Travel medical insurance for visitors stranded in the USA because of Coronavirus

It is heartbreaking that so many people are stranded due to COVID-19 with many borders closing and travel plans forced to be altered. At American Visitor Insurance, we are committed to getting you the best insurance coverage we can in these uncertain times. Of particular note, INF insurance is offering travel health insurance plans with coverage for Coronavirus in the USA, Canada and Mexica.
While many insurers are NOT covering COVID-19 and even voiding policies due to the global pandemic, INF insurance is a REAL option for travelers stuck in the US and needing insurance coverage. The INF travel insurance policy is good if you are replacing an existing travel policy that has expired or maybe you didn't have an insurance policy to begin with. International students in the US, Snowbirds from Canada or the UK, tourists from European nations, even US green card holders can purchase these plans. Note that the INF Traveler USA visitors insurance and INF Advantage US visitors insurance plan ONLY offers coverage in the US, while the INF Elite Network Insurance can be used in the US, Canada, and Mexico (even by US citizens who ordinarily reside outside the US). The INF Traveler USA and INF Advantage plan is quite affordable and many travelers and students are even buying this plan to complement their existing insurance option if it has limitations in coverage for COVID-19. Please know we are here to help you make the best, informed decision to get coverage even for COVID-19! Let us know how we can assist you. Feel free to contact us by email or phone at any time.

Difference between Visitors and Immigrant Insurance

Visitors and immigrant insurance
When you are planning to visit the United States, there are some important facts you should know before your trip. Any foreign country you are visiting can be different not just geographically but also culturally, weather-wise, lifestyle, foods, and (most appropriate for this article) healthcare system.

You need not fully understand each and every aspect but a basic understanding can help you avoid trouble. There are people who would be traveling to America to permanently settle down or become residents and few other who would be traveling as tourists as short-term visitors. Both visitors and new immigrants in the US are not necessarily eligible for all benefits residents enjoy. This rule is particularly applicable for insurance coverage. Domestic health insurance plans are not applicable for international travelers or immigrants in America. The only exception would be a spouse to a current resident/citizen. There may be a mandatory waiting period, but a spouse and dependents can always be added to a domestic health plan (although the cost may be put onto the employee).

While coming to the USA, it is advisable that you get medically insured in case of any unexpected medical emergency situations. Before you research about insurance coverage in the USA, here are some basics about categories available (particularly on our website). There are visitor insurance plans and immigrant insurance plans (some of which overlap). Travelers should first decide which type of insurance they want to purchase. Anyone in the US legally can purchase a visitor OR immigrant policy as listed on our website. However, the immigrant category has options that can be renewed and are for the long term. Some visitor options can only be purchased for 6 months or less and/or are not renewable.

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Visitors Medical Insurance

Travelers in the USA as tourists, visitors or new immigrants can buy visitor medical insurance plans for a short stay in the US. International travelers can choose between fixed and comprehensive benefit visitor medical insurance plans. Fixed benefits plans are cheaper in premium cost with relatively limited coverage when compared with comprehensive benefit plans.

The main factor in determining which of these options you want is to figure out what risk do you wish to insure yourself against? If you want to insure yourself against many minor incidents likely to happen (seasonal flu, stomach issue) to persons when they travel, a fixed plan will offer coverage for these while keeping the price reasonable.

If, on the other hand, you are more worried about the lesser likely major or catastrophic medical issue, then a comprehensive plan with a large deductible will insure you will not have a large medical bill owed regardless of the seriousness of the medical incident.

Immigrant Insurance

Those who are going to live in America permanently and arrived as immigrants are eligible for US immigrant insurance plans. Potential immigrants can buy H1B visa health insurance, H4 medical visa insurance and US Green card holders medical insurance plans. Insurers offer long term comprehensive coverage under these plans until the insured is eligible for domestic health insurance plans. Immigrants can shop for these plans before leaving home country or even after the arrival in the USA.

Customers looking for these insurance plans may have several queries about the coverage details, premium costs, and exclusions. At American Visitor Insurance, we have simplified the insurance comparison and purchase process to help you choose the best plan that can save your money and help you get you the coverage you want. Please note that persons with green cards have particular insurance plans they can purchase.

Why do new US immigrants need to buy proper Immigrants health insurance?

The Trump administration announced on October 4th 2019 that new US immigrants must show proof of adequate US immigrant health insurance while applying for Immigrant visa. This rule will come into effect on November 3rd 2019 and the visa can denied if the immigrant fails to show the proof of US immigrant health insurance.
The Trump administration are imposing this new rule because new immigrants who enter the US without adequate immigrant health insurance sometimes fail to pay for the health care expenses which result in a burden for Taxpayers and the government. Therefore buying good US immigrant health insurance can help you get US visa.
While the details of the proposed immigrant insurance requirements are still to be announced, the US immigrant insurance plans that we offer on American Visitor Insurance work as short term health insurance which new US immigrants can use till they are eligible for domestic US insurance plans.

Why buy health insurance for my short visit?

Many people who travel may have this question in their minds. I am healthy, why should I buy insurance coverage? Unfortunately, the health care system in the US, while excellent in its services can be quite costly, particularly for foreigners who must convert other currencies to US dollars. Anyone at anytime can have a sudden medical emergency. Purchasing medical insurance for your trip give you financial security and can also help you gain access to better health care.

How can I get a quote and buy insurance?

There is a simple online application form for visitors and one for immigrants where travelers can enter their age, dependents' age (if any), coverage limit, deductible, dates (insurance start and end), country of citizenship. and hit 'get quote' button on the form. You will get a comprehensive list of plans that can meet your requirements of insurance in America. Since you get several plans offered from different insurance companies you have better change of saving money by choosing right policy that can provide effective coverage.

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