Insurance for fiancé visa holders

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Insurance for fiancé visa holders
So, you've decided to tie the knot with that special someone from abroad? Congratulations! They are eligible to purchase K1 or fiancee visas health insurance that we offer on our site.

These policies are for short and long term visitors and can help fill the gap in coverage from when your special someone arrives in the US until you are able to put them on your domestic insurance policy. While employers are required to allow spouses onto a policy (a marriage qualifies as a special event, by the way, and they have to allow you to add them even if it’s not time for your plan’s open enrollment), some of them now have a few month waiting period before you are allowed onto a plan. Regardless, you can fill this gap in coverage from any of our visitor plans offered by several well-known US based companies.

The only small caveat is that once a person has a green card , their options for visitor health plans is very limited (to two plans: Visit USA and Inbound USA Choice). However, while awaiting the green card (a process which could take some time), any of the plans offered are available. If you have doubts or questions, be sure to email us or call one of our licensed agents for assistance.

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! We wish you the absolute best for a healthy and happy future!


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