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Travel insurance for UAE, Emirates Travel Insurance Coverage

usa insurance

Travelers from UAE to USA

Travel insurance residents from UAE visiting USAKnow more
expat insurance

UAE Expatriate insurance

Worldwide travel health insurance for UAE Expatriates Know more

Africa residents visiting Asia

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Travelers from UAE to Europe

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UAE Covid travel insurance, Covid19 travel medical insurance Dubai for UAE travelers

International travel has become challenging thanks to the covid19 pandemic. Given the high costs of healthcare and the stress of healthcare systems around the globe in light of covid19, it is particularly important to have best Covid19 emirates travel insurance coverage travel insurance when you travel overseas. This will reduce the financial risks of being stranded outside your home country with a health crisis. At American Visitor Insurance, international travelers to the UAE travelers as well as UAE travelers overseas to the US and elsewhere can find the ideal emirates travel insurance Covid travel insurance plan by using the Covid19 travel insurance compare tool. The compare travel insurance utility will display the best travel insurance plans based on the travelers requirements. Travelers can further filter the displayed on different factors including travel insurance coverage for Covid illness. The traveler can review these filtered plans based on price and other coverage benefits to select the covid19 travel insurance for Dubai visitors that they like best.

  • Type of Insurance coverage: Fixed vs Comprehensive visitor insurance costs. This decision impacts the cost of the overall coverage.
  • Deductible : This is the amount that the traveler has to pay before the insurance plan starts paying for medical expenses.
  • Other vital travel insurance factors: Factors such as the co-insurance, renewability, PPO network, insurance underwriter which are displayed clearly in our visitors medical insurance with Covid19 coverage comparison tool.

Finding the available Travel Insurance Emirates

Step 1: Finding the available Travel Insurance Emirates
Complete the travel insurance quote request form by providing details of the traveler and insurance requirements.
Step 2: Compare the different Emirati travel insurance options
Compare the price and the benefits of the different travel insurance options to identify what fits your needs best.
Step 3: Buy the Emirate travel insurance that you like best
Purchase the plan that fits your requirements and budget best by using a credit card and completing the online application.
Step 4: Review the Emirates visitors insurance plan documents received by email
Review the travel insurance policy documents received by email closely for coverage details and relevant contact numbers.
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Factors that determine the cost of travel medical insurance Dubai plans

Age of the traveler
The cost of travel insurance is directly proportional to the age of the traveler. The older the traveler and greater will be the cost of the visitors health insurance.
Type of travel insurance
Comprehensive travel insurance which provide exhaustive coverage are more expensive than fixed benefit travel insurance.
Medical maximum coverage and deductible options
The price of visitors medical insurance is directly dependant on the maximum medical coverage and inversely proportional to the deductible of the plan chosen.
Region of coverage
TTravel insurance depends on the coverage region. The cost for visitor health insurance for the United States is most expensive.
Duration of travel insurance
The longer the duration of visitor medical insurance required, the higher will be the cost.
Travel insurance with Covid and acute onset of pre-existing medical conditions coverage
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Travel insurance for UAE residents, Emirates travel insurance coverage for tourists

Travel insurance for Dubai visitors visiting Africa

Dubai is today one of the most sophisticated and cosmopolitan cities in the world with over 150 nationalities as its residents. Dubai has been transformed in the recent past from being a port to becoming a logistical hub, a prominent global financial center and a very popular tourist attraction. Dubai has a centrally located among many nations and is within a few hours by flight from Europe, Africa and South Asia. This has helped in making Dubai a city with many expatriates, international tourists and travelers.

dubai residents visiting Africa

United Arab Emirates citizens traveling to the Africa

  • The United Arab Emirates, also simply called as UAE or the Emirates consists of seven Emirates.
  • The seven Emirates are Abu Dhabi (also the capital), Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah and Umm al-Quwain.
  • It is an Arab country in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf.
  • The country is bordered by Oman in the east and Saudi Arabia in the south and also shares sea border with the Qatar and Iran.
  • The UAE has a total population of little over 9 million, of which only 1.4 million are Emirati citizens and the remaining 7.8 million are expatriates, mostly from the Indian sub-continent.
  • Thanks to the recent economic changes where the UAE has become an aviation hub as well as a tourist destination, you will find expatriates from across the world including Europe and the US.
  • There are a number of UAE residents who travel overseas to Europe, America, Africa and Asia who need proper travel medical insurance coverage.
  • American Visitor Insurance offers insurance plans that satisfy Schengen visa requirements as it is required while traveling to European countries as well as provides excellent plans for UAE citizens visiting America.
Travel insurance for UAE residents visiting USA

Best family insurance in Dubai for tourists

Travel insurance Emirates, UAE Travel Insurance – FAQ's

Does travel insurance Emirates cover covid19 illness?

There are some USA Covid travel insurance plans available for travel to UAE that cover covid19 medical expenses in Dubai as a new illness. International travelers can compare best Covid travel insurance plans and buy it online. These US covid travel insurance plans are available for visitors from UAE to the US, US citizens and US residents traveling abroad as well as non US travelers traveling outside their home country.

Do I need travel insurance for UAE? Is medical insurance required for UAE tourist visa?

Visitors to Dubai and the UAE need to have a travel medical insurance coverage on entering Dubai according to a Dubai Health Authority (DHA) announcement. Irrespective of travel insurance for UAE tourist visa being required, it is important for visitors to buy travel insurance for the UAE given the high cost of UAE healthcare without any insurance. International tourists can compare travel insurance uae visitors plans online and then buy best travel health insurance for uae to get medical expenses in Dubai coverage as early as the following day.

Which is the best UAE travel insurance?

Good question and we try hard to find the best answer to this question! Given the unique needs of different travelers there is not one UAE travel insurance plan that always works best for everyone. If you are a traveler with concerns about an existing medical conditions, then you will be looking at different plans as opposed to a different traveler without any life-threatening pre-existing condition.

We endeavor to give our customers all relevant information so they can find the best UAE travel insurance plan that covers medical expenses in Dubai. Our travel insurance quote comparison tool helps travelers compare different travel health insurance plans based on price and coverages in an objective manner. If you want some more guidance, our licensed agents are here to help you with your choice!

Is visitor travel insurance a good idea ?

It is definitely a good idea! Health Care can become highly expensive for visitors in countries like the US, where not having health insurance can take a toll on the medical expense. Having travel insurance can be a huge relief which comes in handy during any major unexpected sickness or injury while in a foreign country.

travel insurance for visiting UAE

UAE - General information

UAE Flag
map  Location

Middle East

house  Capital

Abu Dhabi

language  Languages

English, Persian, Urdu, Hindi

currency  Currency

UAE Dirham

population  Population

Around 9 million

calendar  Best time to visit

Dec to Mar

map  Vacation spots

Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Palm Jumeirah, Ras al-Khaimah, Fujairah, Yas Island, Ajman, Hatta, Umm al-Quwain, Jebel Ali.

Importance of visitor medical insurance while visiting UAE

This is a unfortunate but real incident that happened on 15th March 2019.


An elderly traveler was visiting his family in the UAE in March 2019. Unfortunately he suffered from acute breathlessness which was a result of severe lung infection. The traveler had to be hospitalized, and the infection resulted in multiple organ failure. The travelers medical treatment involved antibiotics and several tests and diagnosis. In a country like UAE, the healthcare is good but is also expensive, and this treatment resulted in a bill that crossed UAE Dirhams 100,000.

The traveler and his family lost all that they had saved, for paying his large bills. Sadly he was unaware of the importance of travel health insurance. The family was forced to borrow money from friends and relatives and even had to take advance salary from his employer to pay these bills. The elderly traveler and his family thought that were healthy and nothing would happen to them while travelling, and totally ignored international travel health insurance. Most travelers while planning their vacation or an international trip just buy the airline tickets, make other hotel and travel reservations but neglect buying international travel health insurance, unfortunately this is very important especially for parents and senior citizens. As most domestic health insurance do not offer health coverage outside international borders, buying overseas health insurance is necessary.

Travel insurance UAE information

Visitor insurance resources

Travel medical insurance UAE resources

International travel insurance resources for UAE visa holders.

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Factors for travel insurance

Factors for travel insurance UAE online

Important factors while deciding on the best travel insurance to UAE.

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Types of visitor insurance

Types of UAE travel insurance online

Different types of UAE visa travel insurance options.

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Claims Procedure

UAE travel insurance Claims Procedure

Travel insurance claims process for getting medical care in a hospital.

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