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Are you planning a visit to the United States? The US is one of the more popular destinations among international travelers, international students and expatriates. The reason for your travel may vary from visiting relatives, going on a vacation, part of your education or on a business meeting. The United States sees a large number of international travelers throughout the year. While outside one's home country travelers need to ensure that they have all necessary travel documents to have a hassle free visit. One finds that quite often visitors in the US are unaware of certain rules and the way the US system works, particularly with reference to healthcare. It can be a nightmare if the traveler is caught in an unforeseen situation and is unprepared for it. The US health care cost for visitors to USA is one such factor. While outside his/her home country the traveler is exposed to different environment which can cause health related issues and may need immediate medical treatment. The medical care system in USA is very sophisticated but the cost of treating a medical emergency is also very expensive. Being a foreign visitor and getting treated in an US hospital can cripple a vacation because of the unfamiliarity to the US health care system. While outside one's home country, the domestic insurance usually will not cover medical expenses incurred in an international countryIt is therefore strongly recommended that one buys Visitor medical insurance before leaving for the United States to be secure in the event of a medical emergency and a financially catastrophic situation.

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Visitor Insurance plans are available and can be purchased online for people traveling outside their home country. They are broadly classified as Fixed and Comprehensive! Here is a detail description of the difference between Fixed and Comprehensive plans. It is important to understand the difference in order to choose the right plan for the specific situation. However,, comprehensive plans are highly recommended for customers for their flexible benefits. Seven Corners have released their new version of Inbound USA plan that comes in 3 variants namely Inbound USA Basic, Inbound USA Choice and Inbound USA Elite. These are fixed plans but they are popular for their benefits and affordability. Inbound plan is the cheapest visitor insurance plan and is economical for visitors who want to buy an inexpensive plan.

Inbound USA Basic:
This plan is the cheapest of the among the 3 variants of Inbound USA plan. This is a Fixed plan and covers acute onset of pre existing conditions up to the age of 79. Non US citizens coming to the US are eligible to buy this plan. This plan is available for the spouse and their dependents. This plan provides a policy maximum starting from $50,000 and goes up to $150,000 with a range of options in between these policy maximum with a difference of $25,000 for people up to age 69. For people of age range 70~99, this plan provides policy maximum options of $50,000, $75,000 and $100,000 This insurance will refund the amount paid for the plan if the plan gets cancelled before the effective date of the plan. If the cancellation occurs after the effective start date of the plan, then unused portion of the paid amount will be refunded deducting the cancellation fee in case there are no claims filed. The Inbound USA Basic brochure can be reviewed for more plan details and benefits information. This plan provides $50,000 for people up to age 69 for acute onset of pre existing coverage and provides $25,000 for people above 70 up to 79.

Inbound USA Choice:
This plan is also available for Non US citizens visiting US. The policy maximum options for this plan are the same as the Inbound USA Basic. Inbound USA Choice insurance brochure can be reviewed for more plan details and benefits information. This plan provides $75,000 for acute onset of pre existing condition coverage up to age 69 and provides $25,000 for people above 70 up to age 79

Inbound USA Elite:
This plan is similar to the other 2 variants but this plan is available for people only up to the age 69. This plan provides $100,000 for acute onset of pre existing condition up to age 69 and no coverage for acute onset of pre existing condition for people above 70.The Inbound USA Elite brochure can be reviewed for more plan details and benefits information.
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compare the benefits of Inbound USA insurance plans for visitors to USA. All the three plans are fixed benefit plans Elite being the highest paying fixed benefit plan.

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