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Travel Health Insurance is one of the main concerns for people traveling outside their home country. While there are people who travel to other countries to visit family, business trips and educational reasons, there are quite a lot of people who travel to the United States to participate in hazardous and adventurous sports activities. Motocross racing is one among these hazardous sports activities. We often come across people from Europe (Italy, Germany, France...) and Australia who are asking for health insurance for motorcycle racing either at the professional level or at the amateur level while they take part in this sports activity in the US. There are many private companies who provide adventure motorcycle insurance and temporary motorcycle insurance for visitors which also include coverage for adventure sports activities. While most of the adventure sports such as skiing, mountain climbing, rock climbing, motorcycle racing…are common among the list of covered activities, there are limited plans that cover specifically racing motorcycle insurance and that is the reason we come across people specifically asking for insurance to cover this activity. Motocross is a closed course motorcycle race over natural or simulated rough terrain consisting of winding dirt trail with steep hills, often muddy terrain, sharp turns, jumps…It is also known as cross country racing on motorcycles. It evolved from motor cycle trial competitions held in United Kingdom. Please note the important points to consider before purchasing international international dirtbike insurance:
  • Your current insurance policy might not cover you or your bike in a foreign country. Also the customs in US will not release your bike without proof of insurance and this is true in most other countries as well.
  • For visitors visiting US and Canada, they must have a temporary motorcycle insurance that meets the statutory requirements of each state in the US and each province in Canada
  • Coverage requirements include a choice of liability only or liability with fire, theft, vandalism; and collision coverage for the number of months you will be traveling. Also required are liability coverage for $50,000-$500,000 per accident and bodily injury/property damage coverage, along with medical payments coverage.
  • Optional coverage includes collision and comprehensive, guest passenger coverage and uninsured motorist coverage.
*Important Note: Right now there are no plans which cover you for motocross adventure sports.

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