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compare seven corners inbound insurance Are you planning a visit to the United States? The US is one of the more popular destinations among international travelers, international students and expatriates. The reason for your travel may vary from visiting relatives, going on a vacation, part of your education or on a business meeting. The United States sees a large number of international travelers throughout the year. While outside one's home country travelers need to ensure that they have all necessary travel documents to have a hassle free visit. One finds that quite often visitors in the US are unaware of certain rules and the way the US system works, particularly with reference to healthcare. It can be a nightmare if the traveler is caught in an unforeseen situation and is unprepared for it. The US health care cost is one such factor. While outside his/her home country the traveler is exposed to different environment which can cause health related issues and may need immediate medical treatment. The medical care system in USA is very sophisticated but the cost of treating a medical emergency is also very expensive. Being a foreign visitor and getting treated in an US hospital can cripple a vacation because of the unfamiliarity to the US health care system. While outside one's home country, the domestic insurance usually will not cover medical expenses incurred in an international country. It is therefore strongly recommended that one buys visitor medical insurance before leaving for the United States to be secure in the event of a medical emergency and a financially catastrophic situation.

Visitor Insurance plans that are available online, for people traveling outside their home country, are classified into Fixed and Comprehensive. Amongst several popular insurance companies available online, Seven Corners is one whose visitor plans are popular. Its better to understand the difference between Fixed and Comprehensive plans Seven Corners has designed some affordable visitor medical insurance products for non US citizens visiting the US. These are Fixed plans but each one of them are known for their unique features. Inbound Insurance plans are fixed benefits plans and offer limited coverage for different medical expenses. These plans namely Inbound USA, Inbound Choice, Inbound Guest and Inbound Immigrant. All these plans offer coverage for travelers up to the age of 99 years. These plans cover pre-existing conditions up to the chosen plan maximum for travelers aged up to 69 years. They also offer coverage for emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, inpatient and outpatient charges and home country charges.

Inbound USA travel insurance is a popular fixed visitor insurance plan. It is an affordable economical plan for Non US citizens coming to the US for vacation, business… Inbound USA provides pre-existing condition coverage for acute onset or sudden recurrence up to policy maximum for people under age 70. The policy maximum for this plan is available for $50,000(Plan A), $75,000(Plan B), $100,000(Plan C) and $130,000(Plan D). Plan needs to be purchased within 12 months of arrival in the US. Emergency medical evacuation of $50,000 is available with the plan. There is an incidental home country coverage available for approximately 30 days per 364 days of coverage, which on a pro rata basis is up to 2 and half days per month. This is available for up to $50,000. This plan provides a policy maximum value of $50,000(Plan J) and $70,000(Plan K) for people above age 70.

Inbound Choice travel insurance is available for Non US citizens coming to the US. The policy maximum available on this plan are $50,000(Plan A), $75,000(Plan B), and $100,000 (Plan C), $130,000 (Plan D). There is no coverage available for people above 70 in this plan unlike the other Inbound plans. The other difference between Inbound Choice and the other above plans, is that it has both International Travel Coverage and Incidental Home country coverage available while the other plans have one of these coverages available. There is a 30 day International Travel Coverage available in other countries outside of the US. Incidental home country coverage is available for $50,000 for a 30 day period per 364 days which calculated on a pro rata basis is 2 and half day period per month. Inbound Choice can be preferred over Inbound USA for people below 70 years of age for added international travel coverage benefit.

Inbound Guest travel insurance is the most economical plan of all the inbound plans. The policy maximum options for this plan starts from $25,000(Plan A) and higher up to $45,000(Plan B), $65,000(Plan C), $85,000(Plan D) and $120,000(Plan E). As other plans, this is available for Non US citizens traveling to the US. For people over 70, this plan provides a policy maximum of $40,000(Plan J), $60,000(Plan K) and $100,000(Plan L) which makes it more preferable for people who need a higher policy maximum on their plan. Plan must be purchased within 180 days of arrival within the US. Inbound Guest plan provides 30 days of International Travel Coverage where you can travel to any other country outside the US. This coverage does not include your home country. There is no incidental home country coverage available with this plan. The 30 day limit does not extend after your current expiration date.

Inbound Immigrant travel insurance is another fixed plan from Seven Corners for Non US citizens visiting the US. This policy is technically suitable and is designed for Green Card holders visiting the US for short or long term. One important reason that this plan is available to Green Card holders is that this plan is renewable for 5 years. Inbound Immigrant plan needs to be purchased within 24 months of arrival in the US. The policy maximum options available with this plan are for $50,000(Plan A), $100,000(Plan B), $75,000(Plan C) and $130,000(Plan D). A policy maximum of $75,000(Plan J) is available for people over the age of 70. Inbound Immigrant has another unique benefit that the other plans do not have which is Maternity coverage. If the conception occurs after 90 days from the effective date of the plan, then the plan provides $2,800 of coverage subjected to the sub limits specified. The maternity benefit is NOT available with Inbound Immigrant Plan J. Acute onset of pre-existing condition is covered up to policy maximum up to the age of 70. Incidental home country coverage is available for a 90 days per 364 day period for $50,000. Emergency medical coverage of $50,000 is available with this as all the other Inbound plans.

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