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Covid19 travel restrictions to the UK

From July 19 2021, travelers who have been fully vaccinated with the NHS administered vaccine and are returning from the approved list of countries are allowed in without any quarantine. However the travelers need to show proof of vaccination before travelling.

Most of the travellers arriving into England including UK citizens should produce a negative PCR test report taken no more than 72 hours prior to the entry. A Public Health Passenger Locator form which has all the contact details of the passenger of the stay in the United Kingdom needs to be filled before the arrival to the UK. Failing to complete this procedure will result in the denial of the entry and a fine of £100 will be charged.

Other passengers who have arrived into the country will need to be on self-paid quarantine for 10 days. Travellers from 33 high risk nations will be escorted to the quarantine hotels. With all these restrictions placed travelling with a good travel insurance cover that provides you with Covid 19 coverage for the duration of the trip is advisable..

Make sure you do the following before you plan your trip to the UK
  1. Complete the Public Health Passenger Locator Form before you board the flight.
  2. Check if you have all your travel requirements like visa/tickets/quarantine details/travel insurance to the United Kingdom.
  3. Check for the latest information from Center of Disease Control (CDC) and countries specifically exempt from quarantine.
  4. All Health protocols of the UK should be followed.

Traveler’s new check list to UK

Due to the increase in Covid 19 pandemic with the new Delta variant, the CDC and UK government has advised travelers to avoid travel to the UK. The intensity of the new variant is very high due to which there is an increased chance that fully vaccinated travelers may get affected by the spreading COVID-19 variants. If the travel cannot be avoided, the travelers should ensure to be fully vaccinated before travel.

US Citizens who are fully vaccinated can travel to the UK, following covid 19 safety measures. Fully vaccinated US citizens do not need to take a covid19 test prior to their departure unless the destination country has a requirement. On returning to the US, quarantine is not required.

Before travelling, travelers should follow all destination requirements related to travel. If you do not follow the destination’s requirements then entry may be denied and may have to return to the US.

If you are not vaccinated, travelers should get a covid 19 viral test 3 days before the departure date. While travelling travelers should follow all precautionary measures like wearing masks at all times, maintaining physical distance and avoiding crowded areas and washing hands often or use hand sanitizer. These should be followed for a safe and stress free travel.

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