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It is very common that we have customers who want to take part in adventure sports either as an unorganized activity just for the thrill of it, or as an organized event. People travel from different parts of the world to participate in these activities. Whether it is a sports activity for fun and thrill or an organized event, the most important issue to be highlighted is the need for travel insurance with sports coverage . There are various travel/health insurance plans that provide coverage for adventure sports activities but there might be some activities which these plans do not cover.

Extreme sports travel insurance plans are designed to provide coverage for the extreme sports activities. Travel Insurance plans coverage for sports vary or depends on the destination location and the type of specific adventure sport the person is going to participate in.

Not every travel insurance policy will cover sports and in many cases they will include or exclude the coverage based on sports categories such as organized sports, extreme/adventure sports, contact sports and recreational sports.

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  • Organized sports in insurance terms usually include intercollegiate, interscholastic, intramural or club sport participation. If your activity has a coach and is organized by some organization and it needs some training and practice, then it is Organized Sports. Coverage for organized sports is not inherent in insurance and is commonly excluded from coverage. But, there are some plans that do cover organized sports.
  • Extreme/Adventure sports known as adventure sports are activities that involve high level of danger and risk. This activities involve speed, height and high level of physical exertion and in most cases a specialized gear. Although most travel insurance plans exclude coverage for these extreme sports there are few plans that provide limited coverage or there may be an additional rider for an additional cost.
  • Contact sports are activities where people come in physical contact with each other and recreation sports are usually done in free time and leisure and are covered under regular medical insurance benefits.
Visitor Insurance planswhich are also known as health/travel insurance plans such as :

Patriot Adventure Diplomat America Diplomat International Atlas Travel

The above plans cover most of the adventure sports activities but exclude some most hazardous activities like motocross, base jumping…

Some student health insurance plans provide coverage for organized sports that come under intercollegiate and interscholastic activities. Example of this are plans offered by International Medical Group (IMG) namely :

Student Secure Select Student Health Advantage

It is important to know the kind of sports activity that our activity falls under in order to choose the appropriate travel insurance for hazardous sports.

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