximum coverage of $1 million for per injury or sickness. Liaison Student can be bought for 364 days and is renewal as long as the Student satisfy the eligibility requirements. Liaison Student Elite insurance offers high end coverage for expenses from Prescription Drugs, Physical Therapy, Spinal Manipulation, Ambulance expenses and Pre-existing conditions.
Liaison Student Economy Insurance offers basic medical coverage for student who need little international student medical insurance coverage. Liaison Student Choice insurance offers sufficient medical insurance coverage for international students.
Coinsurance is what makes each of the Liaison student insurance plan unique. Inside the US, Liaison Student Insurance has the following coinsurance.
Liaison Student Economy Insurance pays
IN PPO NETWORK: 80% of the first $5,000, then 100% to the medical maximum.
OUT OF PPO NETWORK: 70% of the first $5,000, then 100% to the medical maximum.
Liaison Student Choice insurance pays
IN PPO NETWORK: 90% of the first $5,000, then 100% to the medical maximum.
OUT OF PPO NETWORK: 80% of the first $5,000, then 100% to the medical maximum.
Liaison Student Elite insurance pays
OUT OF PPO NETWORK: 90% of the first $5,000, then 100% to the medical maximum.

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