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There are several US visitors insurance plans offered by Trawick international for visitors to USA. Trawick offers more affordable fixed benefits plans namely 'Safe Travel Visitors to USA' and 'Safe Travel visitors Diamond for Seniors', as well as comprehensive coverage plans like 'Safe Travel USA comprehensive'. You can compare the different plan options at:
The Safe travels International satisfies Schengen visa requirements when purchased with a $0 deductible.
Safe Travels International - Plan details
The plan pays after any other insurance that you have pays which pays for your claims. The other coverage can be either medical, homeowners, Medicare, another travel coverage, or workers compensation to name a few. If no other coverage exists then this plan becomes the primary cover. You can read this article to know the different between primary and excess coverage:
Primary vs Excess coverage
Safe travel USA comprehensive which offers the following coverage:
Up to age 69: Coverage up to the maximum limit per period of coverage
Age 70: Up to $25,000 per period of coverage
Maximum lifetime limit for emergency medical evacuation $25,000
Cardiac related condition:
Under 69 years - $25,000
70 years and above - $15,000
Safe Travel USA Comprehensive - More details

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