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Covid-19 travel insurance for international travelers

While travelling in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, one must ensure that they have the right travel health insurance with proper Covid-19 coverage. At America visitor insurance travelers can get visitors insurance for Covid -19 illness. We offer a range of options for visitors where they can compare using our Visitors insurance for Covid19 comparison tool based on the factors like the travelers age, duration of travel, the maximum coverage required, deductible and the need for pre-existing conditions or for covid coverage. Travelers can narrow down their search further by applying the “filter” option for Covid19 available in the tool. Please know we are here to help you make the best, informed decision to get coverage even for COVID-19! Let us know how we can assist you. Feel free to contact us by email or phone at any time.
visitor insurance coverage for heart conditions
Visitors Insurance are very popular given the increase in the number of people traveling outside their home country. People who travel internationally, are often insecure about the coverage for healthcare, while they are in a foreign land. It is because the healthcare is hugely expensive, when it comes to developed countries like the US and other parts of Europe. It is intimidating to be without best international travel health insurance in a foreign land which means you will have to pay out of pocket in case of unexpected injury or sickness that might need medical assistance.

With all this being said, people are eagerly looking to buy health insurance plans for visitors before leaving their home country in order to have this protection shield while traveling. There are various travel health insurance plans also known as visitor insurance plans available online.

Before buying health insurance plan for a temporary basis for visit to a foreign country, it is necessary to remember certain points:
  • Duration of the visit
  • Age of the visitor/visitors
  • Home country citizenship
  • Destination country
  • Any extra coverage needed for the visitor's existing health condition.
Let's talk about a pre-existing condition heart related condition and heart insurance for visitors:
The most important exclusion in the insurance for coverage of pre-existing condition is that, the prescription medication and the routine maintenance involved in treating the condition is not covered. Only any emergency or urgent situations, which can be reported by the doctor as acute onset or sudden recurrence of the pre-existing condition will be covered.

Travel insurance Heart Attack

Heart diseases including heart attack rates have increased greatly in the recent years. Studies show that people suffer from various kinds of heart related diseases. Medical care in the US is very expensive. A Heart attack treatment with medical bills for ambulance, hospital emergency room, ICU, EKG and MRI heart scans and continuing care from cardiologists would cost about $20,000. As far as the visitor health insurance is concerned, if the condition has occurred prior to the insurance plan becomes effective, it is considered as a pre-existing condition. Heart Attack is one such heart related pre-existing condition. Most of the visitor health insurance for pre-existing condition plans available in the market today, have coverage for the acute onset or sudden recurrence of pre-existing condition. Some visitor insurance plans from INF cover these pre-existing medical ailments. There are various travel insurance for heart attack patients, People with age of below 70 qualify for the maximum coverage available for the acute onset of pre-existing condition in a plan. Some plans limit this age to 65. For people above age 70, the options get limited and similarly the amount covered also reduces. Most comprehensive visitor insurance plans provide minimum coverage for even people above age 70. The bottom line is to find the right plan for your specific needs.

Atlas Travel and Atlas Premium insurance for heart conditions from WorldTrips are excellent comprehensive plans which extend their coverage for acute onset of pre-existing condition for people above 70 until age 80. These plans have worldwide coverage available.
Atlas Travel plan
Atlas Premium Insurance
Liaison Travel plans from Seven Corners are definitely good comprehensive choices for travel outside home country which offer health insurance for heart patients. . They have worldwide coverage available with coverage for acute onset of pre-existing condition.
Liaison Travel Elite
Liaison Travel Basic
Liaison Travel Choice
Amongst the Fixed benefit plans, Visitors care insurance offers heart attack travel insurance coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions with sublimits.
Visitors Care Insurance
Another fixed benefit plan from Trawick International called Safe Travels Visitors to USA covers up to $25,000 for pre-existing conditions which are cardiac or heart related diseases for people up to and including age 69. For people above this age, the Safe Travels Visitors to USA Diamond plan pays up to $15,000 for pre-existing conditions which are cardiac or heart related diseases.
Safe Travels Visitors to USA
Safe Travels Visitors to USA Diamond

INF travel insurance

INF travel insurance INF offers excellent visitors medical insurance in the United States which includes adequate coverage for dental, loss of checked luggage, medical emergencies and accidents incurred while traveling. Following are the best US travel insurance.
There are popular visitor insurance plans that offer coverage for pre-existing conditions and heart attack insurance.
  1. INF Premier plan: This fixed plan provides a policy maximum option of $100,000. The deductible options available are $250 and $500. There is a pre existing deductible as well for this plan. You can choose between $1000 and $5000 for pre existing deductible. This plan covers up to $15,000/$25,000 for deductible of $1000/$5000 respectively. Apart from the other benefits available in other plans, this plan covers anaesthetist charge of up to $1,250 maximum.
  2. INF Elite plan: This plan provides a fixed policy maximum of $75,000 and a fixed deductible of $500 for people of this age range. The plan covers pre existing condition and provides up to $20,000 with a pre existing deductible of $1,500.

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