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Pandemic travel insurance for USA

Travelers in the USA face special challenges with respect to covid pandemic. Not only have many people's plans changed due to cancelled flights and/or closed borders, they have to contend with staying in a country where medical costs are extremely high and public assistance (already low to non-existent) is certainly not in place for visitors. Also, we are all contending with an ever-changing covid health insurance USA landscape due to this pandemic outbreak. The US authorities are also insisting on a negative COVID RP-PCR test result taken 3 days prior to flying to the United States. Trawick International, WorldTrips, International Medical Group, Seven corners, Global underwriters and Travel Insurance Services are the top providers offering US pandemic insurance coverage for Covid.

International Medical Group covid insurance

IMG Covid19 travel Insurance Patriot America Plus and Patriot Platinum offers coverage for medical expenses arising from Coronavirus.

Trawick International Insurance visitors insurance covid

Trawick International Covid19 travel insurance for USA Safe Travels USA Insurance offers coverage for coronavirus

Best Seven Corners covid insurance for visitors to USA

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Seven Corners Coronavirus US travel insurance Liaison travel plus insurance offers coverage for Covid19 infection.

Travel Insurance Services Covid19 insurance

Travel Insurance Services Visit USA coronavirus insurance offers coverage for COVID-19 as a covered medical expense

Global Underwriters visitor health insurance covid

Global Underwriters Coronavirus travel insurance USA Diplomat America insurance offers coverage for Covid19 sickness

International Pandemic travel insurance

Vaccination for Covid in 2021 is a ray of hope for travelers planning their overseas sojourn. The pandemic has brought significant challenges to the travel industry. Many countries that had not mandated travel medical insurance have voluntarily taken initiatives to make sure their visitors are covered under a proper plan. The wave of the virus has been shifting goalposts making it an unpredictable scenario for travelers.

Trawick International Insurance

Trawick International offers international medical insurance for coronavirus (Covid19) with their Safe Travel insurance plans. Safe Travel Outbound plans are available for up to 6 months and are for US residents traveling outside the US. Safe Travel International plans are for non-US residents traveling outside the US. Note that with any of these plans, you must pre-certify in the case of covid-19 coverage (that is, you call the insurance company first before seeking testing or treatment).

Trawick International offers the following plans:

Seven Corners Covid19 travel insurance

Seven Corners Covid19 international insurance coverage for sickness arising from Coronavirus is like any other sickness. Seven Corners Covid19 Liaison travel Plus insurance offers coverage for international medical expenses arising from Covid19 infection while the travellers are outside their home country. The Covid19 treatment benefit is available for COVID-19 (the disease); SARS-Cov-2 (the virus); and Any mutation or variation of SARS-CoV-2.


with coronavirus coverage will cover eligible medical expenses resulting from COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2. Eligible medical expenses are medically necessary expenses that are not subject to another plan exclusion. Note that Atlas plans purchased on or after July 15, 2020 do NOT exclude COVID-19 medical charges.

Global Underwriters:

Diplomat Long term Insurance must be bought for a minimum of 3 months and has a plan maximum options of $500,000 and $1,000,000 for medical expenses.
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USA travel insurance companies that cover Covid19, Coronavirus travel insurance providers for Covid-19

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