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What if I become pregnant or acquire a sexually transmitted disease while traveling?

Most visitor insurance plans do not cover pregnancy-related medical services or costs for treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

Is there a good comprehensive plan that covers maternity for visitors visiting US if the visitor is not pregnant already?

Yes. Global Medical Platinum is one of the best global options that can be considered for maternity coverage.

Is there any maternity waiting period associated with the Global Medical plan from IMG for covering maternity?

  • The Platinum plan offers coverage for maternity as any illness with additional $1,000 deductible, $50,000 lifetime maximum, $200 child wellness benefit for first 12 months, coverage for new born care and congenital disorders up to a maximum of $250,000 for first 31 days.
  • Maternity rider is an optional rider for Silver, Gold and Gold plus options. For these plans maternity waiting period for insurance is 10 months. The rider includes a lifetime maximum of $50,000, maximum of $5,000 for normal delivery, $7,500 for c-section, $200 child wellness benefit for first 12 months, coverage for new born care and congenital disorders up to a maximum of $250,000 for first 31 days.

Does the Global Medical Platinum plan cover pregnancy and maternity which has resulted from fertility treatment such as IVF treatment?

No. Pregnancy and maternity resulting from the fertility treatment is NOT covered by Global Medical Platinum.

I am having a visitor who is pregnant and is going to visit me here in US. Is there a maternity insurance plan available for her?

There is no insurance plan that will cover an existing pregnancy. Although we have a plan called "Atlas America" which covers only pregnancy complications up to 26 weeks of pregnancy for the visitor visiting US.

I need insurance for F2 Visa holder which covers pregnancy as well. The person is not yet pregnant. Are there any maternity insurance quotes available?

If you need just the insurance for F2 Visa holder and not F1 Visa holder then we have plan called Patriot Exchange but this does not cover pregnancy. If you need cover for pregnancy and you are not an enrolled student, there maternity insurance quotes among fixed plan called Inbound Immigrant. We have global options that provide best maternity coverage. Please click on "Global Plans".

Does visitor insurance cover pregnancy for my visitor, what are the other options?

Our insurance plans do not provide coverage for existing pregnancy and maternity, but you can still get coverage for any new sickness or injury that might occur during the stay of your visitor here in US. For pregnancy coverage you can consider domestic options if you have a choice.

I am pregnant and I am a visitor. I need insurance for my pregnancy. The baby and daddy are Green Card holders. I need insurance for myself and baby daddy insurance. Can you suggest any available options?

There are no insurance policies that will cover an existing pregnancy or any insurance for baby and daddy. Since your husband is a Green Card holder you could be eligible to domestic insurance plans if he is already having one. You could still buy our plans for any unexpected sickness and injury but they will not cover pregnancy and maternity.

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