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Many savvy travelers are looking for coverage for what are called "Pre-existing conditions". I call them savvy simply because many policies specifically exclude pre-existing conditions from ANY coverage. So, if you have a visitor with some condition that you are concerned about, it will be worth your time and peace of mind to check policies that will cover these conditions. Fortunately for our customers, companies are competing heavily in this market and there are several new options and factors to consider while buying insurance.

First of all, let me define pre-existing conditions. Each company uses a slightly different definition, but basically a pre-existing condition is a medical condition which a person has been diagnosed with, is being treated for, or has before the start date of the policy (with reasonable medical certainly). Note that the definition does not mean you have to have a diagnosis for the condition, nor do you even need to know you have the condition when you purchase the policy. It should also be noted that some conditions are specifically excluded from any coverage. These are usually congenital disorders, HIV infection, cancer, and often some chronic conditions. Coverage for pre-existing conditions is limited to what is called an "acute onset" of a pre-existing condition. Conditions should be well taken care of (not in need of continued treatment) and then sudden, unexpected emergency situations MAY be covered. Note that persons applying for coverage will not be required to show any medical documentation of health and/or medical conditions. When an issue arises, the insurance company will rely on the doctor's diagnosis and information provided by the insured (medications taken, etc).

Safe travels USA comprehensive is a great comprehensive plan which offers coverage for sudden and acute onset of pre-existing conditions. Patients aged up to 69 years are covered up to the maximum policy per policy period for any coverage except cardiac conditions which are covered only up to $25,000. For persons 70 and over, the maximum coverage which can be purchased is only $50,000 with coverage for pre-existing conditions up to $25,000 with only $15,000 for cardiac conditions. Review Safe travels USA comprehensive brochure for more details and buy online.

Another excellent option is found in the Atlas America/International plan (Atlas America is for travel to the US and the Atlas International plan is for travel anywhere else). They cover acute onset of pre-existing conditions. These plans offer limited benefit up to the medical coverage maximum and excludes chronic and congenital conditions. The coverage for pre-existing conditions is available for individuals under 80 years of age. This is a very economical option, particularly if you are traveling outside the USA. You can get free quotes for Atlas Plans and/or to purchase the plan and view the Atlas Travel brochure for more details.

Atlas premium is the latest version of the comprehensive plan provided by the Tokio marine HCC. This plan also provides all the benefits that are available with the Atlas America and apart from that has some unique benefits. This plan provides higher benefits for political evacuation, repatriation, trip delay, trip interruption and emergency reunion compared to the Atlas America plan.

Another excellent option is the Patriot Platinum plan which can be purchased at high maximums ($8 million for persons below 70 years, $100k for persons over 70 years) or the sister policy Patriot America Plus. Patriot America Plus offers coverage for Non US citizens as usual, reasonable and customary charges. US citizens with primary health plans are covered to the policy maximum purchased and those without primary care plans are covered up to $20,000 only. After age 65, both US and non-US citizens are covered only up to $2,500 for any pre-existing condition. You can review the quotes and Buy Patriot Platinum or buy Patriot America Plus plans. To view the details of the plans at Patriot Platinum brochure, Patriot America Plus brochure.

A much more economical option comes in the Inbound USA plan which covers any pre-existing condition up to the maximum of the plan you purchase one time with benefit limits as listed for the plan. As a fixed plan, it only covers set amounts per each medical expense (see brochure for details). Please note that the coverage for pre-existing conditions is only extended to persons under 70 years old. Get a quote or buy Inbound USA. You can look at a Inbound USA brochure for more details.

One of the best options for coverage of pre-existing conditions for US citizens can be found in the Liaison Series plans, specifically the Liaison Elite option which, for people under 65 years with a primary health plan, will cover them up to the medical maximum for a pre-existing condition. Without a primary health plan, there is up to $50,000 limit to coverage which is the same as the Liaison Choice plan for travel outside the US. US residents get only $25,000 in this coverage in the Liaison Economy plan. Non-US residents traveling to the US can get $15,000 coverage in the economy plan, $30,000 from the Choice plan and $50,000 in the Elite plan if they are under 70 years old. If they are over 70, the amounts are $2,500 for economy plan, $5,000 Choice plan and $10,000 Elite plan respectively for each plan.

The most limited plan is with the very popular and economic Visitor's Care plan. They offer a "Heart Care Plus" rider which can be purchased which covers of $5,000 (for persons under 70) or $2,500 (for persons 70 and up) in the event of a heart attack or stroke even if due to a pre-existing condition. This plan is only available to non-US citizens. Despite the limitation, it does offer some coverage for all ages. Buy or get a free quote for Visitors Care. View the Visitors Care brochure for detail information.

You can look at all plans which offer some coverage for pre-existing conditions. See below for a summary table of the coverage options I have outlined above.

Policy Name Non-US Citizen US Citizens Restrictions
Safe travels USA comprehensive Up to medical maximum (persons up to 69 years) or $25,000 (70+ yrs) not available for cardiac disease up to $25,000 (person up to 69 years) or $15,000 (person 70+ years)
Liaison Economy Acute Onset of a Pre-existing Condition up to $15,000 for age 0-69; $2,500 for age 70+ Waiver of Pre-existing Condition up to $25,000 for age 0-69; $5,000 for age 70+ Emergency services & Assistance limit $25,000
Atlas America up to $100,000 not available under 70 yrs
Atlas International up to $100,000 up to $100,000 under 70 yrs
Patriot Platinum $50,000 with primary care up to maximum of plan under 65 yrs
Patriot America Plus Usual, reasonable and customary charges Up to maximum above 70 yrs
Inbound USA as any other illness not available fixed policy; only for travel to USA
Liaison Elite Acute Onset of a Pre-existing Condition up to $50,000 for age 0-69; $10,000 for age 70+ With primary care plan to medical maximum; Without primary care plan up to $50,000 for age 0-69; $2,500 for age 70+ Emergency services & Assistance limit $25,000
Visitor's Care $5,000 (persons up to age 70) or $2,500 (70+ yrs) not available for heart attack and stroke only if "Heart Care" rider is purchased

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