J2 Visa health insurance for dependents

J2 visa insurance plans provide health insurance coverage for these dependants of J1 visa holders. These plans satisfy consular requirements while insuring valid medical expenses incurred during their stay in the USA.

Patriot Exchange by IMG - ideal insurance plan for J2 visa holder

Patriot Exchange offered by International Medical Group (IMG) is an excellent option for J2 visa holders. It is ideal because Patriot Exchange can be purchased by the J2 dependent even if the J1 scholar is not part of the Patriot exchange plan, as long as he or she is covered by another plan offered by the research or educational institution.


Why buy health insurance for J2 visa holders?

Since J2 visa holders accompany J1 visa holders, the J2 visa insurance is quite taken care by the sponsoring institution which is covering the J1 visa holders insurance as well. However, there are situations where the sponsoring institution will cover only the mandated insurance cover for the J1 visa holder, or in some instances the institution might insist that the J visa holder buy the J visa insurance as mandated by the US authorities. In this situation, the J2 visa holder will need to buy insurance as specified by the US consulates to satisfy J visa insurance requirements.

The affordable care act (ACA) popularly known as Obamacare makes it mandatory for all US residents to have health insurace. Of course, along with buying health insurance because it is mandated by the US authorities, it is always wise to have proper health insurance in the United States. Health care is very expensive and being uninsured and forced to visit an US hospital can be disastrous. The US authorities by insisting on J2 insurance are ensuring the financial wellbeing of the J1 and J2 visa holder who is new in the US and unaware about the health care costs in this country.

Here we work with reputed insurance providers to give you the complete choice of health insurance which satisfy J1 and J2 visa insurance requirements. You can compare these J2 visa health insurance plans and buy the J2 insurance that best suits your needs.

Resourceful insurance information for J2 visa holders

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J2 visa Insurance FAQs

Commonly asked questions about J2 visa health insurance.
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Health insurance resources

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Factors to consider

Here are some factors that you need to consider while buying J2 visa insurance.
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Compare J2 visa insurance plans

  • J2 visa holder should enter their age, time period that they need to be insured, and the coverage that they deem sufficient to get quotes of available plans that fulfill their criteria.
  • The maximum coverage available, cost, exclusions, deductibles and different benefits in J2 insurance plans vary depending on the age of the J2 visa holder and the insurance plan that they select.
  • Before one selects an appropriate plan, it is best to compare different plan options offered by reputed companies by using our compare tool.
  • By comparing different options available, a customer can save time, money and effort when selecting the best J2 visa insurance plan.

Buy health insurance for J2 visa holders online

  • The online application to purchase J2 visa medical insurance is fast and easy.
  • The customer fills the online application with all details (age, time period, total coverage and deductible).
  • The online transaction can be completed in a few minutes.
  • The coverage can begin as early as the following day or at a later date as requested by the customers.
  • Since there is no paper work involved, customers save paper and hence trees by using the online purchase facility.
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