Impact of ObamaCare (Affordable Care Act - ACA) for Green Card holders

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Impact of Obamacare (ACA) for US permanent residents (resident aliens)

US Resident Aliens, popularly known as Green Card holders are legal permanent residents in the United States. Green card holders live permanently in the US as opposed to tourists visiting the United States for a sojourn. Green card holders qualify for insurance under the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care program) through the insurance marketplace. ObamaCare makes it mandatory for every legal US resident to have health insurance coverage.

The PPACA which is Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act requires all 'applicable individuals' including legal Permanent Residents to maintain 'minimum essential health care coverage' and the failure to do so will result in a penalty. This individual mandate has been repealed by the Trump administration.

However we often get queries are from Green Card holders (US resident aliens) who live outside the US and make short term visits to the US. If you are either an US citizen or a Green Card holder (legal Permanent Resident) and pay your taxes in the US, you are required to have PPACA qualified health insurance regardless of whether you live in the US or outside and only visit the US for short term.

At American Visitor Insurance, we do not offer plans that satisfy Obamacare (ACA). However you can find both short term visitor insurance as well as long term global insurance plans for US permanent residents living outside the US, or for those Green card holders who did not purchase an Obamacare plan during the enrolment period.
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