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Compare different coverage limits and benefit details of popular US Inbound insurance plans, Visitors Care vs Visitor Secure.

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file  Underwriter
Sirius International Lloyds
Pre-existing  Acute onset of pre-exiting condition (only available to members under age 70)
Not Covered; Look back period for pre-existing conditions is 3 years prior to start of plan Covered upto chosen plan maximum
dental  Dental Treatment
Treatment for accident to Sound Natural Teeth:
Plan A: Up to $350 per period of coverage
Plan B: Up to $550 per period of coverage
Plan C: Up to $550 per period of coverage
Treatment due to Accident - $550 maximum
emergency  Emergency Medical Evacuation
Plan A: Up to $25,000
Plan B: Up to $50,000
Plan C: Up to $50,000
$50,000 lifetime maximum, except as provided under acute onset of pre-existing condition (not subject to deductible or coinsurance).
repatriation  Repatriation of remains
Up to $7,500 for Return of Mortal Remains or $5,000 for Cremation/Burial $7,500 per member
accident  Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD & D)
$25,000 -
accident  Common Carrier Accidental Death
$25,000 $25,000 lifetime maximum principal sum per member
Not subject to deductible
Death or loss of two limbs - principal sum
Loss of one limb - one-half the principal sum
emergencyrepatriationaccident  Evacuation, Repatriation & AD&D Benefits for Pre-existing conditions
$25,000 lifetime maximum for emergency medical evacuation
Pregnancy  Pregnancy
Not Covered Not Covered
Pregnancy  Refund Policy
Yes; Written notice before start date; Pro-Rated Refund with $25 fee. None
planlife  Minimum Plan Life
5 days 5 days
planlife  Maximum Plan life
24 months 364 days
renewal  Plan Renewals
$5 for renewals online or by fax or mail. Renewable up to 364 days
* - Coverage for Stroke or Myocardial Infarction (Heart Care Plus Rider)