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You can buy a single master insurance plan for a group of students traveling overseas. It is easier to manage a group insurance plan, and the price is cheaper than buying several individual travel insurance policies. The '˜IMG Patriot Group student plan' is popular for groups of more than two students traveling abroad.
Groups of two or more students can purchase group insurance plans. Buying group student insurance works better than individual student insurance plans in the following ways –
  • Group plans have a discount and are cheaper than individual student plans.
  • Group plans are easier to manage, as there will be a master insurance plan, and each of the students will be given an ID as proof of their insurance coverage.
You can get quote for 'student group insurance here'.
The Student Select insurance plan is designed for individual college students only and does not cover spouses and/or dependents. Student plans do, however, comply with any state requirements for the coverage of newborns.

If you have a spouse who is also a full-time college student, a separate application can be submitted for that person.
You can apply as soon as you are enrolled as an eligible student. The policy will be sent out as soon as it is issued. We would prefer that the application not be completed more than 60 days prior to the requested effective date.
If you purchase online, using a credit card the earliest your student insurance coverage can begin is the day following the transaction. You also have the option of selecting a coverage start date up to 60 days in the future. But please note that the coverage cannot start on the 29th, 30th, or 31st of a month.
The student medical insurance can be renewed as long as you need it. While most college plans only cover you until you graduate or very shortly thereafter, the Assurant Health Student select plan site can be renewed as long as needed.
The University insurance plans are quite expensive. The plans that we offer are comparable in coverage to University plans while being more affordable.

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