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Covid Quarantine Travel Insurance

  • Covid Quarantine Benefit: Coverage for accommodations due to a covered Trip Delay $3,000/$250 per person per day (6 hours or more) is included in the basic coverage.
  • Optional Quarantine Benefit Upgrade at additional price Trip Delay Max Upgrade - including Accommodations (6 Hours or more) $4000 ($300/day) or $7000 ($500 per day)**
**Some travelers to remote islands and to inclusive resorts choose higher options to match where they are staying to accommodate the possibility of a 10 to 14 day quarantine.
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Trawick International Safe Travels Voyager Trip Protection Insurances

Safe Travels Voyager Trip Protection Insurance offers coverage to US citizens and US residents. It covers Trip Cancellation coverage from $150 to $10,000. The Safe Travels Voyager insurance plans provide a visa letter stating that the travel insurance covers Covid 19 illness. This visa letter can be downloaded online after completing the travel insurance purchase.

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Safe Travels Voyager - Claim Status

For Claim Status please contact 727-725-7522 or use the Claims Portal.
Mail the claim form and all necessary documents to
Co-ordinated Benefit Plans, LLC On Behalf of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies P.O. Box 26222
Tampa, FL 33623

Safe Travels Voyager - Key Highlights

  • Plan is available for US residents traveling outside of the US.
  • Trip Cancellation is covered for 100% of trip cost with this plan up to a trip cost of $100,000.
  • Trip Interruption is covered for 150% of trip cost up to $150,000.
  • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation is covered for $1000,000.
  • Emergency accident and sickness medical expense is covered for $250,000.
  • Optional pre-existing condition coverage included within 21 days of deposit.
  • Missed connection is covered for up to $1000.
  • Dental expenses coverage is available for up to $750.
  • Airline ticket exchange fees coverage available for $100.
  • Optional coverage available for trip interruption for any reason where 50% of trip cost is available within 21 days of deposit.
  • Optional coverage available for trip cancellation for any reason where 75% of trip cost is available within 14 days of deposit.
  • Optional coverage for Accidental Death and Dismemberment 24 hour available for additional $25,000,$50,000 or $100,000.
  • Optional trip delay coverage available for $4000 maximum , $300 per day and for $7000 maximum, $500 per day.
  • Optional coverage for medical expenses (Primary) is available for additional $250,000 for trips of 1-31 days length.

Trawick International Safe Travels Voyager Insurance plan summary

Safe Travels Voyager Underwriter
  • Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
Safe Travels Voyager Rating
  • AM Best Rating: “A (Excellent)”
Eligibilty What is the Eligibility to buy Safe Travels Voyager
  • This plan is eligible for all ages.
  • This plan is available to US Citizens and US residents.
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The Safe Travel Voyager insurance plan provides a visa letter stating that the Safe Travels Voyager insurance covers Covid 19 illness. This visa letter can be downloaded online after completing the Safe Travels insurance purchase.

Cancel for any reason (CFAR) coverage

The Safe Travels Voyager has a high amount of coverage for Covid19 medical expenses. Under this policy travelers can also insure the non-reimbursable part of the trip. Given the Covid19 pandemic, it is advisable to get this coverage should your trip gets cancelled due to a border closure and where you need protection. By including “Cancel for any reason” (CFAR) you can recover up to 75 % of your expensesfor a future trip.

Should you not buy this add-on cover, then the only reimbursement you are eligible for is the standard set of reasons under trip cancellation policies. For more details and conditions see the brochure. The CFAR rider should be purchased soon after the initial trip deposit is made within 10 days. With this cover you will get a visa letter stating that you have COVID19 coverage and coverage for quarantine.

* Please note that the “Cancel for any reason” is NOT available for residents of NY and WA.

Trawick International Safe Travels Covid travel insurance

Safe Travels USA insurance - FAQ's

01. If a traveler contracts COVID-19 after starting the trip and must quarantine, would he/she qualify for both quarantine and interruption benefits?

Trawick International Covid Insurance for Quarantine plans provide coverage if someone contracts COVID while traveling. If they have additional expenses for quarantine (lodging, meals, etc.) they can claim these amounts. Additionally, if they miss a portion of their trip they can claim for the lost days. Safe Travels Voyager Covid insurance will be adequate while travelling overseas.

02. Do your trip insurance plans cover the cost of additional accommodation for an individually-ordered quarantine?

Yes, Trawick Quarantine travel Insurance would provide benefits.

03. How does one get the Quarantine Reimbursement from Travel Insurance?

They would need to save all receipts along with their positive results and file a claim for reimbursement.

04. If a traveler needs to further quarantine after completing the required isolation for COVID-19? Will the travel insurance cover it?

Trawick International Travel Insurance for Covid Quarantine policies will extend throughout the quarantine. Benefits are available up to the maximum amount. Our Voyager plan has $2,000 of coverage built into the plans – customers have the option to increase coverage to $4,000 or up to $7,000.

05. If a traveler needs to quarantine while waiting for a COVID-19 screening test result, will the travel insurance cover it?

No – this would not be a covered reason. They would need to become ill for coverage.

Plan benefits of Safe Travels Voyager insurance

Trip Cancellation Up to 100% of Trip Cost Insured
Trip Interruption 150% of Trip Cost Insured
Trip Delay $3,000 (6 hours/$250 per day)
Missed Connection $1,000 for a delay for between 3 and 6 hours of all regularly scheduled airline flights
Airline Ticket Exchange Fee $100
Frequent Flyer Rebanking Fee $200
Baggage Coverage $2,500 ($300 Per Article Limit, $500 Combined Article Limit)
Baggage Delay Coverage $600 (8 hours or more)
Dental Coverage $750
Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation $1,000,000
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Common Carrier - Air Flight Accident $50,000
Accidental Death & Dismemberment - 24 Hour $25,000
Emergency Accident & Sickness Medical Expense $250,000
Pre-Existing Coverage Included when provided coverage is purchased within 21 days of deposit and before final payment.
Rental Car Damage Coverage $35,000 Not available in NY or TX.
Common Carrier AD&D (Flight Only) $25,000
Coverage Type Primary
Optional Cancel for Any Reason 75% of the Insured Trip Cost within 21 days of trip deposit - some restrictions apply. Not available in NY or WA.
Optional Interruption for Any Reason If purchased, covers 50% of Non-Refundable Trip Cost. Not available in NY or WA.
Optional Trip Delay (Including accommodations/lodging) $4,000 (6 hours/$300 per day)
$7,000 (6 hours/$500 per day)
Accidental Death & Dismemberment -24-Hour Additional $25,000,$50,000, or $100,000
Medical Expense (Primary) Additional $250,000 (trips 1 - 31 days in length)

Safe Travels Voyager Insurance - Renewability

questionHi American visitor insurance
Is the Safe Travels Voyager suitable for Canadian citizen who is not a green card holder residing in the US? Is this plan renewable?
Thank You!
Zack It would be myself (41), husband (40) and son (13), all with no known health issues. Total trip cost will be about $6,000-$7,000.
Will the current travel policies that cover covid medical issues also cover delays and cancellations from airlines, cruise lines, etc?
I had large issues with a policy I had bought for an Alaska cruise for July 2020 that was cancelled due to the various governmental travel regulations at the time. The policy would not cover anything related to a pandemic and they told me to contact the businesses I had booked with. Then I was subject to their current policies which were a nightmare to say the least.
Thank You!.

questionDear Zack,
The plans are only available to US Citizens and US Residents. It is not renewable but it has an extension clause: On page 9 - The Voyager plan can be extended provided - OPTIONAL EXTENDED COVERAGE - If, while traveling on Your Trip, You decide, after departure, to extend such Trip beyond Your Scheduled Return Date, You may obtain an extension of coverage, subject to the Company's approval, by contacting the Company before Your coverage is scheduled to end. The Company will extend Your coverage under this Policy from Your Scheduled Return Date, as long as :
  1. You have not experienced an Accidental Injury or Sickness, or have not had medical treatment during Your Trip;
  2. Coverage under this Policy is in force at the time You request an extension;
  3. You pay any additional required premium for such extension; and
  4. Your entire Trip length does not exceed one hundred eighty (180) days. Please let us know if we can help you in any further.

Customer care
(877) 340 7910

Safe Travels Voyager Insurance Restrictions

  • This plan is not available in New Hampshire(NH), Pennsylvania(PA).
  • Optional Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) is not available for residents of: NY and WA.

Trawick International insurance - Common Questions

Is Trawick International a good insurance company? Is Trawick International a reliable insurance company

Trawick International insurance is one of the most renowned US travel insurance company that was established in 1998. Trawick international offers a variety of International travel insurance, trip cancellation, Trip interruption and student insurance plans. Trawick insurance has been awarded with the highest honors from Forbes Advisor to be ranked first to be the Best Travel Insurance Companies. Trawick international insurance offers plans to meet diverse requirements with a premium to meet any budget.

The travel insurance covers offered by Trawick International are perfect for employees, corporations, schools, frequent world travelers, international students, study abroad programs, missionary trips and vacationers. Travelers can customize Trawick insurance plans to cover hospital stays, doctor visits, x-rays, prescriptions, ambulance, emergency evacuation, repatriation, flight insurance, trip interruption, trip cancellation, trip delay and lost baggage. They have a good worldwide network of physicians, hospitals and pharmacies that are very well recognized.

What are the different Trawick international insurance plans?

Trawick International provides numerous insurance options for all types of travelers, including tourists, students studying abroad, business people and corporates, families and groups of travelers . Some of the different Trawick International Insurance plans are:

  • Safe Travels USA Comprehensive
  • Safe Travels USA Cost Saver
  • Safe Travels Voyager
  • Safe Travels Journey
  • Safe Travels Elite
  • Safe Travels Outbound
  • Safe Travel International

What is the coverage area of Trawick international travel insurance?

Trawick international insurance is short term travel medical insurance designed for anyone, as long as they are outside their home country.

How much does Trawick international travel insurance cost?

The cost of the Trawick international insurance will vary depending on the age of the traveler, the type of coverage and the duration of travel. Typically, travel health insurance policies cost can start even as low as $1 per day, but will be much higher for older travelers and those seeking coverage for pre-existing conditions.

How do I purchase Trawick international travel medical Insurance?

You can purchase Trawick international insurance on American Visitor Insurance at buy Safe Travels Voyager. you can also call them at (877)-340-7910 to get more information on how to apply for Trawick international travel health insurance from licensed insurance agents.

What are the requirements for purchasing Trawick international insurance?

The main requirements for applying for Trawick international insurance is the travelers passport details and the travel dates. You can apply for Trawick international insurance online on American Visitor Insurance or call (877)-340-7910 to get help while applying.

Is there coverage for Covid-19 illness in Trawick International travel insurance?

Yes, Trawick international covid insurance is offered as short term comprehensive travel health insurance for covid as any other illness to international visitors to the USA and for US citizens traveling outside of the US borders. The Trawick Covid insurance coverage is given irrespective of the variant contracted.

Is there a Cancel for any reason insurance cover with Trawick International travel insurance?

Cancel for any reason can be included at an additional cost with the Safe Travels First Class Trip Protection and Safe Travels Voyager travel insurance plans by Trawick International.

Is Trawick International insurance a legit company?

Trawick International insurance reviews indicate that for 24 years now, Trawick insurance has been offering high-quality and affordable travel insurance products to meet all categories of clients who travel outside of their home country. Trawick International reviews show that it has designed their products for those traveling to the USA, individuals traveling abroad, US Citizens traveling within the USA and non-US citizens traveling overseas but not visiting the USA.

Can I purchase travel insurance from Trawick International?

Trawick insurance is a leading travel insurance provider of USA and international travel insurance. Trawick insurance has been a reputed legitimate company for several years. Trawick International insurance is currently offering travel medical insurance worldwide.

What cover does Trawick International offer in Covid travel insurance? Does Trawick covid insurance have Quarantine coverage for US travelers?

Trawick International covid insurance is offered to cover coronavirus illness just like any other illness in their Safe Travels First Class Trip Protection and Safe Travels Voyager travel insurance plans. Trawick covid insurance coverage for quarantine related or accommodations due to a covered Trip Delay and an optional upgrade can also be included at an additional cost. The quarantine order should be based on the positive Covid-19 test report. Trawick international covid insurance quarantine coverage is not available in the home country.

Why should I buy travel insurance from Trawick International?

Trawick insurance offers worldwide coverage on medical insurance, travel insurance, trip insurance for trip cancellation or trip interruption, international student insurance, group travel insurance and several products aimed mainly for travelers to the USA, individuals traveling abroad, US Citizens for domestic travelers within the USA and non US citizens traveling overseas outside of their home country except USA.

While travelling if a traveler test positive of COVID19, would that be a covered reason to cancel their trip?

Covid is treated as any other illness under all of Trawick's trip cancellation plans. If a traveler (or travel companion) test positive and cannot go that is a covered reason to contact claims for reimbursement on insured trip costs.

What is CFAR benefit in Safe Travels Voyager Insurance? How to make a claim under Cancel for Any reason benefit?

Cancel for Any Reason available up to 75% of their insured trip costs. Please remind Customer Care of Trawick International (1-251-661-0924 or 1-888-301-9289) of the 10 day free look to cancel for any reason before utilizing the additional CFAR benefit.

What is this quarantine/accommodation benefit? Where can I find it?

The accommodation benefit is a trip delay benefit on the policy. The Trip Delay benefit can be used in case of quarantine or other delay for at least 6 hours on your trip. Be sure you keep all documentation of your delay and receipts of extra expenses incurred during that time. Covered trip delay expenses may include: pre-paid unused and nonrefundable expenses of accommodations, reasonable food and lodging expenses, expenses of rejoining your tour/group and even a one-way economy fare ticket to return you to your originally scheduled return destination. If you are kenneling pets at a facility near your home and they will have to stay longer, this can be reimbursed as well as expenses they incur if you are traveling with your pets! Note that the Safe Travels Voyager now allows you to increase your trip delay expense to $4000 or even $7000. If you are traveling with pets or think you may have additional expenses, this may be a good option for you!

Does Safe Travels Voyager meet Costa Rican requirements for travel there?

YES! This is the only US based company we are aware of that offers the minimum $2000 trip delay benefit (they call it a quarantine/accommodation benefit). Others offer cover for COVID-19, but the key component is the trip delay benefit. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase only this part of the plan. However, since it meets ALL the requirements (exceeds the $50,000 coverage which includes COVID-19 illness), you don’t need to have anything else! Furthermore, you will get a "Visa Letter" for each person on the policy which will explicitly state all the relevant benefits of the policy AND the fact that it covers COVID-19 like any other illness.

More questions? Concerns? Feel free to call us anytime at 877-340-7910!

Safe Travels insurance covid - Safe Travels Voyager Insurance with Covid19 coverage for US citizens

  • This plan is available for a US Citizens and US residents traveling outside the United States
  • This plan includes minimum coverage of $2,000 for potential quarantine lodging expenses.